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Result Content Idea Research
1 Socialist Workers Party candidates knock on doors in Sharon
2 SWP open letter to socialists in the Labour Party
3 Vice Presidential candidate stops in Marshalltown | News, Sports, Jobs
4 GUEST COLUMN: Nixon knew when it was time to go
5 Joe Biden win has galvanised us... now the key is to build struggle
6 Jeff Riedel, photographer and fighter for socialism: 1968-2020
7 Fight Rishi Sunak's pay attack on workers in public sector
8 Tory plans won't bring festive cheer
9 Why the US doesn't have a mass workers' party
10 Optare manufacturing strikers escalate their strikes to win higher pay
11 Class struggle is the only alternative to an unfair system
12 Workers Struggles: The Americas
13 Why the Labour left loses
14 US election—an American horror story
15 Interview with Paul Holmes—'Unions need to use their power for their members'
16 Long list of 2020 Presidential Candidates a 'Mixed Bag'
17 Letters—Andy Burnham is leading a fight, and we should support him
18 Spy cops inquiry will not give their victims justice
19 'They are putting profit first'—residents in Hull speak out as virus cases soar
20 Socialist Workers Party candidates hope to bring alternatives to presidential race in Washington
21 Socialist Workers Party campaigning to be added to ballot
22 The tragedy of Poland's 'self-limiting revolution'
23 Socialist Workers Party Presidential ticket files for November ballot
24 General strike to resist attacks on workers' rights in Greece
25 The FBI's War on Folk Music
26 Class struggle in China – How to deal with multibillionaires?
27 A month after being hired at suburban Detroit Fiat Chrysler plant, worker dies from COVID-19
28 Xi Focus: Xi calls on working class to make new, historic endeavors for China's modernization
29 Latino Voters Side With Trump Over Socialism
30 As Europe's governments preside over mass death, workers must fight for the shutdown of nonessential production and schools
31 Brazil's Largest City May Soon Have a Socialist Mayor
32 Unity against the rich can undercut ethnic divisions in Ethiopia
33 The anti-Semitism witch-hunt and the failure of Corbynism
34 Coalition government to adopt law: 'Let's refrain from any non-essential social interaction': Gilles Baum
35 Spanish Politician: Morocco is Spain's Most Stable Mediterranean Partner
36 Young workers speak out—'The Tories don't care about us'
37 'The people have had it,' say protesters in Guatemala
38 Public sector workers must not pay for the Covid crisis
39 Spy cops were 'utterly out of control', inquiry reveals
40 Workers Struggles: Europe, Middle East & Africa
41 Rolls-Royce strikers are fighting for jobs
42 Campaign for school Covid safety must continue
43 The Moral Core of Socialism Is Our Responsibility to Each Other
44 Little Ilford strikers fight to defend their east London school
45 Why are millions of Americans traveling for Thanksgiving as the pandemic rages?
46 8-7-2020 The Socialist Workers Party candidate for president
47 Morenoites dismiss Trump coup attempt, while sowing illusions in Biden
48 With COVID-19 spreading through auto plants, workers report death at FCA Warren Truck Assembly Plant
49 Scotrail+Justice for Ricky Reel+Delivery workers strike+Vote Paul Holmes+BT and Beis ballots
50 Young Socialists organising for our future | The Socialist 18 November 2020
51 Democratic socialists pick up House seats, tout successes despite pushback within party
52 Yellen Appointment to Treasury Should Cure Biden Derangement Syndrome
53 Statement by the Party for Socialism and Liberation in solidarity with the CP of Greece (KKE)
54 Socialist Equality Party
55 Welcome to Joe Biden’s Socialist States of America
56 How to fight the upcoming war against socialism
57 Kshama Sawant: Democrats and the Right Are Attacking Me — And Left Movements Everywhere
58 As demands for work stoppage grow, UAW officials tell Sterling Heights Assembly workers: “Don't read the WSWS”
59 As Canada's ruling class lets pandemic run rampant, workers must fight to shut down nonessential production and schools
60 Tom Henehan: A revolutionary life
61 Stephen Kotkin's Stalin Is a Distorting Mirror of the Russian Revolution
62 Thanksgiving in America: Massive food lines and evictions as benefits expire
63 Australian university union blocks opposition as cuts to jobs and conditions intensify
64 Fighting for jobs and pay at Heathrow and Rolls-Royce
65 Letters: Paid leave passage represents advancement for workers (11/17/20)
66 Selling the Socialist | The Socialist 18 November 2020
67 Venezuelan socialist leader highlights resistance to US sanctions
68 Canceling Medical Debt Is a Moral Imperative
69 Pseudo-left groups block fight by London bus drivers against COVID-19
70 Women workers need strong trade unions to defend their jobs, pay and services
71 How equal pay was won in the insurance industry
72 Darrell Berkheimer: Confusing social programs with socialism
73 Meet the Candidates: Omari Musa | The Hill is Home
74 Minister Vandenbroucke to prioritise reintegration of workers on long-term sick leave
75 The Alabama miners strike of 1920—striking a blow at racism
76 Youth suicides and mental health disorders on the rise amid pandemic depression
77 German steelmaker Thyssenkrupp destroys another 5000 jobs
78 British Gas workers to launch strike ballot against fire and rehire
79 Twitter ends suspension of IYSSE account after widespread opposition
80 Commentary – Active forces decide political struggles − battling #45
81 Maybe Masks Really Are a Socialist Plot
82 Revealed: Undercover cop spied on south London political activists by pretending to be unemployed musician
83 Tens of thousands made homeless in UK as winter looms and temperatures plummet
84 Commentary: Socialism isn't the way to win the working class
85 What Road to Socialism?
86 Activists, business community await Portland plans to implement referendum initiatives
87 General Election 2020 Results
88 The Socialist Evolution of Bernie Sanders
89 Vote breakdown shows class interests, not race, drove Trump's defeat in Midwest “battleground” states
90 Even in the coronavirus crisis, we'll keep up the fight
91 Managers at Tyson pork plant took bets on how many workers would contract COVID-19
92 Strike action ballot at UEL over job cuts
93 Faurecia auto parts workers join calls for national shutdown to stop the spread of COVID-19 and save lives
94 What Socialism Has to Do With the U.S. Labor Movement
95 Over 800 nurses strike Philadelphia area hospital for improved staffing
96 Optare: Right to strike defended | The Socialist 18 November 2020
97 Boris Johnson announces end of national lockdown, prepares surge of COVID-19
98 Toyota workers in India continue strike, defy state back-to-work order
99 Introduction to The Fourth International and the Perspective of World Socialist Revolution: 1986–1995
100 Bouie: If Biden wants to be like FDR, he needs the left