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Result Content Idea Research
1 NASA Technology Enables Precision Landing Without a Pilot
2 2020 NIAC Virtual Symposium: Invitation
3 Planets Take Virtual Shape on Earth with NASA Knowledge and Imagery
4 NASA Space Technology Graduate Research Opportunities – Fall 2021 (NSTGRO21)
5 NASA's Green Propellant Infusion Mission Nears Completion
6 NASA Selects Proposals for New Space Environment Missions
7 New Ground Station Brings Laser Communications Closer To Reality
8 NASA Names Robyn Gatens Acting Director for Space Station
9 Future Rocket Engines May Include Large-Scale 3D Printing
10 New SIMPLEx Mission to Send SmallSats on Longest Deep Space Journey
11 How do we get There from Here? With Suborbital Flight Testing
12 NASA Seeks BIG Ideas from Universities to Solve a Messy Moon Problem
13 5 Automotive Innovations Driven by NASA Space Technology
14 NASA ROSES-20 Amendment 54: Delay of Due Date for D.16 "Astrophysics Pioneers"
15 5 NASA Space Technologies that have driven Auto Innovations
16 Missions to Venus: Highlights From History, and When We May Go Back
17 NASA to seek proposals for lunar nuclear power system
18 NASA ROSES-20 Amendment 55: Astrophysics Research and Analysis Major Revision
19 NASA space technology faces potential budget pressure
20 Solar Cycle 25 Is Here. NASA, NOAA Scientists Explain What That Means
21 NASA Missions Spy First Possible 'Survivor' Planet Hugging White Dwarf
22 Jim Reuter on NASA's $1.6B Request for FY 2021 Space Tech Programs
23 Ball Aerospace Completes Successful Smallsat, Green Fuel Mission
24 NASA, NOAA to Discuss Solar Cycle Prediction During Media Telecon
25 Is Earth-moon space the US military's new high ground?
26 Green propellant infusion mission nears completion | Technology Today
27 Release of NASA Space Technology Mission Directorate
28 New Mexico Congressional Delegation Applauds Space Exploration Grants To UNM, NMSU, Navajo Technical College
29 Former Space Tech Intern Returns to NASA to Work on Perseverance Rover
30 New NASA Lunar Tech Funding Opportunity for US Universities
31 NASA Builds on Investments in US Small Business' Technologies
32 NASA Funds Artemis Student Challenges to Inspire Space Exploration
33 2020 Opportunities for Public-Private Partnerships
34 NASA's Next Mars Rover to Test Tech Useful for Human Missions
35 NASA Engineers Checking InSight's Weather Sensors
36 NASA Selects Early-Stage Technology Concepts for New, Continued Study
37 NASA Space Technology Research Institutes Appendix Released
38 NASA Funds Demonstration of Assembly and Manufacturing in Space
39 NASA's Next Laser Communications Demo Installed, Integrated
40 NASA Increases Investment in US Small Businesses
41 Deadline for NASA Space Technology Mission Directorate – Early Career Faculty (80HQTR20NOA01-20ECF_B1) Extended to April 1, 2020
42 New Publication Shares How NASA Innovations Benefit Life on Earth
43 What is CAPSTONE?
44 Register Today For Our Space Cafe “Moriba's Vox Populi #01/2020” On 8 October 2020
45 Making the transition from the ISS
46 NASA Invests $51 Million in Innovative Ideas from US Small Businesses
47 US Companies Advance Critical Human Lander Technologies
48 NASA Flight Opportunities Seeks Additional Flight Providers
49 NASA Seeks BIG Ideas from Universities to Solve a Messy Problem
50 NASA Seeks Input on New 'Tech Flights' Solicitation
51 NASA says Rocket Engines may soon be produced by 3D Printing
52 NASA Extends Deep Space Atomic Clock Mission
53 NASA missions spy first possible survivor planet hugging white dwarf star
54 NASA Lunar Surface Technology Research Opportunities Solicitation Released
55 NASA CO2 Conversion Challenge Competitor Helps Covid-19 Efforts
56 NASA Community Announcement: Intention to Amend ROSES-20 via a Future Appendix “Payloads and Research Investigations on the Surface of the Moon”
57 NASA's Laser Communications Relay Demonstration Mission Leaves Goddard
58 NASA Announces Challenge Seeking Innovative Ideas to Advance Missions
59 NASA Awards Grants to Minority Serving Institutions to Improve Participation in Engineering
60 NASA Announces Industry Partnerships to Advance Moon, Mars Technology
61 Bolden talks expectations for Biden's space policy
62 NASA CubeSats Play Big Role in Lunar Exploration
63 May 6, 2020
64 NASA Invites Competitors to Shoot for the Moon and Beyond
65 NASA Names Companies to Develop Human Landers for Artemis Missions
66 NASA Research Announcement (NRA): Early Stage Innovations Appendix (80HQTR20NOA01-20ESI_B2)
67 NASA to Demonstrate First In-Space Manufacturing for Space Mirrors
68 AIAA WEBINAR WITH NASA'S JIM REUTER, June 29, 2020, virtual, 11:00 am ET
69 Why the next Mars mission might be a game changer
70 Moon to Mars Ice Challenge Aims to Break Through More Than Just Ice
72 Safe and Precise Landing – Integrated Capabilities Evolution (SPLICE)
73 Pave the Way for Artemis: Send NASA Your Mini Moon Payload Designs
74 Terra MISR Used to Visualize Cloud-top Heights From Tropical Storm Lau
75 NASA RFI: Payloads and Research Investigations on the Surface of the Moon released
76 Three Michigan Startups Get NASA Grants To Develop Space Technology
77 NASA CubeSat Will Shine a Laser Light on the Moon's Darkest Craters
78 US Ramps Up Planning for Space Nuclear Technology
79 Miniature moon tech wins big with NASA challenge
80 April 1, 2020
81 These two tiny spacecraft will help pave the way for astronauts to return to the moon
82 Military research at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
83 In the Right Hands, NASA Satellite Data and Analysis Make Earth Better
84 Lockheed Martin Selected to Integrate Missile Warning Onto EGS Via FORGE
85 NASA to Broadcast Mars 2020 Perseverance Launch, Prelaunch Activities
86 NASA Awards Fellowships to Advance Exploration, Increase Minority STEM Opportunities
87 NASA, Partner Space Agencies to Release Global View of COVID-19 Impact
88 Media Invited to NASA's Lunar Surface Innovation Consortium
89 Commercial Spaceflight Federation Applauds NASA Space Technology Mission Directorate Flight Opportunities Program's Selection of 25 Promising Space
90 Solar Cycle 25 Has Begun, NASA and NOAA Scientists Explain Exactly What That Means
91 NASA mulls planetary missions to study Venus after phosphine discovery
92 SPIDER mission will assemble and manufacture a communications antenna in space
93 April 15, 2020
95 Aviation Scholars to Speak with NASA Astronauts Aboard Space Station
96 New Spinoff Publication Highlights NASA Technology Everywhere
97 NASA: SpaceTech-REDDI-2019 Appendix S1: Smallsat Technology Partnerships Now Open
98 NASA Invests $45M in US Small Businesses for Space Tech Development
99 NASA funds in-space manufacturing demo that will test Tethers Unlimited technology
100 NASA scientist to highlight Mars mission at Science Museum of Virginia virtual talk