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1 Independence passion remains alive in Scotland as Holyrood sees majority for indyref2
2 Young Scots 'will change vote' if prosperity at risk
3 'THE PIPES ARE CALLING': Smoky Mountain Scottish Festival returns to MC this weekend after a COVID pause
4 Hollywood star Tommy Flanagan gives his backing to Scots band The Ronains...
5 The 5 Best Irish Accents By Foreigners In Cinema History
6 10 Braveheart inaccuracies: historical blunders in the Mel Gibson film about the Wars of Scottish Independence
7 Residents step out for Denny's first post lockdown Braveheart Walk
8 The Forgotten Historical War Drama You Can Find On Hulu
9 Russell Leadbetter: Why I love Braveheart
10 Ayr drive-in movies in the fast lane with Scottish-themed screening
11 Is Braveheart Based On A True Story?
12 How Mel's 'Braveheart effect' gave huge boost to tourism
13 Mel Gibson's movie Braveheart changed the face of tourism in Scotland forever
14 Myths are still a hit, even the fake ones
15 Braveheart turns 25 today: But is it still relevant?
16 How Trainspotting derailed Scotland’s Braveheart image: James Cosmo looks back after 25 years...
17 Alex Salmond: SNP attacks ‘embarrassing’ Robert the Bruce campaign ad by Alba
18 Braveheart 25 years on: Scottish tourism bosses say impact of hit film still felt
19 In renaming the Saxons, the RFU is igniting an irrelevant culture war
20 'Robert the Bruce' picks up from 'Braveheart'
21 Robert the Bruce: The Braveheart Sequel Brings You More Angus Macfadyen and a Lot Less Blood
22 Sturgeon tells Johnson not to block Indyref2 after 'emphatic' SNP election win
23 The greatest hip hop hoax 20 years on: How two Dundee students fooled the music industry and lived out every rapper’s dream
24 'Braveheart' turns 25: How Mel Gibson went full-on epic with real armies, mechanical horses
25 Mel Gibson says epic American Western was inspiration behind Braveheart
26 25 Years After Braveheart, Its Writer Reveals The Most Emotional Fan Reaction And Why The Movie's Success Was A Surprise
27 ‘Robert the Bruce’ Review: Angus Macfadyen Reprises His ‘Braveheart’ Role for a Flat and Unfocused Sequel
28 Why Scottish independence and federalism within the UK could have similar practical outcomes – Joyce McMillan
29 Is There A Sequel To Braveheart?
30 Iain Maciver: Bravehearts for independence need to get their tongues round pronunciation
31 Alison Rowat: Why I hate Braveheart
32 Mark Johnston’s horses are set for monumental battles at York – Kondo Isami will win the final race, says J...
33 'Outlaw King' vs. 'Braveheart': Which Movie Gets Scotland Right?
34 The real reason Yes Scotland avoids Braveheart nostalgia
35 James Cosmo’s secret night flight from Braveheart premiere – with a human heart
36 Republican Senator Ted Cruz channels William Wallace in Braveheart as he screams ‘freedom’ during spe...
37 Robert the Bruce film is the 'birth of a hero' says Angus Macfadyen
38 'Boris has the authority!' Adam Boulton ridicules Ian Blackford's demand for referendum
39 'Robert the Bruce' wanders in the footsteps of 'Braveheart'
40 Weird things you might not know about Braveheart as it celebrates 25th birthday
41 Why Braveheart is wrong about Scottish history, in 3 clips
42 FREEDOOOOOM! Scotland fans share Braveheart-heavy memes after historic Six Nations win over England
43 Medieval Matters: The Many Sins Of Braveheart
44 ‘Braveheart’ Angus Macfadyen recalls filming with Mel Gibson, reprising his role in ‘Robert the Bruce’
45 Salmond says Alba is 'home for lost souls' of the Yes movement
46 Braveheart, cinema and Scottish independence
47 Mel Gibson’s epic ‘Braveheart’ celebrates its 25th anniversary
48 This is the REAL reason the Tories and the Telegraph can't stand Braveheart
49 Braveheart star Mel Gibson lost his six pack after developing ‘taste for haggis’ while filming Scottish blo...
50 'Braveheart' Writer 'Heartbroken' Over Scottish Referendum
51 Scots, rejoice: Mel Gibson's 'Braveheart' returns to theaters this spring
52 American far-right activists inspired by Braveheart name religious centre after Scottish town
53 Angus Macfadyen reprises ‘Braveheart’ role as ‘Robert the Bruce’
54 ‘Braveheart’ and Creating the Battle of Stirling
55 'Braveheart' Steelbook 4K UHD Review
56 Where Scottish and English History Collides: the 13th Century
57 Paisley Express
58 Braveheart: Full of mistakes which make Scotland look better
59 Why Mel Gibson’s Braveheart didn’t need to stick to the history – leader comment
60 The Legacy of ‘Braveheart’
61 Braveheart: A Legendary Epic about Love, Revolution, and Freedom
62 Mel Gibson Thought He Was Too Old to Play William Wallace in 'Braveheart' Until Paramount Gave an Ultimatum
63 20 Crazy Details Behind The Making Of Braveheart
64 Fictional History, Patriotism, and the Fight for Scottish Independence
65 Scottish Election 2021: SNP campaign ad invokes spirit of Braveheart, Princess Merida and North Korea – John McLellan
66 WATCH: Robert the Bruce actor stars in video supporting Alba
67 'Donald Trump is America's William Wallace': Bizarre pro-Trump speech goes viral
68 Braveheart
69 How Braveheart and Gladiator Are the Same Movie
70 ‘Braveheart’ screening stokes Scottish debate
71 Why Outlaw King Is The Unofficial Sequel To Braveheart
72 Bibliofiles: Braveheart Books evolved from Down in Denver
73 WATCH: Mark Francois quotes Braveheart in cringeworthy Brexit deal speech
74 CALLERI: ‘Robert The Bruce’ delivers fresh look at struggle for Scottish independence
75 Robert the Bruce Review: Don't Expect a Braveheart Sequel
76 UFC star Stevie Ray opens up on his MMA retirement as he searches for Scotland’s next Braveheart...
77 When is Outlander Set, Compared to Braveheart? | Screen Rant
78 Braveheart sequel Robert the Bruce revealed in first trailer
79 Oscars' new 'woke' rules would have seen Mel Gibson's Braveheart lose out – Aidan Smith
80 Breaking News
81 Braveheart letter to Pope returns to Scotland
82 Braveheart writer says unreleased four-hour version has ‘intriguing treasures’
83 6 haunting battlefields to explore in Scotland
84 10 Best War Biopics Like Darkest Hour | ScreenRant
85 VIDEO: How Spain marks the true story of Braveheart
86 Braveheart’s Mel Gibson has put on so much weight he was told to STOP eating to play Santa...
87 Capitol siege bin man snared by FBI after comparing himself to William Wallace
88 Aberdeen Cyrenians seeking bravehearts to step forward for virtual Lego Walk
89 Robert The Bruce is a weak sort-of sequel to Braveheart
90 Ian Clarke: AZ on Norwich City's Championship season
91 Mel Gibson: 'Scotland wasn't a friendly place to film Braveheart'
92 Brave Hearts suffer defeat on penalties as Celtic win Scottish Cup and quadruple treble
93 Braveheart 2014: How Scots stars have fared in 20 years since iconic blockbuster hit cinemas
94 11 Famous 'Braveheart' Quotes
95 Siobhan Synnot: Scottish bravehearts have gone off the reels
96 How I Learned to Love—Or at Least Appreciate—Braveheart
97 Braveheart star and William Wallace descendant furious over Stirling monument book 'ban'
98 FTSE 100 holds on to slight gains; Wall Street digests positive jobless claims data
99 SNP's '14yrs of failure': Nicola Sturgeon torn apart for 'obsession' with breaking up UK
100 READERS’ LETTERS: Enough now with the flag-waving Braveheart utopia