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1 SETI Institute in the News – Media Roundup. March 16 – March 31, 2021
2 Seti: how microbes could communicate with alien species
3 Can Artists Make Contact With Aliens? Should They? An Institute Dedicated to Finding Life Beyond Planet Earth Is Asking Them for Help
4 Jill Tarter Elected to American Academy of Arts and Sciences
5 New Scientist News Science with Sam: Do aliens exist?
6 Taking Aliens Seriously: Big Brains
7 SETI Institute in the News – Media Roundup. March 1 – March 15, 2020.
8 A new era in the search for extraterrestrial intelligence
9 A new frontier is opening in the search for extraterrestrial life
10 SETI: new signal excites alien hunters – here's how we could find out if it's real
11 Using game-theory to look for extraterrestrial intelligence
12 How big money is powering a massive hunt for alien intelligence
13 'Mutual detectability' will improve the search for extraterrestrial civilizations – Physics World
14 The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence
15 NASA go in search of extraterrestrial intelligence with Spain's help
16 Search for Alien Life Moves Well Beyond Mars
17 Breakthrough Listen Is Searching a Million Stars for One Sign of Intelligent Life
18 Ideas for future NASA missions searching for extraterrestrial civilizations
19 SETI Institute in the News
20 Tech 24
21 Podcast: A Modern Way to Look for Aliens
22 Until Recently, People Accepted the 'Fact' of Aliens in the Solar System
23 Let's Search for Alien Probes, Not Just Alien Signals
24 SETI: New signal excites alien hunters. Here's how we could find out if it's real
25 Astrochemist brings search for extraterrestrial life to Harvard
26 Why Look for Extraterrestrial Life?
27 Alien Hunters Discover Mysterious Signal from Proxima Centauri
28 SETI Institute in the News – Media Roundup. February 16 – February 28, 2021
29 Is This The First Sign Of Intelligent Life Beyond Earth?
30 Signal detected: Are we alone in the endless abyss of space? – CTV News
31 Was That ET? A New Radio Signal and the Ongoing Search for Alien Life
32 An interstellar accident — or a piece of alien technology?
33 Want to Talk to Aliens? Try Changing the Technological Channel beyond Radio
34 The search for extraterrestrial intelligence moves up a gear
35 Have We Already Been Visited by Aliens?
36 Was that a dropped call from extraterrestrial life?
37 Astronomer Avi Loeb Says Aliens Have Visited, and He's Not Kidding
38 My dad launched the quest to find alien intelligence. It changed astronomy.
39 Astronomers want public funds for intelligent life search
40 Was That a Dropped Call From ET?
41 A distinguished astronomer sees evidence of extraterrestrial life
42 How Astrobiology's Fortunes Swung Back and Forth – and Back Again
43 Mysterious Radio Signal From a Nearby Star Leads Scientists to Investigate Alien Life
44 Aliens must be out there
45 Arik Kershenbaum on Why Alien Life May Be Like Life on Earth
46 15:33 Europe/London
47 New projects broaden the search for alien signals from space
48 SETI – the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence
49 Is there anybody out there? The search for extraterrestrial intelligence
50 Dan Werthimer and Paul Horowitz to share 2021 Drake Award
51 Do aliens exist? Technosignatures may hold new clues
52 A Researcher’s Hunt for Extraterrestrial Intelligence
53 Technosignatures: Here's how scientists are going to look for intelligent alien life
54 SETI pioneer Dan Werthimer to receive Drake Award
55 Avi Loeb And The Search For Extraterrestrials
56 University research center will search for extraterrestrial intelligence
57 March Stargazing: Looking for Life Beyond
58 Search for space aliens comes up empty, but extraterrestrial life could still be out there
59 Scientists are searching the universe for signs of alien civilizations: 'Now we know where to look'
60 How many alien civilizations are out there? A new galactic survey holds a clue.
61 Thirty-Five Years On, the Search for Aliens Continues
62 Curious Kids: what has the search for extraterrestrial life actually yielded and how does it work?
63 Did Earth Receive a Radio Transmission From Proxima Centauri?
64 China’s ambitions in space: national pride or taking on the Americans?
65 We still haven't heard from aliens
66 Looking for Alien Life at UM
67 We have telescopes in space, rovers on other worlds – our search for alien life continues
68 Scientists Are Searching Space for Extraterrestrial Viruses
69 SETI: "A Signal from Proxima Centauri?"
70 Why Astronomers Want to Build a SETI Observatory on the Moon
71 NASA’s Perseverance rover is about to start searching for life on Mars
72 Why astronomers are interested in this mysterious signal
73 When the Aliens Arrive, What Will They Look Like? A Zoologist Has Answers
74 We're Better Equipped to Find Extraterrestrial Life Now Than Ever Before
75 The Father of SETI
76 How Far Will Our Search For Aliens Go in 2021?
77 Dyson spheres: How to spot an alien megastructure
78 AI could deceive us as much as the human eye does in the search for extraterrestrials
79 The Search for E.T. Goes on Hold, for Now
80 Exploradio Origins: A New Way to Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence
81 The Search for Aliens Is a Huge Shot in the Dark
82 The alien hunter of Harvard
83 Can Artificial Intelligence Help Find Alien Intelligence?
84 Here's how scientists protect Earth from extraterrestrial germs
85 Animal Intelligence and the Search for Life Beyond Earth
86 Wright awarded NASA grant to look for signatures of alien technology | Penn State University
87 Why Do We Assume Extraterrestrials Might Want to Visit Us?
88 The Truth Is Out There
89 Where is the search for extraterrestrial life up to?
90 Long Now Foundation: Interspecies Communication and the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence
91 Internet tycoon takes search for extraterrestrial intelligence to the next level
92 The Carl Sagan Center for Research (CSC)
93 With NASA telescope on board, search for intelligent aliens 'more credible'
94 Search for extraterrestrial intelligence gets a $100-million boost
95 How Many Aliens Are in the Milky Way? Astronomers Turn to Statistics for Answers
96 Life in the Universe: What are the Odds? – Exoplanet Exploration: Planets Beyond our Solar System
97 Former Israeli space security chief says extraterrestrials exist, and Trump knows about it
98 Search for ET Gets Boost From a Very Special Telescope
99 What Happens If We Detect Extraterrestrial Intelligence?
100 Troy Reimink: In 'Extraterrestrial,' Harvard astronomer considers alien life with an open mind