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1 75 years after fall of Third Reich, Hitler conspiracy theories even more viral
2 Confrontation at German coronavirus protest goes viral
3 ‘The Meaning of Hitler’ Review: A Look At Why the Icon of 20th-Century Hate Lives on in the 21st
5 Letter: Lessons in history | Opinion |
6 Nuremberg trials: 75 years on from the world's first war crimes tribunal
7 Friedrich Kellner kept a secret diary to record the crimes of the Third Reich
8 Culture in the Third Reich by Moritz Föllmer review – when fascism stole the show
9 Three on the Third Reich: High-Speed History
10 Hitler and Trump: 2 megalomaniacs inside same bunker of defeat and disbelief
11 The Weimar Republic and Democratic America
12 After World War II, Most ‘Ordinary Nazis’ Returned to Lives of Obscurity. The World Must Recover Their Stories Before It’s Too Late
13 Young, in Love and Trying to Bring Down the Third Reich
14 The Day the Pope Exorcised Adolf Hitler
15 Anti-mask protesters flash Nazi salutes at Solano board meeting
16 Heroes and hardship: discover the War Stories Collection on SBS World Movies
17 In Israel, Modern Medicine Grapples With Ghosts of the Third Reich
18 A Sobering Look at How Quickly Hitler Transformed Germany
19 Young Adult Graphic Novels By Whitefish Bay Public Library
20 In Amazon’s Bookstore, No Second Chances for the Third Reich
21 Letter: Read the history of the Third Reich
22 How Hitler Transformed a Democracy Into a Tyranny
23 Netflix's 'Barbarians' Reclaims a Battle Beloved of Germany’s Far Right
24 Conventional Culture in the Third Reich
25 'The Last Vermeer' frames art with intrigue in post-war Europe
26 Watch: CNN Anchor Equates Trump Admin With Third Reich
27 Paul Celan: The post-Holocaust poet
28 German FM Slams COVID Protesters For Nazi Fighter Analogies, Donning Stars of David
29 Study links present-day xenophobia, political intolerance to Third Reich | The Source
30 How the Amazon became popular in the Third Reich
31 The neo-Nazi symbol posted by Pete Evans has a strange and dark history
33 Gloucester dentist gives the Third Reich the third degree in new book
34 Frank Reich 'took to heart' long conversation with Colts owner Jim Irsay after Jaguars loss
35 Colts’ Rivers/Brissett shuffle new to coach Frank Reich
36 Nazi Shanghai: The Rise & Fall of the Third Reich in Shanghai
37 The Battle of Berlin was the Soviet victory that ended WWII
38 Czech company sells Nazi 'Personalities of the Third Reich’ 2021 Calendar
39 4 Jewish composers suppressed by Nazism and the Third Reich
40 When WWII Spies Created Explosive Coal To Sabotage the Third Reich
41 Dominating the Street: President Trump Recycles Lawlessness from the Gutter
42 Features | Junk Shop Classical | Junk Shop Classical On Anja Thauer: Music Stories Told £1 LP By £1 LP
43 Close encounters of the Third Reich
44 Colts Notebook: Reich happy with RT rotation, hopeful Smith returns
45 Rise and fall in the Third Reich: Nazi party members and social advancement
46 Book offers broadest and deepest study of Nazi culture yet
47 Hitler and the Holocaust
48 Hitler's Youth: How The Third Reich Used Children To Wage War
49 The Holocaust: How Many Died & What Happened In The Aftermath?
50 If you want to make a difference in this election, stay away from the third-party vote
51 Germans Unnerved by Political Turmoil That Echoes Nazi Era
52 Third Reich's legacy tied to present-day xenophobia and political intolerance
53 From 2017: How Germany handles monuments from Nazi and communist eras | Opinion
54 Documentary On Newstalk: No Ordinary Joe
55 Hitler told the world the Third Reich was invincible. My German grandfather knew better
56 What did culture mean for the German people between 1933 and 1945?
57 German ambassador “can neither justify nor condemn” father who served Hitler in Berlin bunker
58 Albert Speer and the myth of 'the good Nazi'
59 Berlin's battle scars linger 75 years after Nazi defeat
60 'Travelers in the Third Reich' examines outsiders' views of Hitler's Germany
61 Nazi Germany as a travel destination: A new book explores how Hitler duped tourists
62 The Hitler Conspiracies: The Third Reich and the Paranoid Imagination, by Richard Evans
63 To argue that modern America is as bad as Nazi Germany is woke lunacy
64 Turkey and the "Third Reich" in the mirror of Russia
65 How Methamphetamine Became a Key Part of Nazi Military Strategy
66 The Hitler Conspiracies — why are Nazi myths flourishing?
67 Ford and the Führer
68 Heinrich Himmler: How a fake stamp led to the Nazi SS leader's capture
69 Ask Clay: It's called the Third Reich because it came after the first and second
70 How Did The Nazi Party Rise To Power In Germany In 1933? And What Were Hitler's Motivations?
71 Opinion: The only decent choice in the election
72 The Reich without end
73 More Than A Dozen European Billionaires—Linked To BMW, L’Oréal, Bosch—Have Families With Past Nazi Ties
74 Germans know that toppling a few statues isn't enough to confront the past
75 A German Video Game, Using Swastikas to Remember Nazi Terror
76 Beethoven as Nazi propaganda
77 Craig Kelly sorry for lockdown–Nazi Germany comparison
78 Czech Publisher Produces 'Personalities of the Third Reich' 2021 Calendar
79 Our Exhibition on Nazi Design in the Netherlands Has Been Controversial. Here’s Why We Did It—and Why It’s More Urgent Now Than Ever
80 The dividing line between German culture and Nazi culture | OUPblog
81 A Nazi Design Show Draws Criticism. Its Curator’s Comments Didn’t Help.
82 How Neville Chamberlin Misread Hitler and Allowed the Third Reich to Threaten the World Order
83 Why Hitler Secretly Met With a Japanese General During WWII
84 Hitler's Northern Utopia: Building the New Order in Occupied Norway
85 Hero or Nazi war criminal? 'Good German' Hans Calmeyer's legacy debated
86 Propaganda of dark forces: 'Design of the Third Reich'
87 The Great Art Stolen by Hitler
88 How Hitler used a lie about November 9 as the foundation for the Third Reich
89 Legacy of musicians banned by the Third Reich lives on in Vienna
90 Why are we obsessed with the Nazis?
91 Top Civil Rights Lawyer Questions Whether USA Gov can contain Trump and GOP Power Grabs
92 A war's end and a fresh start
93 Trump Hails “Good Bloodlines” of Henry Ford, Whose Anti-Semitism Inspired Hitler
94 In the Second Volume of ‘Hitler,’ How a Dictator Invited His Own Downfall
95 Five myths about Nazis
96 Fact check: Did Adolf Hitler defund the police in Nazi Germany?
97 Nazi design, from megalomaniac to kitsch
98 No, America is not succumbing to fascism
99 Koreans in Nazi Germany shed light on complex past
100 No, We Aren’t Seeing The Return Of Nazi Germany