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Result Content Idea Research
1 Cameroon Activists March for Toilets, Improved Sanitation
2 Iranian Refugees in Turkey Fear Arbitrary Deportations, Possible Surveillance
3 Afghan refugees create a taste of home in Malaysia
4 Wrestling With COVID-19 Risks in Refugee Camps
5 Southeast Asian health system challenges and responses to the 'Andaman Sea refugee crisis': A qualitative study of health-sector perspectives from Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, and Thailand
6 Trinidad & Tobago deports Venezuelan women and children as matter of ‘national security’
7 Geneva Refugee Summit Grapples With Issues of Equity
8 Trump Will Not Attend UN General Assembly
9 Refugees join voices in a song of hope and kindness
10 UN Ratifies First Unanimous Treaty on Child Labor
11 Will Uzbekistan Seat on UN Human Rights Council Bolster Justice?
12 Trump Quietly Shuts Down Asylum at US Borders to Fight Virus
13 Deep State, Deep Church: How QAnon and Trumpism Have Infected the Catholic Church
14 The Big Read: It's now time to have the conversation about creating a Scottish constitution
15 Live blog: Refugees in the COVID-19 crisis
16 US Not Alone in Restricting Asylum Eligibility
17 Pompeo Jerusalem Address to Republican Convention Draws Scrutiny
18 Washington, New York Protesters Call for Recognition of Uighur Abuses as Genocide
19 Trump Holding Center Stage at US Republican Convention
20 Refugees Faced Hardship Before the Pandemic. Now Seeking Asylum Is Nearly Impossible.
21 Ivanka Trump Continues Women Empowerment Agenda Amid Pandemic
22 Kushner Makes Peace Overture to Iran as Trump Seeks Negotiations if Re-elected
23 Trump's outcasts in the civil and foreign service may get a second chance under Biden
24 Melania Trump Headlines 2nd Night of Republican National Convention
25 High-Level UN Panel Seeks Solutions to Problems of Internal Displacement
26 Nuclear Arms Race, Weaponization of Outer Space High on US Disarmament Agenda
27 Trump Holds Center Stage at Republican National Convention
28 A Voice for Justice for Rohingyas, Rwandans and Gambians
29 Live blog: This World Refugee Day, everyone can make a difference
30 Kyrgyzstan Pressured Over Detained Uzbek Reporter
31 UN Urges Thailand to Apply International Standards to Torture, Disappearance Law
32 Dutch Launch Case Against Syria Over 'Horrific' Torture
33 Yemen Unrest Makes Somalia Unlikely Safe Haven for Refugees
34 Violence against women and girls has reached pandemic proportions
35 Baaba Maal appeals for support for Sahel
36 US, Poland Sign Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement
37 US Imposes New Sanctions on Syrian Government
38 New Zealand Reports First COVID Death Since May
39 Vietnam Weighs World Court Arbitration Against China if Maritime Diplomacy Fails
40 Movement for Black Lives Plans Virtual National Convention
41 Bolton, in VOA Interview, Calls Trump Erratic, Dangerous
42 Far-right Group 'Proud Boys' Celebrates Trump's Debate Comments
43 UN appeals for US$877 million for Rohingya refugee response in Bangladesh
44 UNHCR calls for solidarity, support and solutions for Rohingya refugees ahead of an urgent donor conference
45 UN Court Orders Myanmar to Take Steps to Protect Rohingya Muslims
46 Pompeo Heads to Mideast as Part of Trump's Arab-Israeli Push
47 For Trump or Biden, N. Korea is the Problem that Won't Go Away
48 Hundreds of Indonesian Former IS Members, Families Could Become Stateless
49 Trump Cuts US Funding to WHO
50 UN Rights Chief Slams US Asylum Policy
51 Seven refugees making a difference during the time of COVID-19
52 In Mexico, the UN Refugee Agency Alleviates a Crisis Created by the Trump Administration
53 UN Slams US Security Forces for Violent Crackdown on Anti-Racism Protesters in Portland
54 WHO: Don’t Wear Face Masks
55 Gambia's Justice Minister, Human Rights Champion Resigns
56 Zimbabwe Refugees in Botswana Return Home, But Face Bleak Future
57 UN issues US$6.7 billion appeal to protect millions of lives and stem the spread of coronavirus in fragile countries
58 Refugee Olympian Yiech Pur Biel named UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador
59 Somalia Hailed for Ratifying Document on Protecting Displaced People
60 US producer helps Syrian singer give voice to her dreams
61 N. Korean Defectors Detained in Vietnam Seek Seoul's Help With Asylum
62 Rights Group: Bangladesh Blocking Rohingya Refugee Education
63 She fled detention and torture in Nicaragua for asylum in the United States. The government put her on a plane back home.
64 Health Officials Call On US Government to Reverse COVID-19 Test Guidelines
65 Cameroon’s Aid Workers Welcome High Profile Calls for COVID-19 Cease-fire
66 Stranded on Ships, 200,000 Seafarers in Virus Limbo
67 UNHCR: Global Forced Displacement Crisis Must be Addressed
68 Balancing Counter-Terrorism Measures with International Human Rights
69 Citing 'weight of history', senior UN officials of African descent issue call to 'go beyond and do more' to end racism
70 Flooding at Home, Tensions Abroad Raise Concern for China’s Food Security
71 Syrian refugees adapt to life under coronavirus lockdown in Jordan camps
72 Jewish and Palestinian solidarity
73 A Prayer for World Refugee Day
74 ICJ to Rule Next Week on Urgent Measures in Rohingya Genocide Case
75 Full Transcript: President Trump’s Republican National Convention Speech
76 Questions, Answers About Seeking Asylum in US
77 How Trump Changed Asylum Rules in 2018
78 Otto Warmbier's Parents Chase North Korean Assets in Eastern Europe
79 Hearings Open at UN Court Over Myanmar's Rohingya Crackdown
80 Kazakhstan Adopts Controversial Law on Protests
81 Informal Education Brings Hope to Rohingya Refugee Children in Bangladesh
82 Oil Companies Want Kenya to Loosen Strict Stance on Plastics
83 ‘Abiy Ahmed had to punish those seeking to break up Ethiopia’ – Djibouti President
84 UN Rights Official Urges India to Scrap New Citizenship Law
85 Detained Iranian Lawyer’s Husband Criticizes Iran’s Refusal to Furlough Her
86 Jordan Is Dumping Refugees on US-Held Territory near Syria, and the United States Is Refusing to Care for Them as Conditions Worsen
87 'Toxic lockdown culture' of repressive coronavirus measures hits most vulnerable
88 Asylum Is Dead. The Myth of American Decency Died With It.
89 Malian refugees in Niger make face covers to prevent the coronavirus spread
90 Was US Drone Attack on Iranian General an Assassination?
91 Live blog: Global Refugee Forum -- Day 2
92 UN Chief: Global Tensions at 'Highest Level This Century'
93 Prosecutor: 44 Jihadists Found Dead in Chad Prison
94 US Ends Self-Imposed Ban on Use of Landmines
95 Rohingya refugee children learn to support one another
96 South Africa Set to Move Toward Easing Lockdown Restrictions
97 Rights Groups Urge Department of Homeland Security to Clarify Protocols for Asylum Seekers During Coronavirus Pandemic
98 Iran May Have Accidentally Shot Down Passenger Jet
99 Indonesia Breaks Silence on Refugees With Presidential Decree
100 Scientists See Downsides to Top COVID-19 Vaccines from Russia, China