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1 Texas Gov. Greg Abbott Sued By His Own Republican Party Over Expanding Early Voting
2 Texas Republicans fight vote by mail expansion while using it themselves
3 Gov. Greg Abbott shutters drop-off locations for Texans voting by mail
4 Houston Republicans sue to limit in-person, absentee voting options
5 The RNC is wiring cash to Texas. Is it a 2020 battleground?
6 This group is trying to woo Latinos to the Texas GOP. Democrats are skeptical.
7 Crenshaw stars in a new ‘Avengers’-style ad with five other Republicans to ‘save Texas’
8 Harris County Republicans file Supreme Court complaint alleging ballot harvesting operation
9 Polls are tight in Texas. Will national Democrats invest enough to turn it blue?
10 GOP seeks to strike 41 Libertarians from Texas ballot
11 In close elections, third-party candidates can tilt the results
12 How Republicans Are Trying to Use the Green Party to Their Advantage
13 Texas GOP Chair Allen West wants Donald Trump to visit before Election Day
14 Big donors fund state parties at record levels | TheHill
15 Texas GOP says it will not support state Senate candidate arrested for DUI with kids in her car
16 Texas Supreme Court rules 3 Green Party candidates should be on ballot
17 Republicans narrow voter registration gap in swing states
18 Texas GOP chairman calls Gov. Abbott's actions on coronavirus 'heavy-handed'
19 Bexar County Democrat, Republican Party chairs share their thoughts about the recent straight-ticket voting ruling
20 Supreme Court blocks Harris County plan to send mail-in ballot applications
21 Texas Matters: The GOP Sues To Stop Early Early Voting, Will Chaos Win On Election Day?
22 Judge blocks Texas' straight-ticket voting elimination from ballots
23 Election live updates: Trump campaign wants no changes to debate rules, challenges leaders of debate commission
24 Absentee Voting: Has Trump Handicapped The Republican Party's Efforts?
25 ‘They scare the politicians’: How the Patriot movement’s extreme views found a home in the GOP
26 Shelley Luther, railing against ‘tyrant governor,’ seeks Texas Senate seat Tuesday
27 Texas County Republican Headquarters Grand Opening
28 ‘Texas is going to be red forever,’ GOP leader says in rallying crowd at ‘MAGA Meetup’
29 Straus: Election will reward Republicans who set their own tone
30 Texas Republicans face tough 2020 election after a rocky 12 months
31 Courts view GOP fraud claims skeptically as Democrats score key legal victories over mail voting
32 Sen. Ted Cruz: GOP will protect Americans with preexisting conditions if Obamacare struck down
33 Court case delays ballot mailouts
34 GOP still fighting ranked voting after ballots cast in Maine
35 Some Texans are getting absentee ballot applications with President Trump's picture on them
36 Tech Glitches Doom First Day Of Texas Republican Party Virtual Convention July 17, 2020
37 From Affordable Care Act to COVID-19, Texans’ health care is on the ballot this year
38 Generation Z In The GOP: Young Republicans Reflect On The Future Of Their Party
39 2020 election and SCOTUS battle: Live updates
40 Why Donald Trump is doing surprisingly well in Florida
41 Texas Republicans could move convention online if needed, chairman says
42 Texas GOP convention chaos prompts delegates to create a second gathering
43 Texas GOP approves virtual convention option after losing in court
44 GOP Congressman Wants Federal Investigation Of Voter Registration Postcards
45 Opinion: I’m a Christian, veteran, Texas Republican and I support Joe Biden
46 Texas Democrats Claim ‘Unprecedented’ 1 Million Voter Registration Blitz, Where Trump And Biden Stay Close In Polls
47 Texas GOP Chair James Dickey faces formidable opposition from Allen West
48 As battle for Texas House rages, Democrats, Republicans weigh bids to succeed Bonnen as speaker
49 Texas Supreme Court Rejects GOP Lawsuit Challenging Libertarian Candidates' Ballot Eligibility
50 The Latina Progressive Who Faced Down Texas Republicans
51 Texas GOP will proceed with in-person state convention in Houston
52 Voting begins in a month. Here’s what is at stake in Texas.
53 Texas Republican party's Houston convention canceled
54 Montoya: Shelley Luther a Sign Texas Republicans Must Win Back Voters
55 Here’s why the latest Texas polls are so ominous for the GOP — even if Trump wins the state
56 Local party leaders say it's too late to add straight party voting without problems
57 Enthused by G.O.P. Support, Trump Says He Will Announce Supreme Court Pick on Saturday
58 Texas GOP voter registration group shutters amid coronavirus challenges
59 Bell County residents gather to watch the first presidential debate
60 Stacking the deck: How the GOP works to suppress minority voting
61 Texas Medical Association sponsors GOP convention, where masks are optional
62 Ross Ramsey: Texas elections won’t set spending records in 2020, unlike 2018
63 Szwarc: Looking Past the Campaign Signs – Mayor Pope of Lubbock
64 A dozen Texas GOP chairs share racist or anti-Semitic posts
65 Democrat with Communist Ties Battles Against Republican for Houston Texas House Seat
66 State AG's office calls early voting suit 'misguided,' moves to kill it
67 Poll: Trump holds slight lead over Biden in Texas
68 GOP chairman exaggerated Laredo 'Trump Train' turnout | Letters to the Editor
69 Hillary Clinton says Supreme Court fight is about health care
70 The 51st State America Needs
71 2020 Texas GOP Chairman Candidates in Their Own Words
72 Local political parties react to Presidential Debate
73 Texas Dems Declare 'Big War' on Gov Over Mail-In Vote Restriction
74 The Texas GOP's New Slogan Echoes A Conspiracy Group. Its Chair Says There's No Connection.
75 Texas Republican Party plans to build phony campaign websites loaded with negative information about Democrats
76 Is 2020 The Year Texas Becomes A Battleground State?
77 Democrats want to recruit LGBT Republicans snubbed by state GOP leaders
78 Houston mayor wants Texas Republicans to cancel convention during coronavirus
79 West4Texas: Failed Leadership Lead to the Convention Crisis for the Republican Party of Texas
80 Trump signals he won't agree to rules changes for debates – live
81 The Texas GOP Held Its Convention on Zoom—and It Was a Comic Disaster
82 Texas Democratic convention begin online Monday, GOP's will stay in-person
83 Burnet, Llano counties adjust to governor's new election rule
84 Ex-RNC chairman says he's voting for Biden | TheHill
85 Texas GOP to primary candidates: Avoid bipartisan forums
86 Opinion | Not sure what it was, but it was no debate
87 Texas Veterans Sharply Divided Over Trump Heading Into 2020 Election
88 Texas Gov. Greg Abbott is lucky not to be on the 2020 ballot
89 Texas GOP Chair Says Party Could Consider Censure Resolution Against Gov. Abbott At State Convention
90 In a leaked memo, a peek at Texas GOP’s concerns
91 Texas GOP plans to manage safety risk with in-person convention in Houston
92 Live updates: Moderna’s vaccine won’t be ready for the public until spring, CEO says
93 Bovard: Trump Is Consistent and Truthful on Abortion
94 Fed Up Texans Plan Protest Against 'King Abbott'
95 The West Campaign Continues To Wait For A Response From the Republican Party of Texas In Regards to Vote Integrity
96 Wisconsin GOP Deeply Worried About Racing Sausages At Polling Places
97 Yolanda Waters faces calls to resign from top Texas Republicans
98 Texas Republican Party Tells Candidates Not to Participate in Voter Forums if Democrats Also Take Part
99 Steve King defends past comments on white supremacy, blasts NYT and GOP leaders in fiery floor speech | TheHill
100 The Texas GOP Gives Itself a Tough Task: Rooting Out Racism in the Party