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1 NASA ROSES-20 Amendment 70: New Opportunity in ROSES: E.12 Space Biology
2 New Era for Space Station Research Ushered by NASA's SpaceX Crew-1 Mission—Astronauts Getting Right to Work
3 Congress Approves Move of Biological and Physical Sciences from HEOMD to SMD
4 To Boldly Go, We Must Boldly Grow
5 Arecibo Observatory to Close Its Giant Eye on the Sky
6 Hearts, Airlocks, and Asteroids: New Research on SpaceX-21 Mission
7 8 Berkeley Lab Scientists Named 2020 AAAS Fellows
8 Know when to fold ’em: How a company best known for playing games used A.I. to solve one of biology’s greatest mysteries
9 NASA Ames Astrogram
10 21 scientists with new research ideas selected for Swarna Jayanti fellowship
11 Variety of Life and Physical Science Investigations Destined for the Space Station Onboard Northrop Grumman CRS-14
12 NASA Spaceline Current Awareness List #919 9 October 2020 (Space Life Science Research Results)
13 Dupixent® (dupilumab) Approved by European Commission as First and Only Biologic Medicine for Children Aged 6 to 11 Years with Severe Atopic Dermatitis
14 Dream Reports During the COVID-19 Pandemic Reflect Mental Suffering and Fear of Contagion
15 NASA Request for Information (RFI) for 2019 NASA SLPSRA Fluid Physics Workshop
16 #SpaceWatchGL Opinion: The Case of PEGASUS
17 Blending Artificial Intelligence and Physical Sciences: What Can We Expect?
18 Analysis Of The Non-alcoholic Steatohepatitis (NASH) Drug Pipeline Market Sizing Up The First Wave
19 NASA RFI: Payloads and Research Investigations on the Surface of the Moon released
20 NASA human spaceflight directorate reorganization on hold
21 NASA Community Announcement: Intention to Amend ROSES-20 via a Future Appendix “Payloads and Research Investigations on the Surface of the Moon”
22 HEOMD Reorganization Illustrates Focus on Near-Term LEO, Moon Goals
23 NASA's Cold Atom Lab Takes One Giant Leap for Quantum Science
24 NASA adjusting its strategy for LEO commercialization
25 One Giant Leap for Quantum Science: Exotic Fifth State of Matter Created on Space Station
26 The Space Station's Coolest Experiment Gets Astronaut-Assisted Upgrade
27 LeAnn Rimes reveals 'stress of COVID and lockdown' impacted her health
28 NASA human spaceflight directorate completes reorganization
29 Tech companies pivot to address challenges of Covid-19
30 Hayes, Lunine to chair Planetary Science 10-year survey panels
31 NASA and the ISS National Lab Request for Information in Advance of the 2019 Joint NASA/ISS National Lab Materials Science for ISS Workshop
32 NASA-SpaceX launches will boost science research on the space station
33 Division on Engineering and Physical Sciences
34 » Scientist's vision shaped NASA research, with hopes of doing the same at Purdue
35 Understanding Epigenetics Research in Space
36 Report criticizes management of ISS National Laboratory
37 The Week of April 6, 2020
38 Marshall Star banner for April 29, 2020.
39 Marshall helps upgrade space station's coolest experiment | Military Scene
40 The most sensitive instrument in the search for life beyond Earth
41 New Experiments Headed to the Space Station: Radishes, Advanced Imaging, and Liquid Metal
42 The International Space station's Surface Microbial Profile Resembles Skin Of Its Crew Members
43 A Warm Space Station Welcome for Cool New Hardware
44 Moleaer collaborating with USU team for NASA space farming project
45 From design to lift-off: blasting experiments into outer space
46 The Week of October 26, 2020
47 How Astronauts Upgraded a Complex Experiment in Space [Video]
48 Surviving Mars missions will take planning and lots of innovation
49 Fifth state of matter created on the space station (ISS)
50 “The Age of Living Machines” honored by the American Institute of Physics
51 NASA Space Biology Program Awards Four Grants for Lunar Orbit Mission Experiments
52 NASA Spaceline Current Awareness List #886 14 February 2020 (Space Life Science Research Results)
53 Announcement of the NASA Joint Biofilms Workshop, July 18, 2019, in Bozeman, MT
54 Want to go to the moon? NASA is now taking new astronaut applications
55 NASA's landmark Twins Study reveals resilience of human body in space
56 NASA Spaceline Current Awareness List #888 28 February 2020 (Space Life Science Research Results)
57 White House memo adds low Earth orbit research as R&D priority
58 DNA-peptide interactions create complex behaviors which may have helped shape biology
59 Process that might have led to first organic molecules: New research could have relevance to search for extraterrestrial life, green chemistry
60 NASA Grant
61 The Doctor From Nazi Germany and the Search for Life on Mars
62 This white paint keeps surfaces cooler than surroundings, even under direct sunlight
63 Why Do We Send Animals to Space?
64 The Week of October 12, 2020
65 NASA Pushes to Commercialize Near-Earth Space
66 ROSBio-2018 Appendix C Released: Development of Microgravity Food Production: Plant Watering, Volume Management, and Novel Plant
67 After twin-astronaut tests, NASA readies new wave of studies on space health risks
68 Retail Space Planning Software Market, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast To 2027| Dassault Systmes, DOTACTIV, ExTech sro, Klee 3D, Oracle Corp., Planorama, SmartDraw
69 Genetics of the tree of life: Scientists advance genetic understanding of African baobab tree
70 Perovskite and organic solar cells rocketed into space
71 Producing human tissue in space
72 Magnetic levitational bioassembly of 3D tissue construct in space
73 Deep learning will help future Mars rovers go farther, faster, and do more science
74 Does city life make bumblebees larger?
75 Pandemic a plus for life science real estate • Hospitals still being hit hard • COVID-related hiring at CVS
76 The coolest experiment in the universe
77 Opinion: Envisioning a biodiversity science for sustaining human well-being
78 Astronomers identify 24 possible superhabitable worlds | Space
79 Bringing burnt bones back to 'life' using 3D technology
80 Young physicist 'squares the numbers' on time travel
81 Blavatnik National Awards for Young Scientists Announces the 2020 Laureates
82 Plant Science Research Network releases decadal vision 2020-2030
83 2020 Blavatnik Regional Awards for Young Scientists Announces Honorees During National Postdoc Appreciation Week
84 SwRI scientists demonstrate speed, precision of in situ planetary dating device: CODEX designed to determine age of rocks on Mars, the Moon without having to return samples
85 UK cues up big funding increases for R&D
86 NSF Seeks 'Systems Approach' to Earth Science
87 Can high-power microwaves reduce the launch cost of space-bound rockets?
88 NASA, industry partner for space-based study of potential Alzheimer's key
89 National Academies
90 Amazing Black scientists
91 New ultrafast yellow laser poised to benefit biomedical applications: Researchers use frequency conversion to create a more practical, high-power femtosecond yellow laser
92 Quantum 'fifth state of matter' observed in space for first time
93 Bacteria on the International Space Station no more dangerous than earthbound strains: Microbes that likely colonized the water dispenser before takeoff are still susceptible to antibiotics
94 News | Space Station Experiment Reaches Ultracold Milestone
95 Seraphim Capital’s space tech accelerator releases details of its newest Space Camp cohort
96 Scientific machine learning paves way for rapid rocket engine design
97 New CALS dean sees climate resilience in agriculture | Cornell Chronicle
98 Engineers pre-train AI computers to make them even more powerful
99 The Neuroscience of Mindfulness
100 WEBINAR: Alienating Mars: Challenges of Space Colonization