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1 It's time to confront the dark postscript to America's role in defeating the Nazis
2 Medieval treasure, Nazi pressure: Germany struggles to keep up with demands of its past
3 95-Year-Old Nazi Camp Secretary Charged as Accessory in 10000 Murders
4 Hans Globke, Hitler's former henchman, was true architect of modern Germany
5 History hijackers weaponise words from the Third Reich
6 The Nazis’ ferocious final strike in WWII (PHOTOS)
7 UO prof sees WWII refugee camp as forerunner to U.S. camps
8 “Fear and Misery of the Third Reich” coming to Tehran
9 World War 2 mystery of Russia’s lost ‘eighth wonder of world’ unravelled by expert
10 Three on the Third Reich: High-Speed History
11 The real housewives of the Third Reich
12 Amazon changes app logo that 'resembles Adolf Hitler'
13 The Strike Zone: The resurgence of right-wing nationalism in Germany
14 Berlin: Samuel Goldwyn Acquires Anders Refn's Danish WWII Drama 'Into the Darkness' (Exclusive)
15 This Russian poetry speaks against authoritarian norms
16 José Epita Mbomo, the Spanish electrician who sabotaged the Nazis
17 The pariah pioneer of Modern Monetary Theory
18 Culture in the Third Reich by Moritz Föllmer review – when fascism stole the show
19 [UPDATED] COBI Releases Construction Sets Depicting Leaders and Vehicles of Nazi Germany • The Toy Book
20 Central Alps: The convenient erasure of history
21 Hyatt speaks out on alleged Nazi symbol on stage at CPAC conservative conference last weekend
22 Face mask with Nazi symbols removed from mannequin in Sydney Westfield store
23 Who Counts as a Jew?
24 Young, in Love and Trying to Bring Down the Third Reich
25 Churchill College panel claims wartime PM was a white supremacist leading an empire 'worse than the Nazis'
26 After World War II, Most ‘Ordinary Nazis’ Returned to Lives of Obscurity. The World Must Recover Their Stories Before It’s Too Late
27 75 years after fall of Third Reich, Hitler conspiracy theories even more viral
28 'We just want to be a light': How Colts' Frank Reich and wife Linda found their purpose
29 What is a Turbine Engine?
30 Opinion | Trump, Republicans model the Third Reich
31 Leslie Epstein's “Novel of War and Celluloid” | BU Today
32 How the Nazis used poster art as propaganda
33 4 Jewish composers suppressed by Nazism and the Third Reich
34 Conventional Culture in the Third Reich
35 Toy company apologizes and pulls Nazi themed toy car
36 Nazi toy cars for kids aged over six withdrawn following outcry
37 In Israel, Modern Medicine Grapples With Ghosts of the Third Reich
38 How the Amazon became popular in the Third Reich
39 Hitler's Building Plans for a World Under the Swastika
40 Protesters target Santa Cruz Trader Joe’s again, saying mask rules are like Nazi Germany
41 Op-Ed: Why gun sales doubled with Biden's election
42 Frank Reich: Colts have advantage with no NFL Combine
43 Life In Nazi Germany: Everything You Wanted To Know
44 Censorship in America: A modern perspective | Opinion
45 A Sobering Look at How Quickly Hitler Transformed Germany
46 How Hitler Transformed a Democracy Into a Tyranny
47 Why Do the Nazis Still Haunt Our Consciousness?
49 How can America heal from the Trump era? Lessons from Germany's transformation into a prosperous democracy after Nazi rule
50 EVERY FIFTH PERSON: The USSR’s loss of civilian and military life during World War II – our Great Patriotic War
51 Berlin Review: Fabian – Going to the Dogs Sings a Tragic Ballad of Weimar Germany
52 EBay Treats Dr. Seuss Worse Than 'Mein Kampf' And 'Birth Of A Nation'
53 Study links present-day xenophobia, political intolerance to Third Reich | The Source
54 Jewish children's restored books reveal life hiding from Nazis
55 Rise and fall in the Third Reich: Nazi party members and social advancement
56 10 Most Iconic One-Liners From Marvel Supervillains | CBR
57 From 2017: How Germany handles monuments from Nazi and communist eras | Opinion
58 Nazi Shanghai: The Rise & Fall of the Third Reich in Shanghai
59 In Amazon’s Bookstore, No Second Chances for the Third Reich
60 The friend of Mahatma Gandhi born in East London
61 How Did The Nazi Party Rise To Power In Germany In 1933? And What Were Hitler's Motivations?
62 Top 5 books on women in wartime
63 'Casablanca' Production Woes Inspire Author Leslie Epstein’s Fictional Farce 'Hill Of Beans'
64 Under Attack, Cawthorn Moves (Farther) Right
65 Third Reich Heists
66 Germans Who Resisted The Nazis | HistoryExtra Podcast
67 The Extraordinary Disappearing Act of a Novelist Banned by the Nazis
68 The Hitler Conspiracies — why are Nazi myths flourishing?
69 The haters in our midst – The Australian Jewish News
70 To argue that modern America is as bad as Nazi Germany is woke lunacy
71 FREIHEIT!: The White Rose Graphic Novel Is a Timely Tale of Student Resistance
72 Hitler and the Holocaust
73 Film review: Into the Darkness
74 The James Bond ‘Goldfinger’ Actor With a Nazi Past
75 Victorian inquiry recommends banning Nazi symbols and strengthening anti-vilification laws
76 Heinrich Himmler: How a fake stamp led to the Nazi SS leader's capture
77 The Hitler Conspiracies: The Third Reich and the Paranoid Imagination, by Richard Evans
78 56 years of ‘The Sound of Music’: Why is it still the most universally loved film of all time?
79 When told you are anti-American | Editorials |
80 Weimar America: The Ominous Parallels Revisited
81 Ask Clay: It's called the Third Reich because it came after the first and second
82 Hitler told the world the Third Reich was invincible. My German grandfather knew better
83 When WWII Spies Created Explosive Coal To Sabotage the Third Reich
84 Nazis learned from U.S. segregation says author Wilkerson
85 Nazi Germany as a travel destination: A new book explores how Hitler duped tourists
86 Top Takeaways: Colts head coach Frank Reich on finding the right fit at QB, big changes to coaching staff, potential for TY Hilton's return & more
87 PBS’ ‘Rise of the Nazis’ Aims ‘to Show How a Democracy Can Unravel’
88 'Travelers in the Third Reich' examines outsiders' views of Hitler's Germany
89 ‘Mr. Bachmann and His Class’ Review: Frederick Wiseman-Inspired Doc Is One of the Year’s Most Hopeful Movies
90 Nora Waln: Quaker journalist whose memoir tried to understand the Nazis
91 More Than A Dozen European Billionaires—Linked To BMW, L’Oréal, Bosch—Have Families With Past Nazi Ties
92 Hitler's Northern Utopia: Building the New Order in Occupied Norway
93 Review | Book offers broadest and deepest study of Nazi culture yet
94 Gloucester dentist gives the Third Reich the third degree in new book
95 Germany transformed under Nazis in 100 days. Do we understand why?
96 Trump’s refusal to acknowledge defeat mirrors the lie that fueled the Nazi rise
97 Mr Bachmann and His Class Review
98 Why some New Age influencers believe Trump is a "lightworker"
99 1918 flu pandemic boosted support for the Nazis, Fed study claims
100 Conceived under the Nazis, completed after WWII: Überläufer films