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1 Mysterious living monuments Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute
2 Flowers! Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute
3 How the Chicxulub impactor gave rise to modern rainforests
4 How the Chicxulub impact gave rise to modern rainforests
5 Dinosaur-Killer Asteroid Gave Rise to Today's Tropical Rainforests | The Weather Channel
6 Scientists uncover the mysterious origin of canal grass in Panama
7 Prior to the Chicxulub impact, rainforests looked very different
8 The Asteroid That Killed the Dinosaurs Created the Amazon Rain Forest
9 Bryophytes | Tiny plants in a big changing world | Smithsonian Voices | Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute
10 Smithsonian scientists reduce uncertainty in forest carbon storage calculations
11 Study Finds Beef Industry Can Cut Emissions
12 Centuries-old trees may be at risk of climate change death
13 Recycling old genes to get new traits -- How social behavior evolves in bees
14 The Same Asteroid That Killed the Dinosaurs Likely Made Earth's Rainforests
15 Fish invasions follow Panama and Suez canal expansions
16 New bird checklists from Coiba National Park, Panama
17 Is odor the secret to bats' sex appeal?
18 The evolution of modern rainforests began with the dinosaur-killing asteroid
19 First DNA extracted from modern, ancient and fossil tropical shells
20 Mother bats use baby talk to communicate with their pups
21 Disproportionate extinction of South American mammals when Americas collided evident today
22 How do giraffes and elephants alter the African Savanna landscape?
23 Long-term consequences of river damming in the Panama Canal
24 New deep-water coral discovered
25 Lightning strikes more than 100 million times per year in the tropics
26 Baby vampire bat adopted by mom's best friend
27 One-two punch: Sea urchins stuck belly-up in low-oxygen hot water
28 DNA in fringe-lipped bat poop reveals unexpected eating habits
29 Beef industry can cut emissions with land management, production efficiency: Ranchers in United States, Brazil and other regions can help create a more climate-friendly beef system
30 Beef industry can cut emissions with improvements in land management, production efficiency
31 Asteroid Ending Age of Dinosaurs May Have Formed Earth’s Rainforests
32 Strianassa lerayi anker, new shrimp species from Panama's Coiba national park
33 Native trees thrive in teak plantations and may protect the Panama Canal
34 Scientists identify a temperature tipping point for tropical forests
35 The Darwinian diet: You are what you eat
36 Peruvian Amazonian shaman rose to power in early 20th century
37 These masked singers are bats
38 New evidence found of the ritual significance of a classic Maya sweat bath in Guatemala
39 Sea star's ability to clone itself may empower this mystery globetrotter
40 Traditional fisherfolk help uncover ancient fish preservation methods
41 Male bats with high testosterone levels have large forearm crusts when females are fertile
42 How to Tell a Bird's Age By Its Song
43 Smithsonian researchers name new ocean zone: The rariphotic
44 Using Amber-Filtered Bulbs Instead of White Light Attracts Fewer Bugs
45 Fossil trees on Peru's Central Andean Plateau tell a tale of dramatic environmental change
46 Quiz: Earth Day and Environmentalism
47 Video captures tadpole escape artists in Panama
48 Tropical tree roots represent an underappreciated carbon pool
49 Researchers Turn Spider Webs Into Music | Smart News
50 Scientists edit butterfly wing spots and stripes
51 The undertaker's census
52 A new social role for echolocation in bats that hunt together
53 Smithsonian Names Ellen Stofan Under Secretary for Science and Research
54 Bats use leaves as mirrors to find prey in the dark
55 Diverse tropical forests grow fast despite widespread phosphorus limitation
56 Modern Rain Forests Started Evolving After Asteroid Strike That Killed Dinosaurs: Study
57 Humpback whales may risk collision with vessels in the Magellan Strait
58 White-faced capuchin monkeys come down from the trees on Panama's Coiba Island
59 Parents unknown
60 Bones Tell the Tale of a Maya Settlement
61 Smithsonian's Panama debate fueled by zircon dating
62 How Woody Vines Do the Twist
63 What Happened to South America’s Missing Mega-Mammals?
64 Scientists reduce uncertainty in forest carbon storage calculations
65 New shrimp species discovered in Panama's Coiba National Park
66 New soft coral species discovered in Panama
67 How does a crustacean become a crab?
68 An Orphaned Vampire Bat Pup Was Adopted By Its Mother's Best Friend
69 Warming threat to tropical forests risks release of carbon from soil
70 Two new porcelain crab species discovered
71 Temperature Tipping Point for Tropical Forests Identified – Scientists Recommend Immediate Steps
72 Tropical sea urchins caught between a rock and a hot place
73 Earth Optimism: Smithsonian's "Agua Salud" Project restores degraded land with forest
74 Mosquito road
75 Old species learn new tricks...very slowly
76 Tropical forest seeds use three strategies to survive
77 Researchers observe novel bat behavior in Panama
78 Legume trees key to supporting tropical forest growth
79 These Bats Mask Up to Woo Mates | Smart News
80 All in the head? Brains adapt to support new species
81 The Underwater Library at Scripps Institution of Oceanography
82 Hunting habits of fringe-lipped bats revealed in their poop •
83 White-tailed deer were predominant in pre-Columbian Panama feasts
84 Parasitoid wasps may turn spiders into zombies by hacking their internal code
85 Some tropical forests show surprising resilience as temperatures rise
86 News Feature: A sea in the Amazon
87 Bats share social information through echolocation calls •
88 New golden frog species discovered in Colombia
89 Smithsonian botanist discovers new ground-flowering plant in Panama
90 Upcoming Adopt-a-Book Salons with Smithsonian Libraries and Archives
91 Women in aquaculture: Kara Birkenmayer
92 Deep time tracking devices: Fossil barnacles reveal prehistoric whale migrations
93 The skin of the earth is home to pac-man-like protists
94 Insects need empathy
95 'Superfungus' threatens last Panamanian golden frogs
96 Fossils help identify a lone 'bright spot' in a similar state to coral reefs before human impact
97 Spanish conquest left its imprint on men's genes in Panama
98 Long-Living Tropical Trees Play Outsized Role in Carbon Storage
99 Microplastics are new homes for microbes in the Caribbean
100 When Illness Strikes, Vampire Bat Moms Will Still Socialize With Their Kids