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Result Content Idea Research
1 The Dark Underside of Rwanda’s Model Public Image
2 France Has ‘Overwhelming’ Responsibility for Rwanda Genocide, Report Says
3 Rwandan female genocide suspect deported back to native country from US
4 Do Not Disturb review – the disturbing death of a Rwandan dissident
5 Paul Kagame: the hidden dictator
6 Zimbabwe under renewed pressure to give up Rwanda genocide suspect
7 The gleaming city that emerged from turmoil in the heart of Africa
8 'Staggering' scale of acute hunger in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
9 America's disastrous love affair with Rwanda's Paul Kagame
10 The United States Announces Additional $8 Million to Contain Ebola Outbreaks in the Democratic Republic of the Congo And Guinea
11 COVID-19 success story for Rwanda is a wake-up call for wealthy West
12 Rwanda: 27 years later genocide perpetrators still at large
13 Kenya Clings to Control of State Firms With Stake Sales on Table
14 Rwandan president decries reluctance of certain countries to arrest genocide suspects
15 The Democratic Republic of the Congo Refugee Response Plan January-December 2021
16 Humanitarian aid: EU allocates €54.5 million to Africa's Great Lakes region
17 Special Envoy Updates Security Council on New Strategy for Consolidating Peace, Preventing Conflict in Great Lakes Region
18 ‘We choose good guys and bad guys’: beneath the myth of ‘model’ Rwanda
19 Explosive Lake Kivu Becomes a Source of Power in Rwanda
20 Where the US Prevented Real Humanitarian Intervention: Rwanda and Zaire, 1990 to 1997
21 Rwanda’s miraculous rebirth exposed as a mirage, shrouding a militaristic surveillance state
22 Statement from the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund | Dian Fossey
23 FSNWG Food Security and Nutrition Update, February 2021
24 Rwanda accuses Burundi of sending troops to DR Congo
25 Faustin Twagiramungu The Unknown 'Conman'
26 RfP: Evaluation of Ebola Interventions in Democratic Republic of Congo (2018-2020)
27 Rwanda, DR Congo agree to join hands against rebels
28 Tanzania's Ruling CCM Party General Congress Set For April 30
29 Rwanda: The good, the bad, and the ugly
30 He Was the Hero of ‘Hotel Rwanda.’ Now He’s Accused of Terrorism.
31 The Democratic Republic of Congo is Back on the Front Page
32 President Magufuli Fostered Ties Between Rwanda and Tanzania- PM Ngirente
33 Secrets of gorilla communication laid bare
34 Burundi Defense Minister Worried About Drunkenness Among Soldiers
35 Liberian Legislator Suspended For Calling President 'Dog'
36 Sudan Plans Summit For Egypt-Ethiopia Nile Dam Dispute
37 ‘Hotel Rwanda’ Hero Paul Rusesabagina’s Terrorism Trial Begins
38 13 Dead, Over 21,000 Congolese Displaced in Kasaï Region
39 UM Today the Magazine | Spring 2021 | Hope in Harmony
40 FDLR rebels blamed for killing of Italian ambassador to DR Congo
41 DRC blames Rwandan Hutu rebels for ranger massacre
42 Kagame denies Rwandan military presence in eastern DRC
43 Rwanda, DR Congo partially reopen border crossing
44 OECD praises increase of Belgian development assistance in 2020 [EN/NL]
45 Pressure Mounts on University of Cambridge to Drop Genocide Denier Judi Rever
46 Paul Rusesabagina's arrest shows there's no space for critical voices in Rwanda
47 Rwanda Travel Advisory
48 Covid-19: Ireland removes three countries from hotel quarantine list
49 Democratic Republic of Congo Key Message Update, September 2020
50 Over 3000 Persons Travelled to Ireland From 'High-Risk' Countries in Five Weeks
51 Uganda, Tanzania, oil firms sign accords to build $3.5 billion pipeline
52 Africa mulls over vaccine manufacturing capacity
53 Rwanda's Rendition of a Hollywood Hero Confirms the Country's Descent Into Dictatorship
54 Prevention is 'only cure' to end sexual violence in conflict, Security Council hears
55 Rwanda dismisses UN experts allegations in DRC Midterm report
56 Refugees stuck in limbo over Biden's inaction to restore admissions program
57 Rwanda and Burundi led military operations in eastern DRC says UN
58 Factbox: What happened in Rwanda's 1994 genocide?
59 Midterm report of the Group of Experts on the Democratic Republic of the Congo (S/2020/1283)
60 It’s Time to Acknowledge Hutu Genocide and Rwandan Occupation of DR Congo
61 Pandemic derails trade for Congo's disabled border couriers
62 America ahead of schedule at 200m Covid jabs
63 In COVID-19 vaccine race, rollouts are sometimes an afterthought
64 Rwanda’s Aggressive Approach to Covid Wins Plaudits—and Warnings
65 Briefing Security Council, Special Envoy for Great Lakes Region Highlights New Strategy for Peace, Human Rights, Noting Situation Remains 'Broadly Stable'
66 Panic and confusion as Rwanda closes border with DRC over Ebola outbreak
67 Health Alert – US Embassy Kigali, Rwanda
68 Education Plus—gender justice for adolescent girls and young women in Africa
69 How a Savior of Rwanda, Paul Rusesabagina, Became Its Captive
70 More than $4bn a year in high-risk gold flows from DRC, Uganda, Rwanda, CAR and others
71 Rwanda and the DRC get closer despite lingering tensions
72 The Democratic Republic of the Congo: An Eternal War Zone
73 Rwanda: Rusesabagina Was Forcibly Disappeared
74 Ramaphosa calls for building of innovative African medical manufacturing capability
75 Study reveals hidden meaning of mountain gorillas' chest beats
76 Hotel quarantine Northern Ireland: Everything passengers 'red list' countries need to know
77 Democratic Republic of the Congo Regional Refugee Response Plan 2021
78 Rwanda vaccinates refugees and asylum-seekers against COVID-19
79 Up before Dawn : Experimental Evidence from a Cross-Border Trader Training at the Democratic Republic of Congo–Rwanda Border
80 Elephants return to conflict-ridden national park
81 Jailed ‘Hotel Rwanda’ Hero Sues Over Arrest in US Court
82 Economic growth in Rwanda has arguably come at the cost of democratic freedom
83 The Uganda-Kenya Maize and Toilet paper Trade dispute is Healthy
84 Striking Post Workers Paralyse Algeria
85 Kayembe excited about new DR Congo sophisticated style
86 Is Rwanda's Paul Kagame a Strongman, a Technocrat, or Something in Between?
87 Rwandan rebels and their families repatriated from DRC
88 Ebola Resurfaces in the Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo
90 UNHCR Operational Update Rwanda, January 2021
91 Concern warns of impact of COVID-19 surge in world's poorest countries
92 Maj. (Rtd) Mudathiru Sentenced to 25-years – KT PRESS
93 Southern Africa Region
94 DR Congo: Wanted Warlord Preys on Civilians
95 Deadly rebel raid in Rwanda awakens painful memories
96 The African lake with explosive power
97 Africa Business in Brief | Issue 277 | 08 NOV 2020
98 Revisiting the UN Mapping Report on the DRC, a decade later
99 Democratic Republic of Congo to Extradite Rwandan Genocide Suspect
100 Ebola J&J Vaccination Campaign launched jointly by Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo