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1 iOS 14 jailbreak available for older devices; some newer ones likely
2 New ‘unpatchable’ exploit allegedly found on Apple’s Secure Enclave chip, here’s what it could mean
3 Initial iOS 14 Jailbreak Limited to Older Devices With A9(X) Chip and Older
4 Four ways CISOs can move enterprise security into the new normal
5 You’ve had Apple Silicon in your Mac for years, and it’s called the T2 chip
6 Apple’s Secure Enclave set a security precedent for Android smartphones
7 Hackers Spot Permanent Vulnerability in Apple's Secure Enclave
8 #eWEEKchat Sept. 8: Confidential Computing and Next-Gen Security
9 Vulnerabilty in iOS Secure Enclave could be security risk
10 Anjuna Announces Support for Redis
11 Unpatchable Exploit Found On Apple’s Secure Enclave
12 Cisco: How Real is a Passwordless Future?
13 Apple Pay Gives Crypto Exchange Coinmama Its Blessing for Service Integration
14 Secure Enclaves: A New Approach to Cybersecurity
15 IoT news of the week for Sept. 25, 2020
16 Hardware enclaves
17 The Best Smartphones Under $500
18 Man Bypasses iPhone 11 FACE ID With 3D-Printed Mask
19 Shadow Park community is Cerritos' luxury enclave
20 All-in-One Vs. Point Tools For Security
21 Hub Security to provide INX Limited with Military-grade Cybersecurity for Digital Assets
22 Joint “CYPRES” Report on Incident Response Released by FERC
23 Apple Silicon iMac — Imagining the ultimate all-in-one
24 Why Enclaves are Taking over the Security World
25 Nebula Genomics gives users ownership of their personal genomic data with Oasis Labs integration
26 Anjuna Partners With AWS, Microsoft on Secure Enclaves
27 Apple’s privacy focus includes extreme testing of Secure Enclave chips in secret lab
28 New flaw in Intel chips lets attackers slip their own data into secure enclave
29 Hacker claims to have decrypted Apple's Secure Enclave, destroying key piece of iOS mobile security
30 How FileVault and the T2 Security Chip work together in newer Macs
31 How to use your iPhone as an encrypted Google security key
32 The Security Misconceptions of Apple
33 Intel Chip Flaw Plunderbolt Hits Secure Enclaves
34 What if Apple was forced to allow app sales outside of the iOS store?
35 Google Is Helping Design an Open Source, Ultra-Secure Chip
36 What Does Apple’s T2 “Security Chip” Do in Your Mac?
37 iOS 14 and macOS Big Sur May Finally Herald the End of Passwords
38 Apple Used DMCA Takedown to Temporarily Remove Tweet With iPhone Encryption Key
39 Fortanix Enclave Manager Enables Apps to Run in Secure Enclaves on Microsoft Azure Confidential Computing Infrastructure
40 Alyssa Milano DENIES she called cops to her quiet California enclave
41 The FBI wants Apple to break encryption for iPhone models that third-party companies can already unlock
42 Hack the Titan M, Get $1 Million | Decipher
43 Using confidential computing to protect Function-as-a-Service data
44 Apple Just Made A Striking New Security Move That Could Impact All Users
45 Hackers have found a vulnerability in the iPhone that cannot be fixed
46 IBM, Intel, AMD take different routes to hardware-based encryption
47 Fatah Members: 'The Palestinian Street Has Lost Confidence in the Leadership'
48 Apple Publishes New Apple Platform Security Guide
49 Does the F.B.I. Need Apple to Hack Into iPhones?
50 2019 Apple Platform Security guide shows what it is doing to ‘push the boundaries’ of security and privacy
51 What Is Apple's New Secure Enclave And Why Is It Important?
52 Azure's Hardware Security Feature Takes Cues from Xbox One
53 Why Google Cloud Turned to AMD to Solve for Runtime Encryption
54 Your Smartphone Has a Special Security Chip. Here’s How It Works
55 Samsung’s new mobile security chip protects booting process and crypto transactions
56 Apple publishes new enterprise security guide for iOS and macOS
57 How decentralized cloud platforms can change cloud computing
58 Plundervolt attack unpins Intel chip security enclaves
59 Apple iPhone SE 2020: 4 Security And Privacy Features You Should Know About
60 Safari will soon log you into websites with Face ID and Touch ID
61 Apple already ships Macs with Apple Silicon
62 The Fatal Flaw in Data Security
63 Apple Details Touch ID And The A7’s Secure Enclave In Updated iOS Security Document
64 Samsung Reveals Galaxy S20 Security Surprise
65 Apple iMac 27-inch (2020) Review: If This Is The End Of An Era, It Is All About Power And Style
66 Apple turns the iPhone into the key for your car
67 Google will now accept your iPhone as an authentication key
68 Attacking the Intel Secure Enclave
69 IBM Cloud Data Shield Brings Confidential Computing ...
70 Developer of Checkm8 explains why iDevice jailbreak exploit is a game changer
71 Plundering of crypto keys from ultrasecure SGX sends Intel scrambling again
72 Samsung: Galaxy S20 security chip hiding your secrets can now feature in rival phones
73 How to use Apple iPhone as security key for Google 2FA
74 IBM Delivering Confidential Computing Since 2016 While Many Still Talking About It
75 Secure Enclaves: Foundation For The Cloud-Based Enterprise
76 Intro to iPhone encryption features for Apple admins
77 Apple joins industry effort to eliminate passwords
78 'Foreshadow' Flaw Undermines the Intel CPU Secure Enclave
79 Indian Nations Law Update
80 RISC-V Will Stop Hackers Dead From Getting Into Your Computer
81 Is the FBI Gearing Up for Another Encryption Fight with Apple?
82 Here’s Why You Should Use a Longer Passcode on Your iPhone
83 Apple T2 security chip has Touch ID, Security Enclave, hardware to prevent microphone eavesdropping, amongst many other features!
84 iPhone users can also get the privilege of using their devices as Google security keys for two-factor authentication purpose
85 Trump's potential Supreme Court pick Barbara Lagoa was the pride of her Cuban refugee parents
86 Enclaves and SGX: Armor plate against deep-stack attacks
87 Google Cloud steps up security and compliance for applications, government
88 Apple has built its own Mac graphics processors
89 Cloud security: Microsoft Azure's SGX VMs hit GA, Google's Shielded VM is now default
90 This Is What Hacking an iPhone Actually Looks Like + Hidden Details
91 2019 Security Guide reviews Apple biometrics and encryption technology upgrades
92 Maximizing data privacy: Making sensitive data secure by default
93 Secure Flash for Next-Generation Automotive and Industrial Applications
94 Apple iPhone SE2 Launch: These Are The Security Features You Should Know About
95 Encryption Key Management for Public Cloud: The Basics
96 Apple's new MacBook Pros will keep your fingerprint secure like the iPhone
97 Protecting data on public clouds and edges with confidential computing
98 Azure confidential computing, AWS aim to better secure cloud data
99 Apple details Touch ID and Secure Enclave tech in new security white paper
100 Set your iPhone up as a Google 2FA key in 5 steps