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1 Stalinist Podemos minister pledges to keep US military bases in Spain
2 The Endless Trench: Hiding for decades from the Spanish fascists
3 Happy 100th Birthday to the Communist Party of Australia
4 Why Arthur Koestler's Darkness at Noon still matters eighty years on
5 Spain’s Government Declares War on the Spanish Language
6 Who are friends and who are enemies of the state? – The Manila Times
7 Spain's First Communist Minister Since the 1930s: “The Right Can't Accept a Party Like Ours in Government”
8 How did Álvaro Cunhal's 'Five Days, Five Nights' get its English translation?
9 Black Americans in the Popular Front against Fascism
10 Top pics from the weekend: Holiday Travel and more
11 Trump to reportedly join Rudy Giuliani at Pennsylvania election event after aides 'tried talking him out of' going
12 WSWS publishes Hindi translation of lecture by Dr. Joseph Scalice exposing Philippine Maoism
13 ‘People believe it.’ Republicans’ drumbeat of socialism helped win voters in Miami
14 UP party criticizes Spanish right´s ideological stance on Cuba
15 ‘People of Color’ Do Not Belong to the Democratic Party
16 Books: Warts-and-all portrait of the battlers for Spain's soul
17 When the Red Flag Flew Over Iran
18 The Rise of Hindu Nationalism and the Failures of the Indian Left
19 The Left Takes Center Stage in Spain
20 How social media posts in Spanish are sowing doubt over the election
21 Factbox: Far-left ministers to enter Spain's new coalition government
22 Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike Confident of Celebrating Safe Olympic Games in July 2021
23 Communist Party of the Peoples of Spain: “Imperialism is the real virus that kills the people”
24 Pressure mounts on Hungary, Poland to lift EU budget veto
25 US temporarily closes detention facility at Texas border
26 Anticapitalistas leave Spain's Podemos-Socialist Party government
27 Supreme Court extends telephone arguments through January
28 Hamburg businesses ask you to shop local starting Friday
29 The Communist International in Spain: origins of the Spanish Communist Party (PCE), 1919-1922
30 Julio Anguita (1941–2020)
31 100 years of military history | National News
32 ‘Cytokine Storm’ — the ‘intriguing’ similarity between COVID-19 and the 1918 influenza
33 Study: Coronavirus mutations are not making it spread more easily
34 Anna Seghers, a Writer Who Defended the Wretched of the Earth
35 Stalin’s Fan Club Rises to Power in Spain
36 Ransomware attack shuts down Baltimore County Public Schools on Wednesday
37 Mint Lite | India growth forecast, tracing covid, Apple, migrant crisis & others
38 Safety Harbor restaurants deliver Thanksgiving meals to frontline workers
39 Howard County reaches new 90-day PPE supply goal ahead of winter months
40 Ramona gym owner battles to stay open despite county health order to close
41 George Floyd's uncle talks plans to create Raleigh memorial center
42 What is China's higher education agenda in Africa?
43 Colorado murder home sits in legal limbo two years after Chris Watts killed his family
44 Food Demand Continues To Be Great Across South Florida Ahead Of Thanksgiving Holiday
45 Marking a heroic homecoming with pride
46 WindStax Unveils Wind Turbine
47 Family demands accountability after Sacramento officer shoots, kills man
48 Revealed: Soviet spies targeted George Orwell during Spanish civil war
49 University Of Maryland School Of Nursing Allowing Students To Graduate Earlier In Effort To Battle COVID-19 Pandemic
50 Norfolk man killed Saturday identified as 35-year-old
51 An open letter to all leftists, socialists, and communists
52 Kentucky coach Elzy suspends All-American Howard, Wyatt
53 The Top 6 Black Friday Deals for Vacuums
54 Ghosts of Past Haunt Struggling Spain
55 La Pasionaria and the International Brigades
56 Remembering the volunteers for liberty
57 Macoupin County man volunteered to fight in Spain
58 Spanish PM to opposition parties: ‘Nobody can win this war alone’
59 'Zionism: An Indigenous Struggle' exposes the Palestinian appropriation of the suffering of North American native peoples
60 Royal revolution: How Juan Carlos turned communists into monarchists before scandal
61 The Left has a historic opportunity to democratise Spain
62 “I once voted for the Communist Party, but it was phoney-baloney. Now I’m with Vox”
63 HISTORY Marking the anniversary of the second Spanish republic
64 Spain: Communist groups defend imprisoned Catalan leaders
65 The International Brigades: beyond the myth
66 Sunset for Podemos: A Farewell?
67 Spain’s Leftist Outsiders Are on the Verge of Getting Inside
68 Spanish Terrorist Is Extradited From Brazil After Decades on the Run
69 Far-right Vox party to launch fascist trade union in Spain
70 Pedro Sánchez Will Lead Modern Spain’s First Coalition Government
71 Rossana Rossanda (1924–2020)
72 The Silence of Others: The victims of Spanish fascism then and now
73 This is why George Washington views Thanksgiving as a warrior's holiday
74 Lal Salam movie buffs! Films that all communists must watch before they die
75 Disney Thanks Chinese Communist Party for Allowing Mulan to Be Filmed in Xianjiang, Near Uyghur Concentration Camps
76 Spain's New Memory Law Will Finally Recognize Franco's Victims
77 In full swing: Meet the communist town in Spain that switched to the far-right
78 King Juan Carlos flees Spain to avoid corruption probe
79 The contested legacy of the anti-fascist International Brigades
80 'Marxist communism' returning to Spain, cardinal warns
81 Newly revealed documents show Nixon, Kissinger plotted Allende overthrow from day one
82 China destroys domes of famous mosques in bid to suppress Islam
83 Nixon Worked to Shape a Post-Franco Spain, New Tapes Show
84 Spain’s Left Comes Up With Tentative Deal to Form a Government
85 Roundup: Over 100 political parties worldwide congratulate on CPC's 99th anniversary
86 Opposition blames government for ‘turning Spain into a mortuary’ during question and answer session in Congress
87 Spanish government proposes new national pact for coronavirus recovery effort
88 Call to protect sanitation workers on COVID-19 frontlines
89 Podemos leader, equality minister forced to cut short vacation due to fears for safety
90 The Latest U.S. Sanctions Targeting the Chinese Communist Party Have Some Teeth
91 Santiago Carrillo, Spanish Communist Leader, Dies at 97
92 Tributes paid to the International Brigade volunteers
93 Spanish Communists: A federal, social republic can solve Catalan crisis
94 Antonio González Pacheco, Accused Policeman in Franco’s Spain, Dies at 73
95 Juan Marsé, Who Wrote of Spain’s Dark Years, Is Dead at 87
96 How to Counter the Chinese Communist Party
97 Radiance and sunset of Podemos
98 The history of the raised fist, a global symbol of fighting oppression
99 Cuba and Jamaica: Imperialism's impact on sovereignty
100 Battles on La Rambla | WORLD News Group