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1 Traditional launch services may not suit the needs of the future Space Force
2 Senate report criticizes Space Force plan to acquire secure, nuclear-survivable satcom
3 10 Companies Win Joint US, UK Space Pitch Day Contracts
4 Space Systems Command to Stand Up Next Summer
5 Chief of Space Operations Discusses Need for Outreach to Partners, State of Space Force
6 Vandenberg No Longer Considered for Space Force Headquarters
7 Disruptive Technology Levels the Battleground for US Space Force
8 Fixing Space Acquisition Air Force’s ‘Harshest Fight:’ AFSec Barrett
9 US military keeps sharp eyes on orbit as congestion grows
10 Space Force Ponders NSSL Revamp For New Missions
11 US Space Force changes timeline for hiring a prototyping consortium manager
12 National Reconnaissance Office launches new intelligence satellite
13 DoD wants industry’s help in taking out space trash
14 Pentagon establishes new space policy position
15 US Space Force launches fourth GPS III satellite
16 Winners Announced for US/UK Partnered International Space Pitch Day
17 Allies begin ordering M-Code enabled GPS receivers
18 US Ally Set to Get Modern Military GPS User Equipment
19 Pentagon, Space Force Want Input From SpaceX, ULA to Build Launch Mobility
20 Moon patrols could be a future reality for Space Force
21 Space Force Has A Unit Dedicated To Orbital Warfare That Now Operates The X-37B Spaceplane
22 Missile defense service member joins Space Force | Military Scene
23 Lt. Gen. John Thompson: Space Force Eyes Prototyping Consortium Mgmt Contract Award by Year's End
24 US Space Force's Space and Missile Systems Center announces landmark contract modifications for reuse of SpaceX launch vehicles
25 US Space Force asks Maxar to develop missile data processing prototype
26 SpaceX launches GPS navigation satellite from Cape Canaveral
27 Here's how the Space Force will be organized
28 Delta 6 participates in first satellite-hacking exercise
29 Space defense leaders give update in fireside chat
30 US Space Force To Seek Significant Funding Hike—Official
31 Startups Demo Cutting Edge Cybersecurity Tech in Colorado Springs
32 ‘Needs to Grow Further’: US Space Force Acquisition Chief Promises ‘Plussed Up’ 2022 Budget Pitch
33 Space Force awards National Security Space Launch Phase 2 launch service contracts to ULA,
34 Maxar Selected by U.S. Space Force to Develop Prototype Mission Data Processing Applications
35 Gen. Brown makes first visit to Vandenberg AFB as CSAF
36 Strategic partners participate in missile defense flight test
37 US Space Force to establish new acquisitions command in 2021
38 Space Force Awards Three Spots on $555M Military GPS Tech Dev't, Integration Contract
39 US military space architecture to bring in commercial systems, small satellites
40 Space Force issues $298M contract for new anti-jamming satellite design
41 Space Force Chief: U.S. Doesn't Want War in Space, Must be Prepared for It
42 Space and Missile Systems Center taking action to help contractors during pandemic
43 ASC NEWS: Space Force Establishing Office to Bolster International Partnerships
44 US Space Force creates acquisition command to build culture of innovation
45 US Space Force Defines Its Echelons | SIGNAL Magazine
46 Space Force, DoD agencies, NRO try to get on the same page on future acquisitions
47 Space Force Launches X-37B On Its Sixth Mission
48 Space Force: New Service's Future Coming into Focus
49 SMC Seeks Multi-Domain Role Amidst Space Force Confusion
50 Musk Reads: Crew Dragon gears up for launch
51 US Space Force schedules pitch day for spring 2021
52 Space Force Aims to Double Anti-Jamming Capability
53 Raymond: Space Force has a plan to unify acquisition agencies
54 Space Force May Bring Launch Wings Under Systems Command
55 Technological Focuses of the Space Force | SIGNAL Magazine
56 Space and Missile Systems Center releases RAND study of space launch market
57 US Space Force's next communications satellite clears milestone
58 Space and Missile Systems Center awards Northrop Grumman $253.6M for SATCOM
59 SpaceX to Reuse Dragon Spacecraft Fleet After Rocket Booster from NASA Crew-1 'Leaned'
60 AFWERX announces EngageSpace, premier collaboration event for space industry
61 Space Force says it has a plan to fix gaps in weather data
62 Dunlap On Zero Trust, Agility & ADO Cybersecurity
63 Air Force Colonel set to transfer to Space Force — while in orbit
64 Space Force to add hundreds of new members as airmen begin to transfer over
65 Study of industry capabilities could reshape national security investments
66 More Space Wargames, Please
67 F-35 program official named No. 2 at Space and Missile Systems Center
68 U.S. Space Force Awards LinQuest $76 Million Contract
69 Northrop Gets $298M Space Force Satcom Tech Dev't Contract
70 Space Force Just Received Its First New Offensive Weapon
71 Op-ed | Space system cybersecurity: Challenges ahead translating policy to practice
72 Space Development Agency on track to become part of Space Force in 2022, director says
73 Space Force developing a digital strategy for designing and producing future satellites
74 Space Force Nears Year Mark, Acquisition Remains A Quagmire
75 Space Force reviewing bids for 10-year launch systems engineering contract
76 US Space Force Lt. General John F. Thompson will join us at TC Sessions: Space in December
77 CSO visits SMC: 'Space starts here'
78 Space Force launches its 1st mission with virus precautions
79 Palantir to provide data and software services to US Space Force
80 Leaders Chart the Course as U.S. Space Force Launches
81 General Atomics to design Space Force weather satellite prototype
82 Space Force buyers want a classified cloud to manage satellite programs
83 A look into the Air Force’s weather satellite program
84 US Space Force gets upgraded satellite communications jammers for 'offensive' operations
85 Restructure of US Space Force Focuses on Space Warfighter Needs
86 MCR Federal to Extend Air Force Space and Missile Systems Center Support
87 Acquisition in state of confusion: Questions loom on the role of the Space Development Agency
88 Space Force walks back stimulus contracts for small launch providers
89 Space Force invokes Defense Production Act to prop up small launch market
90 The government must be honest when funding the Air Force and Space Force
91 Satellite decommissioned on Space Force orders after 22 years
92 Space Leaders Plan for Missile Defense, Daily Ops
93 Beyond Space Force: Five space opportunities to keep in your orbit
94 Space Force buyers make recruiting pitch to tech companies
95 The Space Force will launch 4 secret satellites from Virginia Wednesday and you can watch it live
96 US Space Force declares 'offensive' communications jammer ready for deployment
97 LinQuest lands $76 million Space Force contract
98 Space Force and cyber
99 Space Force Sends Additional GPS Capability into Space
100 SMC commander impressed by 'technical maturity' of newly developed US rockets