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Result Content Idea Research
1 Royal prerogative of mercy enshrined in Federal Constitution
2 10 Downing Street has declared war. Two decades of devolution are under attack
3 How do succession laws work in Crusader Kings 3?
4 Extinction Rebellion is showing Britain what real democracy could look like
5 Justice at last: New Zealand finally launches its miscarriage of justice watchdog
6 3. Rip up the Royal Prerogative
7 Blair and Major blast Johnson over “shocking” plan in breach of international law
8 Love child of former Belgium king is suing for royal status
9 Behind the Brexit rows, the real question remains: who rules?
10 Packing the Supreme Court or expanding it? There's a difference.
11 Article 50 ruling: What is the royal prerogative?
12 Proroguing and prerogative: have the courts just upended our constitution?
13 Why Kate Middleton & Prince William Don't Have Custody Of Their Kids
14 Governments have failed to protect the incarcerated during pandemic
15 Without a Constitution, ‘Brexit’ Is Guided by a Prerogative. But Whose?
16 5 things you probably didn't know Queen Elizabeth actually has the power to do
17 From Nukes to Northern Ireland: Breaking International Law is as English as Afternoon Tea
18 Royal prerogative takes centre stage as supreme court Brexit case opens
19 Modern democracy and the royal prerogative | Comment
20 'Hansel and Gretel' in LA County | by Melissa Chadburn
21 Made-for-TV IPL in UAE to be prime-time viewing in India
22 Gough Whitlam: Letters show Queen not told in advance of Australia PM's sacking
23 Brexit, the judiciary and the royal prerogative
24 The United Kingdom's Prorogation Crisis – MIR
25 Opinion: the Royal Family are a waste of space
26 Crusader Kings 3 Tutorial Campaign Guide | How to Become King of Ireland
27 Court to Rule on Whether King's Daughter Is a Princess
28 Gordon Brown's plan to limit Queen’s royal powers revealed
29 Queen Elizabeth II news: How Queen only Briton with power to declare war
30 How Much Power Does Queen Elizabeth Really Have?
31 Jeremy Corbyn's bid to abolish monarchy exposed as general election looms
32 Johnson's suspension of parliament unlawful, supreme court rules
33 Parliament suspension: What was the Queen's role?
34 Letters Sept. 19: Need for peaceful park; no impediment to holding an election
35 UK Ruling on Parliament Suspension Highlights Flaw in British Democracy
36 How to protect the UK constitution from Johnson and Cummings
37 Royal prerogative: The strange and real rules of the monarch
38 Review: 'Little Wonder,' by Sasha Abramsky
39 Royal news: What REAL power does the Queen possess?
40 Is Queen Elizabeth More Powerful Than Britain's Prime Minister? Find Out Where the Monarch Ranks in the Democracy
41 What Two Crucial Words in the Constitution Actually Mean
42 Right to cancel passports using the Royal Prerogative
43 Q+A: Supreme Court rules Boris Johnson's prorogation of UK parliament was unlawful – so what happens now?
44 Meet the experts who will consider reforming judicial review
45 What is the Royal Prerogative of Mercy?
46 Queen Will Suspend U.K. Parliament At Boris Johnson's Request
47 Parliament suspension: Readers' questions answered
48 Boris Johnson provides test for British constitution
49 The Queen holds first ‘virtual’ Privy Council in history due to coronavirus
50 Why the Queen doesn't need a driving license
51 Brexit judgment reinforces the supremacy of parliament
52 Queen's speech signals constitutional change as Boris Johnson sets out legislative plans – Government & civil service news
53 How politics have played a big role in the release of prisoners
54 Word + Quiz: prorogue
55 Coronavirus: How will the UK government function in Boris Johnson's absence?
56 Brexit, prerogative powers and parliamentary sovereignty: the Supreme Court's judgment
57 Queen Elizabeth II: The one law only the Queen doesn’t have to abide by
58 From Magna Carta to Brexit: 800 years of constitutional crises in Britain
59 Royal bombshell: How Queen and Charles have huge power of veto over Boris Johnson
60 Republican Martin McGuinness has used Royal Prerogative on three occasions
61 Royal bombshell: How Bill to officially ABOLISH the monarchy was signed by Jeremy Corbyn
62 The Guardian view on Boris Johnson in court: Brexit’s war on the law
63 Boris Johnson ‘to curb legal challenges over Brexit’ in extraordinary attack on the courts
64 Letters: Recent history shows that royal powers could stop an anti-Brexit bill
65 Political Prorogation: What Are the Implications for British Politics?
66 Scott Watson's Convictions To Be Referred To Court Of Appeal
67 Boris Johnson accused of planning revenge on courts
68 When royals ditch their chauffeurs: photos of Kate Middleton, the Queen, Sophie Wessex driving
69 Former Supreme Court justice: coronavirus rules are tempting overly authoritarian police officers
70 Opinion: Legislature must stop Whitmer now
71 Did the Queen Just Weigh In on Brexit?
72 General Election 2019: Judicial Review Reform for Brexit Britain?
73 Lawyers fear Tories are planning ‘revenge’ against Supreme Court
74 How to unite parliament around a new Prime Minister
75 Queen Gets Dragged Into Brexit Quagmire by Scottish Ruling
76 Royal prerogative of mercy: Over 350 issued in Northern Ireland
77 94 facts about The Queen as she celebrates her birthday
78 The Tory manifesto is a sign of things to come – an elected dictator who will scrap our democracy
79 Convicted killer David Tamihere 'optimistic' about his Court of Appeal bid
80 Theresa May accused of using Queen's power to push hard Brexit
81 12 Reasons Queen Elizabeth Is the Ultimate HBIC (Because, You Know, She's The Queen)
82 Can Meghan Markle, Prince Harry Decide Archie’s Future Without Queen Elizabeth’s Consent?
83 The Guardian view on Boris Johnson and the crown: a clear abuse of power
84 IPL 2020 goes live tonite, will it deliver record television viewership
85 Trade has moved on: now the UK constitution must follow
86 UK General Election 2019: Britain's New Foreign Policy Divide
87 Democracy in focus: a post-austerity state
88 Michael Howard’s way out of line on the judiciary
89 All the Powers the Queen Has — but Doesn't Actually Use
90 Queen's Christmas message: '2019 has been quite bumpy'
91 The Guardian view on Boris Johnson's constitutional changes: he cannot be trusted | Editorial
92 Camilla in shock royal snub over Princess Anne
93 The weirdest powers of Queen Elizabeth II
94 The six silliest things about the British constitution
95 The Lawfare Podcast: Julian Mortenson on 'The Executive Power'
96 Brexit has become a royal pain. Queen Elizabeth needs to step in and take a stand
97 Brexit can be started without parliament vote, government lawyers say
98 This government has plans that would destroy the protection of the law
99 Whose power is it anyway? Brexit, parliamentary sovereignty and triggering Article 50
100 Prince Charles: the conventions that will stop him from meddling as King