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1 Fitch Rates The Scripps Research Institute (CA) Rev Bonds 'A'; Outlook Stable
2 Scripps Research collaborates with Tempus to develop a predictive model of glucose responses
3 US vaccinating average of 1.7M people per day
4 COVID-19's Potential Effects On Asymptomatic Patients
5 Covid-19 News: Live Updates
6 First-in-human clinical trial confirms HIV vaccine approach by IAVI and Scripps Research
7 Elektra Labs and the Scripps Research Translational Institute Partner to Incorporate Scripps' Digital Health Library into the Elektra Labs Atlas Platform
8 American College Health Association and Scripps Research Translational Institute Partner to Bring the NIH All of Us Research Program to College Campuses
9 Coronavirus vaccination goals: US needs to vaccinate faster to meet herd immunity threshold and avoid escape variants
10 Analysis | What to Know About Post-Vaccine Deaths and Allergies
11 When AI isn't all that revolutionary
12 Toronto-based researchers measuring whether Apple Watch can spot early signs of worsening heart failure
13 Molecular Stethoscope Announces Publication of its NAFLD/NASH Study in the American Journal of Physiology
14 PhysIQ Expands Clinical Leadership Team, Dr. Steve Steinhubl Joins as Chief Medical Officer
15 Scripps study suggests wearables could predict Covid-19 infection
16 Mount Sinai: Apple Watches spot heart rate variability changes prior to COVID-19 diagnosis
17 Biggest influencers in digital pharma in Q4: The top individuals to follow
18 Covid-19’s Effects May Linger in Your Body, Even After Asymptomatic Cases
19 Variant identified in California is more infectious, more deadly, and cases are doubling every 18 days
20 COVID-19 Case Counts Have Started Falling in the U.S. This May Be Why
21 COVID vaccine supply can’t keep up with demand right now. Experts think that will change in mere months
22 Variants Spreading in U.S. Fan the Need to 'Crush' Covid Quickly
23 COVID-19 “Long-Haulers” Face Ongoing Health Battles
24 Crowdsourcing COVID-19: How data-driven groups speed pandemic response
25 COVID-19 detection: Could your Apple Watch or Fitbit help slow the coronavirus pandemic?
26 StartUPDATES: New developments for healthcare startups
27 Vaccines go to waste as states scramble for guidance
28 Scripps Research Translational Institute and NVIDIA enter a new partnership | Digital Healthcare
29 COVID-19 mutations undercut optimism even as more vaccines near
30 Pairing wearables data with self-reported symptoms could improve COVID-19 prediction
31 Researcher Criticizes FDA's Exaggeration Of Plasma's Efficacy In COVID-19 Treatment
32 Scripps, UCSF kick off wearable-driven research projects to spot viral infections early on
33 How to Get COVID-19 Vaccination Appointments
34 UAMS Researcher Cannon Awarded Nearly $1 Million to Study Vaccination Against Ovarian Cancer
35 Scripps Turns to mHealth Wearables to Help Plot Coronavirus Growth
36 Could your smartwatch help detect the next coronavirus outbreak? Scripps Research scientists think so
37 Can We Get to Herd Immunity by April? Most Experts Skeptical
38 Early results from DETECT study suggest fitness trackers can predict COVID-19 infections
39 Kent Covid variant sweeping the world may be more infectious than original strain, scientists say
40 Covid-19: Scientists find new 'super variant' in Finland
41 Study highlights strategies for boosting accuracy of personal genetic risk scores
42 Scripps Research expands international effort to rapidly repurpose drugs against COVID-19
43 Scripps researchers find COVID-19 signals in daily activity data from Fitbits, smartwatches
44 Covid-19 patients are doing their own research
45 Scripps, Stanford working with Fitbit to assess wearables' COVID-19 tracking abilities
46 In Covid-19 cases, 45% of people infected may be asymptomatic: Study
47 Scripps Research Is New Branding for Renowned La Jolla Institute
48 Eric Topol on the U.S. response to COVID-19, the success of vaccines and when life will get back to 'normal'
49 Star scientist out at Scripps Research
50 Nearly Half of Coronavirus Infections May Be Asymptomatic
51 Coronavirus variants spreading nationwide spark need to 'crush this outbreak' quickly, experts say
52 Cardiologist Eric Topol's Encouraging Forecast for Five COVID-19 Vaccines
53 Winner of the AIM-HI Accelerator Fund's Inaugural Women's Venture Competition Announced
54 Fitbit Collaborates with Scripps Research and Stanford Medicine to Study the Role of Wearables to Detect, Track and Contain Infectious Diseases like COVID-19
55 Scripps Research offers video series on COVID-19
56 Harnessing wearable device data to improve state-level real-time surveillance of influenza-like illness in the USA: a population-based study
57 Scripps researchers tap wearable data to track Covid-19 and flu
58 Telehealth pilot programs gain traction
59 'U.K. variant' on track to become dominant COVID-19 strain in San Diego County
60 RNA chemist recognized with $11M 'proven trackrecord' award
61 Money problems deepen at Scripps Research Institute
62 Trump causes distrust of science: Medical expert Dr. Eric Topol
63 Scripps study: Can your Fitbit track the flu?
64 Scripps Research
65 How digital data collection can help track covid-19 cases in real time
66 San Diego Community News Group
67 Normal resting heart rate appears to vary widely from person to person
68 Scripps Research explores new model to advance drug development, sustainability
69 Coronavirus tests the value of artificial intelligence in medicine
70 Researchers hope to detect, contain infectious disease outbreaks using Fitbit data
71 Artificial Intelligence in Health Care
72 Pivoting health research to take on COVID-19
73 New ResearchKit App from The Scripps Research Institute Looks at How Genetic Risk Influences Heart Health Decisions
74 Scientists just beginning to understand the many health problems caused by COVID-19
75 Scripps Translational Science Institute Receives $34 Million NIH Clinical and Translational Science Award
76 Scientists Uncover Long Term Effects of COVID-19, Virus Attacks Vital Organs
77 New COVID-19 variant found in California
78 Could your smartwatch help detect the next COVID-19 outbreak? Scientists think so
79 Scripps-Fitbit Partnership Adds mHealth Wearables to All of Us Project
80 Up to 45% of SARS-CoV-2 Infections May Be Asymptomatic
81 Webinar: Healthcare of Tomorrow: Where Do We Go From Here?
82 Baseball Data Guru Joins Faculty at Scripps Translational Science Institute
83 Transforming pregnancy research with a smartphone app
84 Healthcare of Tomorrow Conference Goes Virtual, Spotlights Insights on Pandemic Response and Health Equity
85 America’s Health Future: The Impact of COVID-19 on our Health Systems
86 iRhythm Technologies Announces Data from mSToPS Clinical Trial to be Presented in a Late-Breaking Scientific Session at American Heart Association 2020
87 Convalescent plasma not recommended to treat COVID-19, government panel says
88 Lilly's Covid-19 antibody helps patients rid their systems of virus sooner
89 Remdesivir and interferon fall flat in WHO's megastudy of COVID-19 treatments
90 Zio by iRhythm Detects Previously Undiagnosed Atrial Fibrillation and Helps to Prevent Hospitalizations, Stroke, and Death as a Result
91 Telemedicine is essential amid the covid-19 crisis and after it
92 Fitbit user data could be key to swifter population flu tracking
93 One U.K. trial is transforming COVID-19 treatment. Why haven't others delivered more results?
94 Large Number of SARS-CoV-2-Infected Are Asymptomatic
95 Colorado Guardsman has 1st reported U.S. case of virus variant
96 Early data suggests wearables can flag some Covid-19 cases early
97 Monitoring Your Pandemic Health, From Your Home
98 UCSF partners with Oura smart ring to study early detection of COVID-19
99 Washington Post Live to host “Artificial Intelligence in Health Care” with presenting sponsor GE
100 Coronavirus News Roundup: November 7-November 13