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1 Joe Biden Wants to Change Tax Policy. Here’s What He Might Accomplish.
2 2020 Election Aftermath: The Future Of U.S. Tax Policy
3 Think Tank Cuts Revenue Forecast for Biden's Tax Plan
4 Trump vs. Biden’s tax plans: How much would you pay?
5 How Joe Biden’s tax plan could affect you
6 Biden's Treasury pick will have lengthy to-do list on taxes | TheHill
7 Rumors on social media suggest taxes are going up next year—here's what you need to know
8 Trump’s Payroll-Tax Deferral Creates Predicament for Congress
9 Spokane City Council considers new sales tax to fund affordable housing
10 Biden and tax regulations
11 Biden’s tax plan: These 5 states would have the highest marginal tax rate
12 Cold December as safety nets expire
13 If a second stimulus payment happens, here's who might not get money
14 How U.S. states tax wage income may be forever changed by remote work
15 How Joe Biden’s Tax-Increase Wish List Could Affect You
16 Biden’s Tax Increase On Death That No One Is Talking About
17 Here's how a Biden or Trump presidency would affect your personal finances
18 Janet Yellen Nominated As Treasury Secretary. How Could Her Agenda Impact Your Finances?
19 The United States Needs a Value-Added Tax
20 Surging Sports Betting Taxes Replenish Sinking State Coffers (2)
21 Biden Proposed Raising Social Security Payroll Taxes By $740 Billion…And Still Got Elected President
22 Stimulus checks and the Child Tax Credit: Everything you need to know for tax season 2020
23 Student Loan Forgiveness May Come With a Tax Bomb. How Lawmakers Might Fix It
24 Sports Betting to Offer Relief to State Coffers Amid Pandemic
25 US Elections: Impact on Retirement Planning
26 Biden Presidency May See Higher Individual Tax Rates, 1031 Repeal
27 What Does A Biden Presidency Mean For Your Tax Bill?
28 Joseph Biden Aims To Improve US EV Tax Credit, Restore It For Tesla & GM
29 Urban-Brookings Tax Policy Center
30 Tax Policy Center Propaganda
31 Trucking Offered Stability in Diesel Revenue
32 How COVID-19 Sent Women's Workforce Progress Backward
33 Arizona uses federal COVID-19 money to reduce state spending
34 Here’s where Biden and Trump stand on your taxes
35 States Take Action as COVID-19 Chokes Revenue Streams
36 Sales Tax Revenue in Dallas Has Dropped Less Than a Percentage Point Despite the Pandemic
37 Testimony of Yesim Sayin Taylor on the Tax Revision Commission Reestablishment Amendment Act of 2019
38 Biden Tax Plan: Details & Analysis | Election 2020
39 Biden's infrastructure challenge: Finding common ground
40 Biden tax plan gives $620 tax cut to middle class, new study says
41 Pressure Rises for California Wealth Tax Plan to Return in 2021
42 Cigarette Taxes and Cigarette Smuggling by State, 2018
43 Neal eyes massive coronavirus relief, climate and infrastructure package
44 How Covid-19 Has Transformed Tax Policy in the Asia-Pacific
45 The Impact Of The 2020 US Elections On International Tax
46 What Trump and Biden tax policies could mean for your paycheck, tax return, investments and retirement savings
47 OECD tax director says international crypto tax standards are coming in 2021
48 6 Ways the Trump Administration Is Rigging an Already Unfair Tax Code
49 Keeping New Hampshire House GOP together 'will be a test' for new speaker, policy center president says
50 Tax policy under the District's new “fiscal normal”
51 Tax Policy Center analysis: Stimulus bill to provide relief to lower, middle income families
52 The SALT tax deduction is a handout to the rich. It should be eliminated not expanded
53 Foreign Investors Were Big Winners From Trump's Tax Law
54 After the midterm elections: Implications for tax policy
55 Washington State ranks an embarrassing 45th in the nation in highway performance and cost-effectiveness
56 Tax Policy Center pulls back analysis of GOP tax plan over "errors"
57 Tax think tank lowers revenue estimate of Biden's tax plans to $2.4T | TheHill
58 Here's who will win and lose under the final version of the GOP tax bill
59 Here's who would pay more under Joe Biden's tax plan
60 The Future Reset: Inclusive Capitalism with Sara Nelson, Andre Perry & Paul Romer
61 Fact-checking Harris’ and Pence’s claims about taxes
62 After 2 Years, Trump Tax Cuts Have Failed To Deliver On GOP's Promises
63 Options for International Tax Policy After the TCJA
64 Maine's tight race between Susan Collins and Sara Gideon could tip Senate to the Democrats
65 State Rundown 11/24: Lawmakers and Families Thankful to Be Nearing End to 2020
66 Even moderate Joe Biden would significantly increase taxes on the wealthy if elected
67 Biden's Tax Plan and US Competitiveness
68 These COVID-19 Relief Measures Expire at the End of the Year | Family Finance | US News
69 Trump Tax Plan | Trump Second Term Tax Ideas
70 Square Agrees to Buy Credit Karma’s Tax Preparation Service for $50M
71 Posts Distort Impact of Biden's Tax Plan on Middle-Income Earners
72 What Would Biden's Tax Policies Look Like? – BRINK – News and Insights on Global Risk
73 Trump Distorts Biden's Tax Plan
74 Reviewing Joe Biden's Tax Vision
75 Trump adviser accuses Tax Policy Center of bias | TheHill
76 Can AI model economic choices?
77 Tax Foundation Center for State Tax Policy
78 Five things to know about Biden's tax proposals | TheHill
79 New report: A blueprint for stronger, more sustainable American infrastructure
80 VERIFY: No, Biden has not proposed increasing the tax rate to 25% for families making $75,000
81 Here's what a Biden presidency might mean for your taxes
82 What Tax Policy Center Gets Wrong about LIHTC, NMTC, HTC, and OZs and Why it Matters
83 Center for Global Tax Policy
84 How to reduce estimated tax penalties with IRA distributions
85 Here's what Joe Biden's tax proposals mean for American households
86 Placing Joe Biden's Tax Increases in Historical Context
87 Capital Gains Tax Preference Should Be Ended, Not Expanded
88 Did the 2017 tax cut—the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act—pay for itself?
89 4 ways wealthy families are trying to head off heftier estate taxes under a Biden administration
90 Where Trump and Biden Stand on Tax Policy
91 Turkey's central bank not buying FX despite lira rally -official
92 Biden's capital gains tax hike could spark a big sell-off in stocks. Here's what that means for the market
93 A fixable mistake: The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act
94 Biden Tax Plan Targets Profitable Companies That Pay Almost Nothing
95 3-cent gas tax hike wouldn't impact drivers much, but taking $16M from CTA is wrong
96 Two years after the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act — who are the winners and the losers?
97 Biden's Tax and Spending Plans: Running the Numbers
98 Fact check: Joe Biden has not proposed a tax hike on families making $75,000 a year
99 NYC schools closing: Why restaurants are open and schools are shut in many cities