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1 LETTER | The syariah court's criminal jurisdiction
2 Syariah judiciary, legal institution continues to be strengthened, empowered — PM
3 Dec 16 hearing for woman's appeal to be recognised as a non Muslim
4 Govt to further strengthen syariah courts, says Prime Minister
5 Dec 9: Court to hear businessman's application to amend judicial review in Nusyuz case
6 PM: Syariah courts to continue to be strengthened, empowered
7 Dec 16 hearing for woman's appeal to be declared non-Muslim
8 Shariah judiciary services in KL, Selangor, Penang, Negri, Terengganu and Sarawak temporarily halted
9 Syariah Court to have its first woman senior president from Oct 1
10 Syariah Court to appoint its first woman senior president
11 All Syariah Courts back in operation since yesterday
12 Feedback from the public wanted for online portal to help couples and minimise impact of divorce: MSF
13 Man charged with unnatural sex fails in legal bid to remain anonymous
14 Syariah lawyers urge govt to allow Syariah courts to operate during MCO
15 Wanted: Public views on new portal offering divorce support
16 Perak Syariah Supreme Court allows appeal against decision of Syariah Court of Appeal
17 Perak Syariah Supreme Court to hold first hearing tomorrow
18 The Syariah Court: Its Position Under The Malaysian Legal System
19 Govt to study reinstitution of special committee to empower Syariah Court
20 Perak Syariah Court first to allow e-payments
21 Access to Syariah lawyers, advice available online during MCO
22 The jurisdiction of the Syariah Court must be made clear
23 Malaysia is now in uncharted waters
24 Kuala Lumpur syariah unit to ensure Muslims support wives, kids
25 LETTER | Go ahead for SIS to challenge syariah courts to hear judicial review
26 SIS gets leave to commence legal challenge against Selangor Syariah Law
27 The female face of Islamic law in Malaysia
28 MCO: Shariah courts’ operations halted, related matters done online
30 Man granted leave in unnatural sex case to commence constitutional challenge
31 Syariah Court members reminded to practise integrity » Borneo Bulletin Online
32 'Place Syariah courts on par with civil courts'
33 Syariah Laws In Malaysia
34 Apex court to hear Sisters in Islam's bid for leave to challenge Selangor’s provision on June 22
35 Enhancing syariah courts' powers
36 Malaysia's First Female Syariah High Court Judge On Tough Decisions & Gender Equality
37 Interesting syariah cases
38 G25: Court correctly interpreted 'parent', clarified limits of syariah court
39 Malaysian launches landmark case against Islamic gay sex law
40 Child Access in Singapore During the COVID-19 Pandemic
41 100 Women: The woman who decides if men can take a second wife
42 Syariah court to decide Oct 14 whether to hear Maria Chin contempt case
43 Shutdown temporary; Syariah Courts counters will be re-opened taking into consideration current situation
44 Consider reopening Syariah Court Service counters » Borneo Bulletin Online
45 Child marriage: Couple ordered to appear before Syariah Court
46 Syariah court debate 'only for Muslims', SE Asia News & Top Stories
47 'State rulers receptive to streamlining Syariah law'
48 Federal Court allows challenge to Syariah jurisdiction on unnatural sex
49 SIS goes to Federal Court to challenge Selangor syariah law linked to fatwa review
50 Getting Muslim men to think twice about divorce
51 Only Muslim lawyers can practise in Syariah Courts, rules Federal Court
52 Terengganu Syariah Court acted against the law, caning can only be carried out against prisoners, say NGOs
53 ISA detainee gets jail for lying in Singapore passport application when he had Australian passport
54 Maria Chin ordered to appear before Syariah court to answer Naza boss' contempt charge
55 Selangor Syariah Court registers 24,063 divorce cases in 2017 and 2018
56 Uncertain Role for Female Shariah Judges in Malaysia (Published 2010)
57 Outrage in multi-ethnic Malaysia as government backs Islamic law
58 Out-going Syariah Court presidents honoured, Singapore News & Top Stories
59 Federal Court allows woman leave to appeal in bid to be declared non-Muslim
60 High Court ruling against SIS is a cause for concern
61 Man who married 11-year-old can be charged in Syariah court
62 'Syariah judge has role to play'
63 Increasing powers of Syariah Courts may lead to rights violations
64 LETTER | Confer Industrial Court with power to enforce its own award
65 Apostasy cases under Syariah Court
66 Rationale for Syariah whipping
67 Native Courts on par with Syariah Court by 2020: Aidi
68 Plan to standardise syariah criminal laws approved
69 1st female Syariah Court registrar steps down, Singapore News & Top Stories
70 Tawau to have RM100m Civil Court Complex
71 Federal Court made right decision
72 Sisters in Islam still 'deviant' as civil court has no jurisdiction over fatwa
73 To single people out there, get married, avoid divorces and boost fertility rate
74 Apex court rejects Tony Pua’s leave to appeal against Najib’s suit withdrawal
75 Coronavirus (COVID-19): Emirati and Sharia law on pandemics and hardship events
76 Govt ready to meet Muslim lawyers over inheritance issue
77 Blasphemy laws upheld, in Malaysia and Poland
78 Five-day remand for Syariah Court judge over khalwat bribery case
79 Jais can probe Ahmadis as their ICs state they are Muslims, court told
80 Obtain declaration from Syariah court
81 Muslims who divorce abroad: Courts can rule on assets here
82 Unilateral conversion is simply wrong
83 Brunei implements Islamic law: Facts about syariah around the world
84 Syariah laws are here to stay: Syariah chief judge
85 British court recognises sharia law in landmark divorce case
86 Amendment of Act 355: The real effect
87 Child marriage not good option
88 Assistant Syariah Court registrar acquitted of bribery charge
89 What is Sharia and how is it applied?
90 EU calls for five gay men sentenced to jail, caning in S'gor to be released
91 Islam compatible with human rights, democracy
92 T’gganu Men Jailed & Fined For Skipping Friday Prayers. You Could Be Next
93 Brunei witnesses overall decline in civil, criminal cases in 2017
94 Full implementation of Syariah Penal Code to begin April 3
95 Yoursay: Federal Court ruling on unilateral conversion supersedes S'gor bill
96 More Muslims seeking legal advice over polygamy each year
97 Sabah Syariah Court records 3 open whipping sentences
98 'Civil court higher than syariah, get over it'
99 Freedom of religion by religion for religion
100 Azalina: Divorced converts should not hide behind the syariah court