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1 The Trump administration will add SMIC, China’s largest chipmaker, to its defense blacklist: report
2 Trump administration leaves states to grapple with how to distribute scarce vaccines
3 Despite Biden’s vow to halt construction of the border wall, the Trump administration is expanding it.
4 Trump Administration Moves Ahead on Removing Bird Protections
5 Biden administration prepares to inherit controversial Trump immigration policies
6 Trump administration officially begins transition to Biden after weeks of delay
7 Trump could make these religious freedom changes by Inauguration Day
8 How the Trump administration's 'midnight rule-making' could leave a big mark on government
9 Biden says transition outreach from Trump administration has been 'sincere'
10 Trump Administration Moves To Sell Drilling Rights To Alaska's Arctic National Wildlife
11 Which Trump Administration-era policies should the incoming Biden-Harris Administration continue?
12 Trump administration ousts defense advisors after Pentagon purge
13 Trump administration removes experts from Defense Policy Board
14 Alarm grows over Trump administration acting 'more akin to a dictatorship' as he denies election defeat
15 Supreme Court to hear arguments on Trump administration's attempt to exclude undocumented immigrants from census | TheHill
16 The Trump administration is considering shortening the recommended quarantine time for Covid-19
17 Readout from the Trump Administration's 41st Governors Briefing on COVID-19 Response & Best Practices
18 What Biden can and can't do without the Trump administration's cooperation during transition
19 Trump administration, preserve evidence of what you've done
20 Biden Says Standoff With Trump Administration Won’t Stop Transition
21 Trump administration will attempt to box Biden administration in on China policies
22 Tracking the Trump Administration's “Midnight Regulations”
23 Trump administration races to finish environmental rules, actions | TheHill
24 Trump administration denies planned mine near Alaska fishery
25 James Corden tells 60 minutes that the Trump administration 'isn't even politics'
26 Many Trump appointees outlast him. Biden and Congress can't forgive and forget.
27 With transition stalled, Biden camp turns to former Trump administration officials for guidance
28 The Trump administration confused wealth with smarts. The results have been ugly.
29 State attorneys general have sued Trump's administration 138 times — nearly double those of Obama and Bush
30 Delusional Trump Administration Is Threatening to Fire Anyone Looking for a New Job
31 Trump Races to Weaken Environmental and Worker Protections, and Implement Other Last-Minute Policies, Before Jan. 20
32 Trump administration's rule change could allow gas, firing squads for U.S. executions
33 How the Trump administration's roadblocks could cause problems for Biden
34 Trump administration removes senior defense officials and installs loyalists, triggering alarm at Pentagon
35 Trump Administration to Release New Rules Reducing Drug Costs
36 White House tells federal agencies to proceed with plans for Trump’s February budget in latest sign of election defiance
37 Trump administration to end Unapproved Drug Initiative
38 GM Stops Backing Trump Administration in Emissions Fight With California
39 Trump Administration Abruptly Ousts Leading Experts From Top Pentagon Advisory Group
40 What Has the Trump Administration Meant for Water? – Great Lakes Now
41 Trump administration tries to push last-minute immigration limits
42 TikTok hasn't heard from the Trump administration in weeks, prompting latest CFIUS petition
43 Loyalty Above All: The “Shallow State” of the Trump Administration
44 OP-ED: Trump administration finally gets one right, rejects Alaska Pebble Mine permit
45 How Biden Could Challenge the Trump Administration's Block on the Transition | National Law Journal
46 Murphy gives credit to Trump administration for speed in finding vaccine
47 Trump administration renews push to confirm Wolf amid concerns over legitimacy and agency purge
48 Editorial: Drug regulation got outsourced
49 Trump administration put Canada in a 'very difficult situation,' Huawei VP says
50 White House races to complete regulations before Trump exits
51 The biggest errors the Trump administration made in response to COVID
52 Trump's latest order spreads fear among government scientists
53 Trump administration exits Open Skies treaty
54 Ex-HHS chief Sebelius says Trump administration deserves credit for vaccine progress
55 The Trump administration is right—on civilian oversight of special operations
56 Trump dramatically changed the presidency. Here's a list of the 20 most important norms he broke — and how Biden can restore them
57 Drugmakers sue to stop Trump administration importation plan
58 Trump banking proposal on fossil fuels sparks backlash from libertarians | TheHill
59 Federal judge tears into Trump administration over its handling of DACA
60 The Trump administration is hampering the economic recovery at a critical time
61 The Trump administration is moving to sell leases in ANWR, but will anyone show up for a sale?
62 Trump Administration Moves to Entrench Global Gag Rule
63 Trump administration revives talk of action on birthright citizenship | TheHill
64 After record lows, Pa. refugee resettlement agencies welcome a new presidential agenda
65 Daily chart
66 Jennifer Psaki to Be Press Secretary as Biden Names All-Female Communications Team
67 Trump to put climate change denier in charge of key U.S. report
68 Black asylum seekers say Trump officials force deportations
69 Commentary: Trump administration finally gets one right, rejects Alaska Pebble Mine permit
70 Trump Administration Rushes To Sell Oil Rights In Arctic National Wildlife Refuge
71 Trump administration plans "flood" of sanctions on Iran by Jan. 20
72 and Partners Sue the Trump Administration for Failing to Update Dozens of Energy Efficiency Standards | NRDC
73 Four ways Trump has meddled in pandemic science
74 US coal jobs down 24% from the start of Trump administration to latest quarter
75 The Trump administration may privatize Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac — and it could disrupt the nation’s housing-finance system
76 Watch live: Trump administration officials speak on Covid vaccine distribution
77 Trump agency tasked with transition process has yet to recognize Biden's victory
78 Will a Biden administration really reverse the Trump administration crackdown on immigrants?
79 Trump Administration Is Still Not Cooperating With Biden's Transition Team
80 Trump Administration Invites Oil Industry to Desecrate Sacred Arctic Refuge
81 E.P.A.’s Final Deregulatory Rush Runs Into Open Staff Resistance
82 Trump administration cancels Covid-19 celebrity ad campaign
83 The Energy 202: After pardoning turkey, Trump moves ahead with lifting bird protections
84 Trump Dumps 3 Agency Leaders In Wake Of Election
85 Audubon Says Ignoring Legal Challenges, Public Opposition, and Science, the Trump Administration Is Rushing to Finalize a Rule to Weaken the Migratory Bird Treaty Act
86 Trump Administration Works with State of California to Advance Next Steps For Cleanup At ETEC
87 President Donald J. Trump Is Supporting Hydraulic Fracturing and Other Technologies to Protect Our Jobs, Economic Opportunity, and National Security
88 Highlights From President-Elect Joe Biden's Transition: November 10, 2020
89 Iran’s oil exports, uranium stockpile surge as Trump administration’s ‘maximum pressure’ policy hits a wall
90 Trump Plans to Designate Houthis as Terrorist Group
91 Covered California Executive Director Comments on the Trump Administration's Latest Effort to Undercut Broader Coverage Through the Affordable Care Act
92 The Trump administration can still seal a trade deal with India—and cement a legacy
93 Trump administration drops opposition to 2nd Virginia submarine, giving a boost to a defense spending bill in Congress
94 Trump aides privately plot a flurry of moves in their final 10 weeks
95 Judge orders Trump administration to reveal PPP loan data it sought to obscure
96 Court blocks Trump administration's illegal expulsion of children at the border
97 ENERGY TRANSITIONS: Big business is divided on climate. Could that help Biden?
98 Trump Administration Allows Georgia to Quit Healthcaregov Exchange
99 Coinbase CEO: Trump Administration May 'Rush Out' Burdensome Crypto Wallet Rules
100 Trump Administration Finalizes Transparency Rule For Health Insurers