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1 Wildlife expert pours cold water on claims Tasmanian tiger family spotted
2 Is that a thylacine? Camera trap footage released but experts dismiss claims of rediscovery
3 Tasmanian Tigers Are Extinct. Why Do People Keep Seeing Them?
4 'Tasmanian tiger' footage not of a thylacine but a pademelon, experts say
5 ‘Fire in my belly’: Tasmanian tiger hunter’s passion to prove disbelievers wrong
6 Photos show ‘proof’ Tassie tiger is still alive
7 Tasmanian tiger devotees feed Australia's guilty obsession with a deliberate extinction
8 Man releases footage of animal he's 'absolutely confident' is a Tasmanian tiger
9 Tasmanian tiger conspiracy theorists announce sighting only to be swiftly cancelled by experts
10 Lesson of the Day: ‘Tasmanian Tigers Are Extinct. Why Do People Keep Seeing Them?’
11 Tasmanian tiger hunter Neil Waters says he is 'very close' to proving the thylacine is not extinct
12 Tasmanian tiger sightings: 'I represent 3,000 people who have been told they’re nuts'
13 Man remains 'absolutely convinced' he has photos of Tasmanian Tiger family
14 Identifying animals in photos is trickier than you might think
15 Tasmanian Musuem and Art Gallery says fresh thylacine sighting likely a pademelon
16 NEW THYLACINE PICS: Neil Waters Discusses Those New Pictures Of A Potential Thylacine Joey
17 The Charismatic Kangaroo Relative That Might Remind You Of Your Dog
18 Rival thylacine group sceptical of Tasmanian tiger vision
19 Has a living thylacine finally been spotted? Probably not.
20 Documentary maker is given $50,000 to search for evidence of the extinct Tasmanian tiger
21 Conversations, Baby Teeth, Tasmanian Tiger. March 5, 2021, Part 2 | Science Friday
22 Tasmanian Tiger May Not Be Extinct After All, at Least According to Recently Released Video Footage | The Weather Channel
23 People Really Want This Grainy Footage to Be an Extinct Tasmanian Tiger
24 Catching a thylacine by the tale after decades of waging war of the Tasmanian tiger
25 'Searching for the Tassie Tiger' wins Screen Australia and VICE's Pitch Australiana
26 Adelaide man goes bush in search of Tasmanian tiger
27 Back From The Dead? Reported Sightings Fuel Hope For Return Of Tasmanian Tigers
28 Australian fritillary butterfly tops list at greatest risk of extinction, study reveals
29 Thylacine search: Hunt for elusive Tasmanian tiger long thought extinct ramped up after recent sightings
30 Could a Tasmanian tiger really be alive in the Adelaide Hills?
31 ‘Extinct’ Tasmanian Tiger caught on camera? (VIDEO)
32 Group claims extinct Tassie tiger may have been captured on camera
33 The Obsessive Search for the Tasmanian Tiger
34 Museum Notebook: Thylacine – the Tasmanian Tiger
35 Tasmanian Tiger Sightings: Most Recent Thylacine Sightings
36 Kerry Packer offered $1.25million for the capture of a Tasmanian tiger
37 Tasmanian tiger believers share images of sightings
38 Tiger hunt to be captured on TV
39 Tasmanian tiger hunter says he'll live in the bush for TWO YEARS to prove they are still alive
40 Busselton a hot spot for Nannup tiger sightings
41 Does image show Tasmanian Tiger thylacine is not extinct
42 Garry Linnell: The mogul, the tiger, and the million-dollar bet that never paid out
43 A brief history of Thylacine sightings
44 Could the Tasmanian Tiger still roam the Northern Territory?
45 New hunt for Tasmanian Tigers after reported sightings in Queensland
46 Mysterious Tasmanian Tiger SPOTTED nearly a century after being declared EXTINCT
47 Grainy images show Tasmanian tiger didn’t go extinct 80 years ago, group claims. ‘It isn’t a bloody kangaroo’
48 New footage 'proves Tassie Tiger is still alive'
49 'Sightings' of extinct Tasmanian tiger prompt search in Queensland
50 Searching for the Tasmanian Tiger | Photos, video, poll
51 Footage of 'Tasmanian tiger' in suburban Adelaide filmed 80 years after extinction
52 Teacher films 'Tasmanian tiger' galloping across South Australian field
53 "Tasmanian tiger" video has thylacine fans excited but sceptics are not convinced
54 Can you spot a Tasmanian TIGER? Why THIS photo has divided the internet
55 'They are out there': Bizarre 'wildlife' traffic sign fools motorists
56 Tasmanian tiger: Citizen scientist goes bush in quest to solve extinction riddle
57 School teacher says he has filmed a Tasmanian tiger on mainland Australia
58 Tasmanian tiger pups found to be extraordinarily similar to wolf pups
59 New footage of possible sighting of Tasmanian tiger in WA revealed next weekend
60 Tasmanian Tigers were FAR smaller than scientists thought
61 Murray Mallee image excites tiger watchers
62 Digging up Positivity
63 Is the mysterious Tasmanian tiger still alive?
64 Welfare raise deemed 'inadequate' by unions; government reaches media code agreement – as it happened
65 Incredible footage emerges of the last known Tasmanian tiger
66 Researchers Mike Williams, Gareth Linnard and Branden Holmes have released a research paper on the Delphin family
67 South Australian mum swears she saw a Tasmanian tiger
68 Tasmanian Tiger on the Horizon?
69 Proof Tasmanian tiger still alive? Farmer spots mystery beast prowling bush wasn’t scared of humans
70 New footage fuels long futile hunt for Tasmanian tiger
71 Is The Tasmanian Tiger Really Extinct?
72 Queensland police provide update on investigation into Hope Harbour Marina fire
73 Is there evidence the Tasmanian tiger still exists? – video report
74 Extinct Tasmanian Tigers sighted in Queensland's Cape York
75 How kangaroos could be jeopardising conservation efforts across Australia
76 Cooling climate drove evolution of Tasmanian Devil and its relatives
77 Shocking statistic Australia should be ashamed of
78 John Gould: an enduring witness to Australia’s lost mammals
79 Tasmanian tiger's jaw was too small to attack sheep, study shows
80 Six people escape injury after homemade bomb explodes outside Adelaide home
81 14 'must see' Museum shows in 2021 | ArtsHub Australia
82 Rare Tasmanian tiger skin now on display at National Museum
83 Tassie Boys Prospecting's Levi Triffitt has used prospecting to cope with grief and loss
84 19 Australian ecosystems are collapsing due to human impact, report finds
85 Home Life Drop Bears feared extinct due to Australian bushfires
86 Left out in the cold to die : The Tasmania Tiger extinct as a result of human neglect, or is it?
87 7 Animals That Were the Last of Their Species
88 Queensland police release last known images of missing mum Amy Schulkins
89 Tasmanian Tigers Spotted In Australia Have Kangaroo-Like Tail, Dog-Like Face
90 Let's teach Australian kids more about dugongs than dinosaurs with these books
91 Does your child know more about dinosaurs than dugongs? Perhaps they're reading the wrong books
92 Performance review: After Erika Eiffel, Let Me Dry Your Eyes, and Zinc (MONA FOMA)
93 Looking beyond the glamour of conservation
94 Waking the dead
95 Tasmanian tiger reward slammed
96 Frolic with your favourites
97 9 Wild Facts About the Bronx Zoo
98 Kidnapped horses in Libya recovered but Golden Slipper placegetter Churchill Downs still not found
99 Vale 'Gump', the last known Christmas Island Forest Skink
100 26TEN Week highlights skill building in adults