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1 Schumer invokes "two-hour rule" to block Senate committee hearings
2 Proposed Republican rules changes anger Montana Democrats | 406 Politics
3 Disagreement continues over Montana Legislature Joint Rules Committee meetings
4 Democratic Lawmakers Cry Foul Over Unusual Legislative Committee Meeting
5 Senate Procedures Offer No Hope for Dems on Supreme Court Nominee
6 VERIFY: No, Democrats have no procedural options left to block Judge Barrett
7 MO Senator Roy Blunt Says Voting Will Be Safe And Secure This November
8 House Approves Program for Fusion Energy Research
9 House Passes Trimmed Down Coronavirus Relief Bill
10 Comey Defends Russia Inquiry in Senate Testimony
11 Senate GOP abandons special session rules fight
12 Maryland Senate President Ferguson pushes bill-limit proposal
13 Debate commission says it will change structure to ensure a 'more orderly discussion’
14 Coronavirus aid, shutdown deal in front of Supreme Court backdrop on Hill
15 House Passes Clean Economy Jobs and Innovation Act
16 Make the Senate Great Again
17 The GOP's precise path to a pre-election SCOTUS vote
18 Capitol meeting partitions in works
19 Daybook-Tuesday-Congress-Senate
20 Montana Republicans Push For Legislative Rule Changes Over Democrats' Objections
21 What's Happening in Space Policy September 20-26, 2020
22 As Trump questions U.S. election system, Blunt says it’s ‘secure as it’s ever been’
23 How Mitch McConnell Can Quickly Push Through Trump’s Supreme Court Nominee
24 The upcoming nomination battle, explained
25 Trump-Biden faceoff draws in military
26 SCOTUS battle crashes into decisive Senate race in Iowa
27 Judge Amy Coney Barrett's Exceptional Legal Experience, Expertise, and Judicial Record Make Her the Right Choice to Serve on the Supreme Court
28 Can the Senate vote to replace Ginsburg before the election?
29 Partisan stopgap funding bill set for House vote Tuesday
30 Akron City Council commemorates Ruth Bader Ginsburg, urges Senate to hold off on confirmation hearings
31 GUSA elects leadership, swears in new senators
32 House, Senate Differ on Nuclear Testing
33 House passes CR with CCC authorization and nutrition aid
34 GOP set to release controversial Biden report | TheHill
35 Hearings demonstrate Louisiana's political divide over virus
36 'Nothing is off the table': Supreme Court fight could reshape the Senate
37 Senate scuttles governor’s forestry board nominees; Sen. Golden denounces backroom dealing on natural resourc
38 HEALTH CARE BRIEFING: Trump, Biden Spar on Health Care
39 Yes, expect fireworks. But we’ll get a Supreme Court confirmation.
40 Washington Politics Could Be About To Enter A 'Post-Apocalyptic' Phase
41 Connecticut House Votes to Give More Time to Process Ballots
42 The Rules Committees of the California Legislature
43 Key Provisions of the Legislature's Internal Rules: The Senate Rules Part I
44 U.S. House committee approves Lumbee Recognition Act
45 Pa. Republicans want to create and control an 'election integrity' panel with subpoena power
46 Is coronavirus herd immunity feasible? Will cases surge in flu season? Answers given at state capitol
47 Several lawmakers disclose opaque financial records
48 I On Politics
49 Wolf nomination for Homeland Security secretary advances
50 Texas Lawmakers Must Manage Budget Shortfall, COVID Rules
51 Key senators negotiating potential deal to allow remote Senate hearings | TheHill
52 Key Provisions of the Legislature's Internal Rules
53 Conservative to lead Senate Rules Committee reviewing Trudeau-appointees' push for reforms
54 'That Failure Is Striking:' Trump's Legal War on Asylum | National Law Journal
55 Do you know the candidates? Here's a 2020 voter guide for St. George and southwest Utah
56 Senate Democrats replace Republicans on advisory bodies
57 Exclusive: Capitol Police disciplinary reports show pattern of misconduct
58 Congress dawdles on remote voting
59 Trump impeachment: House Rules Committee approves rules for impeachment vote
60 House Rules Committee approves remote voting during pandemic | TheHill
61 Meet the Press
62 House Unanimously Confirms Keller To Supreme Court
63 Joe Biden would not remake America’s economy
64 House Democrats Back Changing Rules to Allow Remote Voting During Pandemic
65 Proposed rule could limit the number of bills senators can file
66 US Senate: Internet Services and Technology Resources Usage Rules
67 Hawaiian defense contractor with Maine offices charged with bank fraud
68 Menendez Publishes Footage of Restricted Committee Business Meeting
69 House panel says remote voting during coronavirus outbreak creates 'serious' challenges
70 GOP Coronavirus Aid Package Pushed Back A Week
71 House Rules Committee Debates Articles of Impeachment, Part 1 |
72 Senate Rule Committee Clears Way for Senate to Consider a Medical Marijuana Bill
73 Election Funding Weighed by Senate Panel as Virus Raises Concern | Bloomberg Government
74 ‘Parents’ bill of rights’ proposal stalls in Florida Senate
75 California's Legislative Committee System – Part One
76 The Senate is hiding from all of us with its impeachment rules for reporters
77 Senate Rules Committee Appoints Nominee
78 Legislature: What's still moving, what's been spiked
79 Senate loosens rules on private charter flights
80 Senate committee advances nomination of FEC commissioner
81 Senate Finance Committee approves $1000 PFD, bill moves to Senate Rules Committee
82 OPINION EXCHANGE | The Minnesota Senate should not be for sale to extremist anti-choice groups
83 Imagining a Senate Trial: Reading the Senate Rules of Impeachment Litigation
84 Offensive phone calls disrupt House rules committee meeting
85 Final Reading: Committees finish last minute work before the Senate convenes Tuesday
86 COLUMN: Rules committee proves lawmakers haven't ceded ultimate power to governor
87 For House, Senate National Security Committees, Stopgaps for Term Limits
88 Opinion: The Democrats' bogus concern for SCOTUS 'norms'
89 What's next for impeachment? Full House vote this week on charges against Trump, Senate trial likely
90 'Paper hearings' replace committee staple in the Senate
91 Here's how committees are staying busy during the coronavirus recess
92 Hate crimes proposal drives Georgia legislators apart — but consensus may be...
93 Your Illinois News Radar » *** UPDATED x1 *** New Senate rule allows remote committees, limited remote floor voting
94 With Oregon Republicans Away, Democrats Are Busy Strategizing
95 Georgia House skips Senate bills in tussle over hate crime penalties
96 COVID-19: The week that was in Congress | TheHill
97 Farm Hands West: Senate Rules Committee confirmed nomination of Dolcini | 2020-08-18
98 If Parliament can vote remotely, Congress can, too
99 House unveils proposal for remote committee work and proxy votes
100 Rules Committee Chair Roy Blunt: Senate Impeachment Proceedings Are "Not A Trial In Any Classic Sense"