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1 State Department rejects further probe of diplomat's remarks
2 State Department Watchdog Concludes Arms Sales to Saudi Arabia, UAE Complied With Law
3 State Department says Pompeo cleared in emergency Saudi arms sale
4 US State Department lifts global 'Do Not Travel' advisory
5 State Department IG finds fault in arms approvals
6 State Department watchdog resigns in another shake-up at IG’s office
7 State Department enters next phase of reopening, leaving some officials concerned
8 Celebrating the 231st Anniversary of the US Department of State (July 27) | US Embassy in Georgia
9 State Dept. Traces Russian Disinformation Links
10 Brian Hook, the State Department's point man on Iran policy, is stepping down
11 The Mississippi State Department of Health preparing to close 13 WIC locations
12 Diplomats plead with State Department not to rush return to offices
13 Senate Democrats seek answers on US citizenship policy affecting children of same-sex couples born abroad
14 Assessing Pompeo’s leadership at the State Department
15 State Department: We're responsible for Russian, Iranian text message campaign
16 Reflections for the Army from a year at the State Department
17 Senate Democrats and career diplomats say Pompeo’s leadership has badly weakened the State Department
18 State Department offers $10M reward for foreign election interference information | TheHill
19 State Department lifts blanket international travel advisory
20 Death of Jacksonville man spotlights differences in medical examiner, health department COVID-19 data
21 Bill Would Push State Department to Clear Passport Backlog
22 Whistleblower Complained to State Department Watchdog About Pompeo, Document Shows
23 Top State Dept. Officials Enabled Misconduct by Pompeo, Whistle-Blower Said
24 Governor Cuomo Directs State Department of Public Service to Investigate Utilities in Wake of Failed Storm Response
25 Memo reveals State Department dispute over Susan Pompeo’s travel
26 Former US diplomat describes racist environment in State Department
27 State Department releases cable that helped spread claims coronavirus emerged from Chinese lab
28 Retired Diplomats Urge State Dept. to Address Mistreatment of Minority Foreign Service Officers At the U.S. Border
29 House committees subpoena Pompeo aides over firing of State Department inspector general
30 Coalition Letter Rejects Report Issued by State Department's Commission on Unalienable Rights
31 US will restart visa services, State Department says, amid Trump's efforts to restrict immigration
32 Coronavirus Travel Ban Exempts Students From Europe, Says State Department
33 State Department Brings Financing Partners to Help Fund Huawei Alternatives
34 Pompeo 'decimated and demoralized' the State Department, report finds ahead of Congress hearing
35 State Department Insiders Ask: What Is Susan Pompeo Really Up To?
36 US State Department expresses concern at crackdowns under 'Europe's last dictator'
37 State Department orders China to close its consulate in Houston
38 RELEASE: Faith Leaders Express Deep Concern Over State Department's Human Rights Report
39 We must rebalance the State Department's lopsided counterterrorism strategy | TheHill
40 STATEMENT: State Department Report Damages US Position on Human Rights, CAP Leaders Say
41 USDA Investigates Packages of Unsolicited Seeds from China
42 House Foreign Affairs Hearing on the State Department's Response to COVID-19
43 Dems torch Pompeo in report ahead of hearing
44 The U.S. State Department Weighs In On Schrems II
45 State Department orders China to close consulate in Houston — China vows retaliation
46 USA: State Department's flawed 'unalienable rights' report undermines international law
47 Oklahoma State Department of Education approves safety guidelines for schools
48 U.S. Department of State Issues Guidance on New Exceptions to COVID-Related Travel Restrictions
49 State Department's Inspector General Probes The U.S. Ambassador To Britain
50 NFL owner and Trump ambassador to UK sparks watchdog inquiry over allegations of racist and sexist remarks and push to promote Trump business
51 State Dept to begin Phase 1 reopening in DC metro area June 15
52 How Diasporas Can Help Decolonize the State Department
53 State Dept reopens 11 passport services sites, confronts million-case backlog
54 The State Department's struggle to promote diversity
55 State Department warns Americans: Don’t travel abroad, come home if overseas
56 Government Accountability Office Says State Department Lacks Diversity
57 The Damage at the State Department Is Worse Than You Can Imagine
58 State Department plots reopening in "Diplomacy Strong" document
59 State Department quietly begins reopening amid coronavirus pandemic
60 House Lawmakers Examine Lack of Diversity at State Department
61 Novel Coronavirus Outbreak 2020 (COVID-19)
62 The State Department Was Designed to Keep African-Americans Out
63 State Department: Additional Steps Are Needed to Identify Barriers to Workforce Diversity
64 Ex-State Department Inspector General Says He Was Given No Valid Reason When Fired
65 Lacking clear State Department coronavirus guidance, embassies are just 'making it up as we go along'
66 Trump Ousted State Dept. Watchdog at Pompeo’s Urging; Democrats Open Inquiry
67 What It Is Like To Serve As The State Department Inspector General
68 State Dept outlines plan to reopen passport facilities with ‘limited staff’
69 Pompeo hails 'remarkable' State Department repatriation efforts
70 state department: Additional Steps Are Needed to Identify Potential Barriers to Diversity
71 Opinion | The State Department Is the Wrong Place to Coordinate the Pandemic Response
72 Congressional Democrats Launch Probe of Trump’s Ousting of State Department Watchdog
73 State Department Names Five Chinese Media Outlets as Foreign Missions in U.S.
74 Mike Pompeo Dishonors the State Department
75 State Department raises global travel advisory and urges US citizens to reconsider travel abroad
76 The revenge of the State Department
77 Under New Rule, Chinese Diplomats Must Notify State Dept. of Meetings in U.S.
78 The State Department's Compliance Report Plays the Blame Game, Despite Offering Little Evidence
79 State Department struggles to recruit women and minorities, report finds
80 State Department accuses 10 countries, including China and North Korea, of government-sponsored human trafficking
81 Coronavirus case in State Department-provided housing alarms diplomats
82 The State Department is weak and getting weaker. That puts us all at risk.
83 Pompeo denies wrongdoing in Trump removal of State Department watchdog
84 Fired State Department watchdog who was investigating Pompeo appears before Congress
85 Coronavirus Prompts State Department to Halt Hiring New Diplomats
86 Congressional Democrats Lash Out at State Department for Withholding Information on Diversity
87 Top State Department Aide Resigns Over Trump’s Response to Racial Unrest
88 State Dept. Career Employee Was Targeted as ‘Loyalist’ to Democrats, Inquiry Shows
89 We were critical — now the State Department deserves credit | TheHill
90 Leveraging the State Department's Human Rights Reports To Inform US Foreign Policy
91 State Department says 13,500 Americans stranded abroad have asked for help
92 Despite Trump Optimism, US Diplomats Brace for Second Coronavirus Wave
93 Washington Post sues State Department over coronavirus cables
94 Americans remain stranded abroad as State Department struggles to respond
95 State Department looks to stop corruption thriving because of the pandemic
96 Brian Bulatao shows what's wrong with State Department, Trump administration
97 State Department establishes enterprise-level data, analytics hub
98 READ: Trump announces he's firing the State Department inspector general
99 State Department awards IT contract to help combat narcotics
100 Fired State Department inspector general was cleared in leak inquiry prior to his removal, sources say