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1 After Arecibo, China's FAST Telescope Takes Centerstage – in Tense Climate
2 Chinese scientists use giant telescope to break new ground in pulsar research
3 Record-Breaking Gamma Rays Bathe the Milky Way in an Energetic Haze
4 Changing Stripes: Probing the Host Galaxies of Changing Look AGN with MaNGA
5 #SpaceWatchGL Column: Dongfang Hour China Aerospace News Roundup 19 April
6 Milky Way map with highest resolution unveiled
7 Unexpected Findings: International Team of Researchers Discover Cosmic “Heartbeat”
8 How Can Fast Radio Bursts be Produced in Binary Neutron Star Systems?
9 Rare blast's remains discovered in Milky Way's center
10 A massive stellar bulge in a regularly rotating galaxy 1.2 billion years after the Big Bang
11 China launches Ziyuan Earth observation and lobster eye X-ray astronomy satellites
12 Launch of the world's first soft X-ray satellite with
13 Launch of the world's first soft X-ray satellite with 'Lobster-Eye' imaging technology
14 Strange gamma-ray heartbeat puzzles scientists
15 COVID-19 lockdown highlights ozone chemistry in China
16 Possible Evidence of a Universal Radio/X-ray Correlation in a near-Complete Sample of Hard X-ray Selected Seyfert Galaxies
17 Decades of hunting detects footprint of cosmic ray superaccelerators in our galaxy
18 China lands on the moon’s ‘dark side’ in a move to become a space power
19 Enhanced PM2.5 Decreases and O3 Increases in China During COVID‐19 Lockdown by Aerosol‐Radiation Feedback
20 Stomach SIDT1 mediates dietary microRNA absorption
21 Weakened Aerosol‐PBL Interaction During COVID‐19 Lockdown in Northern China
22 Drones could help create a quantum internet
23 Modelling the spatiotemporal association between COVID‐19 transmission and population mobility using geographically and temporally weighted regression
24 New water vapor condenser takes cues from darkling beetle
25 The regulatory network of sugar and organic acid in watermelon fruit is revealed
26 The Chinese Science Trends to Watch For in 2021
27 Are Mysterious Fast Radio Bursts Coming From the Collapse of Strange Star Crusts?
28 This year’s SN 10 scientists aim to solve some of science’s biggest challenges
29 NASA Skywatching Tips for January 2021
30 Confirming simulated calculations with experiment results
31 Chinese satellite explores mysterious signals in universe
32 A new signal for a neutron star collision discovered | Penn State University
33 China Focus: China's great changes seen through telescope
34 Coral time machines reveal ancient carbon dioxide burps
35 Researchers home in on the age of the Yangtze River
36 Combustion-derived water vapor may worsen winter air quality
37 More Significant Impacts From New Particle Formation on Haze Formation During COVID‐19 Lockdown
38 The Alternative to Dark Matter May be General Relativity Itself
39 Unusual fossil reveals last meal of prehistoric pollinator
40 'Pompeii of prehistoric plants' unlocks evolutionary secret: study
41 Rare supernova discovered in the core of the Milky Way
42 Distinctive MJO activity during 2015/2016 super El Nino
43 Sweet Coating for Sour Bones: Bridge-Burning Coating for Bone Implants
44 There's a Strange New Theory For Those Mysterious Fast Radio Bursts in Space
45 Two Strange Planets: Unsolved Magnetic Mystery on Uranus and Neptune
46 China launches satellite to join the hunt for dark matter
47 Deep Sea Coral Time Machines Reveal Ancient CO2 Burps – “Pretty Scary”
48 No resilient Australia without emission cuts
49 Research teams make plant nutrient delivery breakthrough
50 China-Japan team detects highest-energy gamma rays from 6,500 light years away
51 NOx Emissions Reduction and Rebound in China Due to the COVID‐19 Crisis
52 99-Million-Year-Old Bioluminescent Beetle Found Preserved in Amber | Paleontology
53 High-performance electrocatalysts to propel development of direct ethanol fuel cells
54 Discovery of Potential Cosmic-Ray Accelerator in the Galaxy Opens Window in Search for the “PeVatron”
55 China's rare birds may move north as the climate changes, new data suggest
56 Modulation of photocarrier relaxation dynamics in two-dimensional semiconductors
57 Antibody responses in COVID-19 patients could guide vaccine design
58 Pancreatic cancer tumors use multiple mechanisms to avoid starvation: new target for treatment?
59 Air pollution linked to increased mental health outpatient visits
60 The recipe for powerful quasar jets | Penn State University
61 “Pompeii of Prehistoric Plants” Unlocks Evolutionary Secret – Spectacular Fossil Plants Preserved Within a Volcanic Ash Fall
62 Study resolves the position of fleas on the tree of life
63 Preserved With Life-Like Fidelity, 100 Million-Year-Old Beetle Is Fireflies’ Missing Fossil Link
64 The plan to send a ‘lobster-eye’ satellite to space to look for dark matter
65 Cretaceous Amber Fossil Sheds Light on Evolution of Bioluminescence in Beetles
66 Nano-microscope gives first direct observation of the magnetic properties of 2D materials
67 RDE-3 found to add pUG tails to targets of RNA interference and to transposon RNAs
68 Netizens inject joy into gravity of black hole
69 Development of an Effective COVID-19 Vaccine Through Comprehensive Analysis of Antibody Responses in Patients
70 Markedly Enhanced Levels of Peroxyacetyl Nitrate (PAN) During COVID‐19 in Beijing
71 Octupole corner state in a three-dimensional topological circuit
72 The Week of November 9, 2020
73 China's dark matter space probe detects tantalizing signal
74 Opening of China's FAST telescope to int'l scientists enhances collaboration, says Australian astrophysicist
75 New China space missions will watch for colliding black holes, solar blasts
76 China Sky Eye, the world's largest single-dish radio telescope, is now fully operational
77 In HEPA We Trust: How to Make the Indoors Safer During COVID-19
78 Researchers Watch Solid-State Batteries Charge and Discharge Using X-ray Tomography
79 Study of More Than 1,400 Protein-Coding Genes Resolves Long Standing Mystery in the Evolution of Insects
80 A 520-million-year-old, five-eyed fossil reveals arthropod origin
81 Chemical evidence shows how a dwarf galaxy contributes to growth of Milky Way
82 World Health Awareness 2021: Resources for researchers
83 Measurement of the cosmic ray proton spectrum from 40 GeV to 100 TeV with the DAMPE satellite
84 Fleas are Parasitic Scorpionflies, Genetic Analysis Reveals | Biology, Genetics
85 Spat over design of new Chinese telescope goes public
86 China aims high from the bottom of the world
87 NASA's Juno Spacecraft Takes First Images of Jupiter Moon Ganymede's North Pole
88 Dinganthus sheds new light on evolution of flowers
89 China's Chang'E 4 mission discovers new 'secrets' from far side of the moon
90 Can wildfires cool the climate?
91 Molecular engineering metal coordination interactions for strong, tough, fast-recovery hydrogels
92 Dole effect as a measurement of the low-latitude hydrological cycle over the past 800 ka
93 Air pollution under clear skies reduces sunlight reaching the Earth's surface
94 China probe successfully lands on the 'dark' side of the moon
95 North Pacific Subtropical High models predict summer monsoons, reduced typhoon landfalls
96 Interplanetary Storm Chasing – New Explanation for Mysterious Hexagonal Storm on Saturn
97 Everything you need to know about China's ambitious space plans
98 Divining monsoon rainfall months in advance with satellites and simulations
99 More winter-time haze in Beijing with global warming
100 Deep learning application able to predict El Niño events up to 18 months in advance