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Result Content Idea Research
1 Homily of Pope Francis at Mass for the handing over of the WYF cross
2 Pope Francis: We are created to make God's dreams come true
3 What Is The Significance Of The Cross For Orthodox Christians?
4 The impeccability of Jesus Christ
5 Made for eternity
6 World Youth Day cross given to Portuguese youth ahead of international gathering
7 Exaltation of the Holy Cross
8 Today's Gospel in Art
9 What happened to the True Cross of Christ?
10 The father of the Reformation
11 We are Given the Spirit as a Spirit of Judgment
12 Jerusalem archbishop blesses city with True Cross relic
13 The history of the cross and its many meanings over the centuries
14 A piece of Calvary in Rome
15 The Bible is Clear — Jesus is True God and True Man
16 Analysis: After McCarrick Report, embracing the cross
17 If You Want Justice, Move from Othering to Oneness
18 Deacons celebrate 20th anniversary of ordination
19 The Holy Cross of Christ
20 Feast Of The Exaltation Of The Holy Cross
21 The Holy Cross
22 Minimalist Evidence Philosophy
23 Pope Francis: The cross reminds us of the sacrifices of the Christian life
24 Batavia Catholic church hosted Holy Face of Jesus Relic dating back to 1905
25 What's 'true' about the cross that killed Jesus?
26 New Transitional Deacons Take Next Step Toward Priesthood
27 The Cross Changes Everything
28 Living on Purpose: A clean heart and a right spirit identify followers of God
29 Monday, September 14
30 Happy Name Day to Catherines, Kates, Kathryns on St Catherine's feast day
31 Where is the true Holy Lance, which pierced the side of Christ?
32 Billy Holland: A clean heart and a right spirit
33 Flashback Friday: Honey | High Times
34 Siege the Day: QAnon, Trumpist Blockages, and the Logistics of Spiritual Warfare
35 Did Archaeologists Find a Piece of Jesus' Cross?
36 When an emperor tried to carry Jesus’ cross with great pomp, this miracle happened
37 This church holds the relics that St. Helena brought back from the Holy Land
38 Taking the Measure of Relics of the True Cross
39 The relevance of being cardinal today
40 The Meaning of Good Friday Explained: Everything You Need To Know About the Holy Day In 2020
41 This Holy Week, Linger at the Cross
42 How Christ's cross gave us 'Holy Pesto'
43 Those Who Inspire Us to Lead Nobler Lives
44 Basilica shows Jesus not as the king the world wants, but the one it needs
45 Parish's relic collection offers prayerful connection to Christ and saints
46 The coronavirus story meets the Passion story: Ten meditations for Holy Week
47 Country Security Manager, Liberia
48 'Finding Jesus': Jesus' cross Q&A
49 Five myths about the cross
50 Christ Suffered for Our Sins, but He Didn't Go to Hell for Them
51 Truth revealed about Irish relic of cross on which Jesus was crucified (VIDEO)
52 Warsaw cardinal laments ‘desecration’ of Christ statue with rainbow flag
53 A Long Revered Relic Is Found to Be Europe’s Oldest Surviving Wooden Statue
54 After a year of waiting, don't rush through Advent
55 Mystic Mantra: The exaltation of the Cross
56 Christ’s Way of the Cross
57 Fragment of Christ's Cross stolen from California church
58 Are the relics of Christ and the Apostles authentic?
59 1 Why my faith makes me liberal
60 Easter Commemorates the Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ – But Where is Golgotha’s True Location?
61 Mystery of God’s love is revealed on the cross, pope says
62 On the cross, God’s loving nature is revealed, pope says
63 What is the real meaning of the cross?
64 Jesus’ True Cross in Hagia Sophia, Turkish Researchers Claim
65 Holy Cross defends professor under attack for his writings on Jesus and sexuality
66 Life in Christ – The Catholic Eastern churches
67 Icon, Part 2: The Elevation of the Holy Cross – Ricochet
68 Locating Golgotha: The authentic site of Christ’s Crucifixion
69 Relic of cross stolen from cathedral
70 Scott Gunn: What is Good Friday and why does it matter?
71 These words of wisdom from St. Francis are startlingly relevant today
72 The Provenance (and Providence) of the Finding of the True Cross
73 Q&A: The status of Medjugorje and the true cross of Christ
74 The Holy Nails: Relics of the Crucifixion?
75 The Vera Cruz, The True Cross Of Caravaca De La Cruz
76 Vows and ordinations at Notre Dame
77 Gishen
78 The three relics of Christ that were kept at Notre Dame are safe
79 Relics held at Church of the Holy Cross in Jerusalem
80 Wizard battles and demon circles revealed in newly translated Christian texts
81 The Exaltation Of The Holy Cross
82 Mass, Sacraments and Devotions Offer Renewal And Comfort for Catholics, Especially Now
83 Before Christ Rose, He Was Dead
84 Celeste Olalquiaga on the value of relics
85 The long history of how Jesus came to resemble a white European
86 Family of late Holy Cross rower Grace Rett speaks out, working to build a gym in her honor
87 The Supreme Act of the Priesthood of Christ: The Sacrifice of the Cross
88 Holy Land collection vital for local Christian community
89 What’s ‘true’ about Jesus’ cross? Duke professor weighs in
90 1st Word From the Cross: ‘Father, Forgive Them…’
91 Tracking the journey of the Holy Sponge that gave Christ his last sip of wine
92 Relic believed to be from Jesus' manger returned to Holy Land
93 RELIGION: Christ's blessings given us in baptism
94 The cross has changed the meaning of suffering, says papal preacher on Good Friday
95 Unsettling signs of Jesus' return
96 What's Up with the Ascension?
97 Is baptism essential to salvation?
98 Here’s how to celebrate Good Friday at home
99 LGBT Activists Desecrate Warsaw
100 Piercing the Veil: Uncovering the Secrets of The Holy Lance