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1 Rare whale found stranded on UK beach for first time as humans blamed for disturbing mammal
2 Rare whale beached in UK for first time
3 Minke whale washed up on Cromarty beach
4 30ft long whale that died after it stranded in Welsh estuary was a year old male calf
5 New marine strandings app launched
6 Stone calls for action to tackle plastic pollution
7 Beached whale had ‘huge ball’ of trash in its stomach
8 100kg of Plastic Found in Stranded Whale's Stomach
9 Sperm whale dies after stranding near shoreline at Ardersier
10 Scottish-based team delves into mysteries of blubber
11 Whales stranded at Kames 'died together after refusing to be separated'
12 100 Kg Of Debris Found In Beached Sperm Whales Stomach In Scotland
13 Sperm whale dies with 100kg of rubbish in its stomach in Outer Hebrides
14 'Lost' sperm whale stranded in Ardersier may have had brain problem
15 Stranded whale was discovered full of plastic
16 Tangled whale found dead on East Lothian beach suffered "some of worst wounds ever recorded"
17 Did sonar cause unexplained whale deaths?
18 Why do ocean animals eat plastic?
19 Record year for marine animal strandings in Scotland
20 Sperm whale's insides 'explode' once its carcass was opened for a necropsy
21 IN FULL: Tragic ending to whale calf rescue operation at Fife beach
22 Pregnant whale found tangled in 'ghost gear' in Orkney
23 100kg of ropes, cups and other plastics found inside beached whale
24 The deadly 'ghost gear' which haunts seas and coastlines
25 Minke whale dies after stranding in North Uist
26 Pregnant whale found tangled in ‘ghost fishing net’ dies in Scotland
27 Stranded whale calf put to sleep after rescue mission at Pettycur Bay
28 Pregnant minke whale dies in fishing net tangle off Orkney
29 'Sad sight' as body of harbour porpoise washes up on East Lothian beach with 'propeller wound'
30 Dead Scottish Sperm Whale Put Under Guard To Stop Tooth Looters
31 Harbour porpoises killed by infected seal bites
32 Harris sperm whale could have consumed plastic discarded off Lochaber coast
33 Marine Life Pays The Price Of Plastic: 100 Kilos Of Waste, Majorly Plastic Found In Dead Sperm Whale’s Stomach In Scotland
34 Scotland selfie-seekers urged to stop taking photos too close to dolphins
35 Scotland’s seas plagued by ‘ghost fishing gear’ which are killing marine life
36 A young humpback whale was found dead and tangled in rope on a beach in Scotland
37 Sperm whale washed up in the Western Isles dies
38 14ft whale that washed up on East Lothian beach with some of 'most severe' rope wounds ever had 'agonising death'
39 Humpback whale entangled in Nova Scotia fishing gear washes up on Scottish beach
40 Plastic pollution: The alarming trend of whales filled with plastic, explained
41 Whale stranding death toll rises to 58 in Scotland and Ireland
42 Dead whale that washed up on Scottish beach was ‘tangled up for weeks if not months’
43 Sperm Whale Dies After Getting Stranded In Ardersier Shallow Water
44 Whales and dolphins are getting stuck in fishing nets around the UK
45 Safety warning over washed-up 'whale' remains at north-east beach
46 Mystery surrounding ‘Nessie creature’ found on Aberdeenshire beach during Storm Ciara – SOLVED
48 Plastic bags found inside whale after stranding on Skye
49 Marine researchers shock as 'unprecedented' number of whale carcasses wash up on West Coast shores
50 Significant Digits for Wednesday, Dec. 4, 2019
51 'Large blobs' on Scottish beaches could be dead whales
52 Whale washed up in Caithness tangled in Canadian fishing gear
53 Harp Seal Pup Found Dead With Plastic in Its Stomach in Scotland
54 Microplastics in 'every animal' in marine study
55 Whale found on Scottish beach may have been killed by boat
56 Environment / Porpoise washed ashore at Spiggie beach
57 Whale-watchers warned: Don't get too close looking for selfies
58 Pregnant whale washes up dead in Orkney after becoming tangled in fishing net
59 Dead whale found with 'most severe wounds ever recorded' on UK beach
60 'Shocking' Levels of PCBs Found in Beloved Orca
61 Dead whale was tangled in rope in East Lothian for 'months'
62 Whale washes up near Scrabster entangled in fishing gear
63 Minke whale dies off Scottish coast after suspected fishing gear entanglement
64 St Andrews whale died due to "recent, acute entanglement"
65 Whale washes up on Scottish beach entangled in fishing gear
66 Killer whale carcass with nothing but plastic in stomach washes up near Lincolnshire
67 Soldiers help transport 21ft whale body to lab in Inverness
68 Bottlenose dolphins to blame for porpoise death
69 Whale dies on Cornish beach after rescuers battle in vain to save it
70 Investigations launched into 'mystery' whale deaths
71 Dead Orca Contained Highest Levels of Toxins Ever Recorded in a Whale
72 Plastic fragment found stuck in dead harp seal's stomach
73 Expert explains what may have caused death of five dolphins found on Isle of Wight coast
74 Mystery of the large number of strandings across the Islands
75 How a Small Piece of Plastic Wrap Likely Killed a Harp Seal
76 Whale washes up in mystery strandings
77 A Facebook Rumor About White Vans Is Spreading Fear Across America
78 Young humpback whale found dead and tangled in rope on Scottish beach
79 More UK whales at risk of death by entanglement in fishing ropes, experts warn
80 Minke whale washes ashore near Hillswick
81 Monifieth sperm whale: Marine animal expert gives full briefing on findings so far
82 Lost Arctic seal washes up dead on Aberdeenshire beach
83 Stranded whales: Numbers on the rise around UK shores
84 Kayak team attempt dramatic rescue of minke whale entangled in rope in Outer Hebrides
85 Marine Mammals Still Poisoned by Banned Chemicals
86 Sunburned dolphin spotted in Moray Firth
87 Minke whale carcass removal from Pettycur Bay for examination
88 Father and daughter among team who help save dolphin in the Beauly Firth
89 'Drowned' whale washes up on beach in East Lothian
90 Did dolphins kill this pilot whale? | Whales and Dolphins | Earth Touch News
91 Jaws drop as 70-kilo shark washes up on Angus beach in front of stunned onlookers
92 Two in a tangle at Dunnet beach
93 More whales and dolphins than ever spotted in the UK
94 Blue shark found dead on Roseisle beach beach
95 Minke whale dies after washing up on Highland beach
96 UK whale strandings: why did they happen?
97 Four pilot whales die after becoming stranded in the Firth of Forth
98 Britain's marine crime scene investigators
99 Beloved Orca Found Dead Due to Entanglement in Fishing Gear
100 Scientists 'alarmed' to find 220 pounds of plastic in dead whale's stomach