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1 Use COVID-19 to build back better, cities told
2 How green is your green investment? This app could tell you
3 Family farmers struggle to keep up with fast-warming world
4 Ukraine's total coronavirus cases exceed 700,000
5 Low-income parents lonelier in pandemic, says British royal Kate
6 Black Friday: How can the ad industry help tackle climate change?
7 Somalia's most powerful storm leaves traders, herders devastated
8 Lockdown-weary Americans begin holiday season under pandemic...
9 Small farmers jailed for Sumatra fires as companies duck blame
10 Black Friday 99%-off sale sparks fears over garment workers' pay in UK
11 Cuban authorities citing COVID-19 break up Havana hunger ...
12 Carlsberg backs India solar desalination plant to boost water
13 FACTBOX-Pandemic brings forward predictions for peak oil ...
14 EU delays rules on carbon market permit handouts
15 Italy reports 28,352 new coronavirus cases, 827 deaths
16 Canada to reveal huge COVID-19 deficit, make 'down payment' ...
17 'No democracy without women': Priced out of politics in El Salvador
18 Costa Rica eyes billions in savings with net-zero emissions
19 Kenyan charities urge government to quit U.S.-led anti-abortion pact
20 'Astro-stays' bring tourists and solar power to Himalayan villages
21 COVID-19: Which vaccine could reach developing countries first?
22 OPINION: A pandemic of malnutrition calls for new food policies in Africa
23 India's low-caste women raped to keep them 'in their place'
24 Pakistan court orders arrests over Christian teen's forced marriage
25 In prison, with periods and no pads: life in a Thai jail
26 Face for sale: Leaks and lawsuits blight Russia facial recognition
27 Transgender minister lauds 'collective intelligence' in Taiwan COVID battle
28 UK companies seen missing sustainability targets due to COVID-19
29 Norway outlaws hate speech against trans people
30 Nobel Laureate Muhammad Yunus Opens World-Leading Human Rights...
31 Norway outlaws hate speech against trans and bisexual people
32 Investors pressure Australian firms to tackle slavery in Asia-Pacific
33 Indian teenage trafficking survivor wins 'unprecedented' compensation
34 Inclusive economies editor (1 year FTC) | Media jobs
35 Public banks urged to fund fairly, as climate batters poor farmers
36 'Liquid window' harnesses light and heat to save energy in buildings
37 Jewellery brands urged to do more to fight gold, diamond mining abuses
38 interview Widow of murdered LGBT+ politician in Brazil wins election
39 Top brands compensate workers in Thailand after wages expose
40 UNICEF says to ship two billion COVID vaccines to poor nations in 2021
41 Thailand Allows Thousands of Migrants to Extend Work Permits
42 Ethiopian girls in sex trade as COVID-19 deepens desperation
43 Trans teen takes legal action over gender care delay in UK
44 Author Naomi Wolf condemns UK's 'moral panic' on trans issues
45 Uzbek domestic abuse victims feel judged, trapped despite new law
46 Battle climate crisis like COVID, Red Cross urges governments
47 FEATURE-Indigenous Tao way of life under threat on Taiwan island
48 Worsening land inequality widens gender, climate change gaps
49 FEATURE-Kenyan villagers nurture local springs as founts of clean water
50 'First Line of Defense': COVID-19 Prompts Rethink In Role of Buildings
51 5 Important Questions About UK Aid as the Budget Faces Being Cut
52 Angry at sluggish climate action, young negotiators 'scream' for change
53 Aspiring U.S. trans soldiers call on Biden to end military ban
54 EU tech ban putting children at risk of online sex abuse
55 In UN role, ex-journalist seeks to end abuse of women and girls
56 Africa: Worsening Land Inequality Widens Gender, Climate Change Gaps
57 Researchers warn that emissions from industry, agriculture and forests endanger Paris climate goals
58 'Feminist' mayors vow all-out drive against gender inequality in pandemic
59 Africa: Family Farmers Struggle to Keep Up With Fast-Warming World
60 Fears Asia-Pacific trade deal could spark conflicts, hurt farmers
61 Somalia: 'I'm Looking for God to Help'
62 How accepting are people of female leaders?
63 Solar energy on track to power London rail link by 2022
64 Community oven serves up meals, and dignity, in blast-hit Beirut
65 Megaprojects flagged as Trojan horse to develop remaining rainforests
66 Britain resurrects lesbian pirates as world recasts statues
67 World leaders warn coronavirus could roll back progress for women
68 Enough is enough: UK sisters call time on cat calls and wolf whistling
69 UN says global goals to protect nature need women to succeed
70 Scotland first in the world to make sanitary products free
71 6 Mayors From Around the World Launch Network to Fight Gender Inequality During COVID-19
72 Japan Airlines ditches 'ladies and gentlemen' for gender-neutral greetings
73 UK urged to force firms to publish plans for closing gender pay gap
74 Postcards: Jamaican women worst hit by livestock and crop theft in pandemic
75 Africa: Jewellery Brands Urged to Do More to Fight Gold, Diamond Mining Abuses
76 Not personal enough: Why climate change is not yet a top priority
77 Africa: To Honor Slave Trade Victims, a Memorial in the Depths of the Atlantic
78 INTERVIEW-Look to women to drive global economic recovery from pandemic
79 Job or hijab? Singapore debates ban on Islamic veil at work
80 'Queer Eye' star Antoni Porowski calls out Poland's 'absurd' anti-LGBT+ crackdown
81 Burkina Faso: Sole Female Candidate for Burkina Faso Presidency Says Education Key to Progress
82 Post-pandemic, will offices and factories become 'places men go'?
83 Poland's anti-LGBT+ tirade similar to pre-war 'dehumanising' of Jews, MEP says
84 With social media and academics, Thai villagers save ancestral forest
85 Chatbots, motorbikes: Southeast Asia HIV centres adapt to coronavirus
86 Millions in India face eviction amid coronavirus recovery push
87 CORRECTED-FEATURE-Next pandemic? Amazon deforestation may spark new diseases
88 In SUVs and on planes, richest 1% drive climate-heating emissions
89 From Syria to COVID-19 frontline, stateless scientist sets sights on vaccine
90 FEATURE-'Reborn with cannabis': Legal high helps revitalize U.S. cities
91 Points of Progress: Norway updates hate speech laws, and more
92 Cambodia urged to rethink scrapping of bonus pay for night workers
93 'Self-sufficient' Chinese city to reflect coronavirus lessons
94 Which countries shatter glass ceilings with gender-balanced cabinets?
95 'They are not alone': LGBT+ march against fear on German-Polish border
96 Workplace discrimination allowed in nearly one in four countries: study
97 Governments urged to invest more in green cities to beat coronavirus slump
98 Taking on the Traffickers
99 Covid-19 prompts pivot to green alternative to rubber gloves
100 Britain launches new inquiry into sex abuse by aid workers