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1 UK scientists openly question government's pandemic response
2 Scientists say UK has ‘no long-term plan’ to beat coronavirus
3 UK breaches government 1,000 case COVID-19 target for third time in a week
4 Recovered coronavirus patients should be exempt from quarantine rules if they develop symptoms
5 Exclusive: SAGE did not advise Government for weeks leading up to quarantine policy announcement
6 U.K.’s Pandemic Outcome ‘Not Good,’ Scientific Adviser Says
7 Covid-19: Is the UK government marginalising scientists?
8 The statistical quirk that means the coronavirus pandemic may never officially end
9 'I've never met Boris Johnson', reveals architect of UK's coronavirus lockdown Professor Neil Ferguson
10 COVID-19: Face shields alone ‘unlikely’ to protect hairdressers and barbers
11 U.K. government should not keep scientific advice secret, former chief adviser says
12 Coronavirus: Pubs 'may need to shut' to allow schools to reopen
13 Reject Johnson's lies that UK schools are safe! For a general strike to block the reopening of schools
14 The government must respect the autonomy of science to prevent future catastrophes like this one
15 Editorial: Science and politics must work together to earn trust of Japanese public
16 The Secretive Group Guiding the U.K. on Coronavirus
17 Why is the government insisting no one knew about asymptomatic spread of COVID-19?
18 Offline: Independent science advice for COVID-19—at last
19 After Months of Debate, England Requires Face Masks for Shoppers
20 How close is the UK to its advisers' worst-case COVID-19 scenario?
21 Coronavirus: How bad will winter really be?
22 Most Brits just won't wear face masks — here's why
23 Who's who on secret scientific group advising UK government?
24 By Failing on COVID-19 and Trashing the Economy, Boris Johnson has shown Britain Can't be 'Superman'
25 What is the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies?
26 Coronavirus: a former member of SAGE explains how the science advisory group really works
27 Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (Sage)
28 Europe Said It Was Pandemic-Ready. Pride Was Its Downfall.
29 UK's coronavirus science advice won't be published until pandemic ends
30 Breathtaking virus numbers show normal life is still far away
31 Mexico No. 3 in virus deaths; storm could hinder US response
32 UK science advisory board publishes minutes of meetings in push for transparency over virus
33 Government names dozens of scientists who sit on Sage group
34 Breathtaking virus numbers show normal life still far away
35 What is SAGE and how does Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies work?
36 UK publishes names of scientific emergency advisory group participants
37 How does the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies work?
38 Matt Hancock says SAGE and COBRA meetings no longer control government decisions
39 Coronavirus (COVID-19): scientific evidence supporting the UK government response
40 I'm proud to be a scientist in Sage – to call us 'secretive' is unjustified
41 Boris Johnson pleads with Britons NOT to shun A&E saying hospitals are safe
42 SAGE did not advise against reopening schools on 1 June
43 Stephen Hahn, F.D.A. Chief, Is Caught Between Scientists and the President
44 Independent scientists criticise UK government's covid-19 approach
45 What is Sage? UK Government’s scientific advisory group explained as member Neil Ferguson resigns over lockdown breach
46 Coronavirus: government advisory groups should include a wider range of experts
47 Statement on the fourth meeting of the International Health Regulations (2005) Emergency Committee regarding the outbreak of coronavirus disease (COVID-19)
48 Lancet warns of massive resurgence of coronavirus after UK school reopening
49 In hot spots, infected flood hospital emergency rooms
50 Coronavirus: Acting earlier would have saved lives, says Sage member
51 Where the science went wrong
52 Two resumes so far for White Lake administrator position
53 Scientists call on UK to rethink ‘dangerous’ coronavirus strategy
54 UK government ignored scientific advice and treated COVID-19 as a public order issue
55 Government rushes out request for experts to work with Sage panel
56 For Boris Johnson’s Science Advisers, Pressure, Anxieties and ‘Pastoral Support’
57 New government unit to take over Covid response
58 Google executive took part in Sage meeting, tech firm confirms
59 Sage sidelined as Government takes direct control of coronavirus response
60 Special Report: Johnson listened to his scientists about coronavirus
61 What advice did Sage give and when?
62 Rise in UK Covid cases above 1,000 a day breached government target
63 UK government invited Google DeepMind exec to critical coronavirus meeting
64 Inclusion of pregnant women in COVID-19 vaccine development
65 Coronavirus: Some scientists say UK virus strategy is 'risking lives'
66 Coronavirus shines spotlight on science advice system in UK
67 UK ministers will review advice on wearing face masks: PM's spokesman
68 Coronavirus: UK blames scientists for 'wrong' advice on pandemic
69 Government publishes latest R number
70 How the UK's political machine has shifted to fight coronavirus
71 New expert group to study spread of COVID-19
72 Coronavirus: what does it mean when the government says it is 'following the science'?
73 Scientist advising UK government on coronavirus steps down after lockdown breach
74 Coronavirus: Independent Sage suggests vacant wedding venues be used as outdoor classrooms
75 Coronavirus: Government adviser questions science behind two-metre social distancing
76 COVID-19 SPECIAL INVESTIGATION: Part Two – Government Documents Reveal Concern for 'Economic' and 'Business' Impacts Prevented Early Action
77 UK government to hold emergency response meeting to discuss lockdown review
78 Britain’s government says it is “following the science”. Which science?
79 Jeremy Hunt says Sage gave ‘wrong’ advice at start of pandemic
80 U.K. government's impatience with lockdown risks a second wave of the coronavirus, scientist warns
81 Scientists Advising The UK Government On The Coronavirus Fear Boris Johnson’s Team Is Using Them As “Human Shields”
82 Covid-19: Social 'bubbles' unlikely to be allowed soon in the UK
83 Covid-19: Papers justifying government's plans to reopen schools are “inconclusive,” say union bosses
84 SAGEGATE – Part Two: How Herd Immunity was Imposed on Government's Science Advisory Group On Dominic Cummings' Watch
85 Scientists working to steer Britain out of coronavirus crisis targeted with death threats
86 Coronavirus UK: How Boris Johnson's Government Let Virus Get Away
87 Uruguay's Secret to Success in Combating COVID-19
88 U.K. Scientists Defy Johnson to Speak Out on Virus Failures
89 Coronavirus quiz: How would you do if you sat on Sage?
90 COVID-19 SPECIAL INVESTIGATION: Part Three – Behavioural Scientists told Government to use 'Herd Immunity' to Justify Business-As-Usual
91 The Government’s scientific advisory group ‘attendee’ is linked to a spy agency contractor
92 Scientists turn on Boris Johnson over Britain's coronavirus response
93 The UK's 39 steps against COVID-19: Prop open doors, no singing, flushing rules
94 Top U.K. Scientist Resigns Over Coronavirus Distancing Violation
95 Scientists worry about political influence over coronavirus vaccine project
96 Coronavirus: UK 'on knife edge' ahead of lockdown easing, scientist warns
97 COVID-19: Scientists Question UK Government Plans
98 Russia just approved a coronavirus vaccine. Experts warn the move may be 'reckless.'
99 Virus' constant 'emergency mode' heaps pressure on researchers
100 England emerges from lockdown