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Result Content Idea Research
1 TypeScript 3.9 Improves Performance, Promises and Errors
2 Microsoft: VS Code update gets new features with programming language TypeScript 4.0
3 TypeScript creator: How the programming language beat Microsoft's open-source fears
4 Microsoft: Playwright for Python language lets you test web apps in all major browsers
5 Programming language TypeScript 4.1 beta: These are the new features, says Microsoft
6 Async Failure handling in Typescript | Info
7 TypeScript 3.6 Introduces Stricter Generators & Better Promise Handling
8 Asynchronous Processing with TypeScript and Generic Promises
9 Microsoft's new Fluid Framework: Now it's open-sourced on GitHub
10 Vue 3.0 brings more speed, more TypeScript
11 Programming languages: C++ just jumped in popularity. Here's why
12 Microsoft: This free Windows 10 app lets developers express themselves in pixels
13 TypeScript 3.8 Adds Private Fields and Top-Level Await
14 Snyk buys DeepCode to inject AI into DevSecOps mix • DEVCLASS
15 Announcing TypeScript 4.0 | TypeScript
16 Managing Asynchronous Processes in TypeScript
17 Microsoft: Windows 10 is hardened with these fuzzing security tools – now they're open source
18 Deno 1.0: Node.js makers have new JavaScript runtime for TypeScript programming language
19 TypeScript 3.9 beta: Reduced compile time and editor improvements
20 TypeScript 3.9 speeds up the compiler and fixes regressions
21 TypeScript 3.6 releases with stricter generators, new functions in TypeScript playground, better Unicode support for identifiers, and more
22 Deno Is Ready for Production
23 Oracle's Java 15: New features aim to keep millions away from languages like Rust, Kotlin
24 TypeScript 3.9 slashes compile times for packages
25 Node.js creator delivers Deno 1.0, a new runtime that fixes 'design mistakes in Node'
26 Flow Control in Modern JS: Callbacks to Promises to Async/Await
27 Promises in JavaScript Unit Tests: the Definitive Guide
28 Neutralino takes aim at Electron and NW.js
29 Microsoft lead engineer: Programming language TypeScript took off thanks to Google's Angular
30 Airbnb Releases Tool to Convert Large Codebases to Typescript
31 Microsoft VS Code 1.42 is out: New debug tools for TypeScript, JavaScript, Chrome
32 TypeScript 4 Released
33 Vue.js 3.0 brings more speed, more TypeScript
34 TypeScript 3.7 Adds Optional Chaining and Coalescing
35 TypeScript 3.6 brings stricter checking to iterators and generators
36 Hegel, a New JavaScript Type Checker
37 TypeScript v3.6 introduces more accurate array spreads & stricter generators
38 ECMAScript 2020 spec for JavaScript approved
39 JavaScript Async
40 Babel 7.9 Reduces Bundle Sizes, Adds TypeScript 3.8 Support
41 TypeScript's co-creator speaks out on TypeScript 4.0
42 Cloud Development Kit Can Now Generate Terraform Configurations Using TypeScript and Python
43 Scala.js 1.0.0 improves JavaScript interoperability
44 10 Most Loved Programming Languages: Rust, TypeScript, and More
45 New programming language rankings: Python now as popular as Java, as TypeScript climbs
46 TypeScript 3.9 Release Candidate Boosts Speed, Editor Functionality
47 Introducing Axios, a Popular, Promise-based HTTP Client
48 BOSQUE Is The Newest Language In Town & Promises To Keep The Code Simple
49 Programming languages: Kotlin rises fastest but JavaScript lures millions more developers
50 Angular 9.1 Adds TypeScript 3.8 Support and Faster Builds
51 Microsoft's TypeScript language: Startup reveals long journey to JavaScript spin-off
52 Extensible Effects in JavaScript for Fun and Profit
53 Microsoft's VS Code 1.45 is out: GitHub integration plus JavaScript debugger update
54 Fastify 3.0 Improves Performance, Logging, Schema, and TypeScript Support
55 An intro to Azure Cosmos DB JavaScript SDK 2.0
56 Using TypeScript with the MySQL Database
57 Programming languages: Developers reveal what they love and loathe, and what pays best
58 Node.js 14.0 Improves Diagnostics and Internationalization, Adds Web Assembly System Interface
59 TypeScript's 3.6 release is out: New features for Microsoft's JavaScript programming language spin-off
60 Microsoft: New VS Code update is out – stable builds for Windows on Arm and Surface Pro X
61 JavaScript programming language: Developers reveal their favourite features, frameworks and tools
62 Taming timeouts with a Promise | Info
63 Isomorphic-git gets 1.0, gets rid of plugins • DEVCLASS
64 Microsoft VS Code turns 5: How GitHub, open source, Google made it a hit, reveals creator
65 TypeScript for Enterprise Developers
66 TypeScript 1.7 is here with async/await as default for ES6
67 ES2020's Feature Set Finalized
68 Programming languages: Python and Java VS Code extensions get these new updates
69 WebAssembly fails to grab JavaScript dev's attention
70 Microsoft TypeScript 3.7: Programming language beta lands with all these features
71 Microsoft to developers: These are our biggest and best open-source projects
72 What’s new in TypeScript 3.4
73 Next.js 9.5 Improves Static Site Regeneration Performance
74 The rising programming languages that JavaScript developers are learning in 2019
75 Microsoft: We want to bring VS Code to Apple's Mac-on-Arm silicon
76 Programming languages: Java still rules over Python and JavaScript as primary language
77 Getting Started with Deno
78 JavaScript creator Eich: My take on 20 years of the world's top programming language
79 Programming language popularity: Python overtakes Java – as Rust reaches top 20
80 TypeScript, Seeing Past the Hype
81 TypeScript 2.4 Adds Dynamic Import Expressions
82 Deno: Secure V8 TypeScript Runtime from Original Node.js Creator
83 TypeScript 3.6 released
84 The 5 best web application frameworks: How to choose
85 Programming languages: Why JavaScript developers are choosing TypeScript
86 Moving to Modularized Promises via Geolocation
87 TypeScript 3.4 is out: Microsoft tweaks programming language to cut build times
88 ES6 Arrow Functions: Fat and Concise Syntax in JavaScript
89 TypeScript 3.1 Adds Mappable Tuple and Array Types
90 Microsoft Presents Static TypeScript, a Fast Subset of TypeScript Targeting Embedded Devices
91 Security Solution
92 JavaScript Async
93 Ryan Dahl is fixing his Node.js design regrets with Deno
94 Programming languages: Go, Scala and Ruby most wanted, Python and JavaScript most used
95 How to Test Your JavaScript with Selenium WebDriver and Mocha
96 JavaScript programming language developers: This is Kite's new free AI code-completion tool
97 Microsoft: Try VS Code's new Python, C++ programming language tutorials, Docker updates
98 5 Top JavaScript Snippet Packages for Visual Studio Code -- ADTmag
99 State of JavaScript: JavaScript ecosystem continues to change year after year
100 Compiler to convert Go language to JavaScript