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1 2020 Census: Bureau Needs to Ensure Transparency over Data Quality, Finalize Plans for Data Protection, and Examine Lessons Learned
2 EXPLAINER: What the release of 2020 census numbers means
3 U.S. Census Bureau reports women-owned businesses are on the rise
4 WLU’s Highlands Center Recognized by US Census Bureau
5 Census Bureau releases business, household data
6 IT Insights: AWS federal director Brett McMillen discusses Census Bureau's cloud strategy
7 Decennial Census: Bureau Should Assess Significant Data Collection Challenges as It Undertakes Planning for 2030
8 Commerce Secretary Raimondo defends census privacy method
9 US Asian population grew fastest of any race, ethnicity in 2000-2019
10 Census Bureau Releases Two Advance Economic Indicators for February
11 In court filings, Census Bureau officials say Ohio lawsuit seeking on-time data asks the impossible
12 Census Bureau: Home-schooling more than doubled in 2020, higher in some regions
13 Accessing Census Bureau data for rural communities | Calendar |
14 Alabama files suit against Census Bureau
15 Judge dismisses Ohio Attorney General Yost’s U.S. Census Bureau case: Capitol Letter
16 Homeschooling Doubled During The Pandemic, U.S. Census Survey Finds
17 US Census data needed now, not later | News, Sports, Jobs
18 Census Bureau releases interactive map showing changes in number of US representatives for each state
19 Census data delay holding up redistricting process | Morrison County Record
20 Groups: Census privacy tool could hurt voting rights goals
21 This day in history, April 7: Census Bureau reports Los Angeles replaces Chicago as the nation's 'second city' in terms of population
22 Fewer apartments being built, Census Bureau says | |
23 Iowa Supreme Court weighs in on redistricting as Census Bureau warns of delay in sending data
24 Diridon: Honest, hardworking immigrants needed
25 Lumber prices rocket on demand surge
26 ArcGIS Living Atlas News (April 2021)
27 Census Bureau Estimates US Population Before Releasing 2020 Count
28 Ohio sues U.S. Census Bureau over delay in population data
29 U.S. Census Bureau Asking Some Americans to Take Another Survey
30 2020 Census: Census Bureau Needs to Assess Data Quality Concerns Stemming from Recent Design Changes
31 Alabama sues the U.S. Census Bureau over data delay, fuzzy numbers
32 Census Bureau Taps Location Intelligence to Boost Response Rates
33 Census Bureau to miss year-end deadline
34 How accurate will the 2020 US census be?
35 Census Bureau needs outside help to save the 2020 census from political meddling, experts say
36 Census Bureau Hosts News Briefing to Announce 2020 Demographic Analysis Estimates
37 Census Bureau To End All Counting Efforts On Sept. 30
38 Shortened Census Bureau Schedule Fuels Fears Of Inaccuracy
39 2020 Census Apportionment Counts Expected By April 30
40 U.S. Census Bureau director resigns ahead of schedule
41 VERIFY: U.S. Census Bureau has contacted residents to participate in coronavirus survey
42 STATEMENT: Today's Census Bureau Data Provide an Out-of-Date and Incomplete Picture of Hardship in the US
43 As the U.S. Census Bureau prepares to release its 2020 population counts, here’s what we already know about our area
44 Census Numbers For House Seats Not Expected Until February
45 Lawsuit says census takers were pressured to falsify data The U.S. Census Bureau was able to
46 New From U.S. Census Bureau: Number of Americans With A Bachelor’s Degree Continues To Grow
47 IT Science Case Study: How US Census Bureau Embraced the Digital Age | eWEEK
48 US Census Bureau Chief Had No Advance Warning About Exclusion of Undocumented Immigrants
49 US Census Bureau Won't Commit To Finishing Data Processing This Year
50 Ballot Bulletin: US Census Bureau postpones release of redistricting data – Ballotpedia News
51 Census Bureau denies fake data allegations by census workers
52 Census 'Anomalies' May Force Bureau To Miss Dec. 31 Reporting Deadline
53 Census Bureau finding little evidence of falsified data in 2020 population count
54 Census Bureau says it will stop trying to deliver tally of undocumented to Trump
55 Order to shorten 2020 census didn't come from Census Bureau, watchdog says
56 Census Bureau Finds Irregularities That May Affect Millions Of Records
57 Delayed US Census Bureau data a setback for state's political remapping
58 Ohio is first state to sue Census Bureau over delay in data
59 Census Bureau stops layoffs for door knockers after order
60 RELEASE: New Report Explains How the Census Bureau Is Miscounting People Experiencing Homelessness
61 2020 Census Counting To Continue Through Oct. 31 For Now
62 Census Bureau Must Temporarily Halt Winding down Operations
63 How the Census Bureau innovates to improve: A conversation with Dr. Ron Jarmin
64 2020 Census: Census Bureau Needs to Ensure Transparency over Data Quality
65 Trey Mayfield Joins Census Bureau As Trump Appointee
66 Census Bureau releases new 5 year American Community Survey estimates
67 What the 2020 census will reveal about America: Stagnating growth, an aging population, and youthful diversity
68 Expert: Census Bureau May Not Have Count Ready by Deadline
69 The Census Bureau must be allowed to finish its job
70 2020 Census: The Bureau Concluded Field Work but Uncertainty about Data Quality, Accuracy, and Protection Remains
71 Massachusetts population steady at 6.8 million, US Census Bureau estimates
72 Will the 2020 census numbers be good enough, and how soon will we know?
73 US Census Bureau not releasing redistricting data until end of September
74 4000 more Iowans? U.S. Census Bureau releases 2020 population estimates
75 Nathaniel Cogley, Adam Korzeniewski Appointed To Census Bureau
76 Citizenship data is latest rollback of Trump census efforts
77 Census Bureau says operations will conclude by October 5
78 Household Pulse Survey To Gauge Coronavirus Pandemic Effect On US Jobs, Health : Coronavirus Updates
79 Census decision deals blow to Trump efforts on House seats
80 Census workers from across US are raising big concerns about this year's count
81 VERIFY: Yes, the Census Bureau can call you. They also might text you from these numbers
82 Census Bureau to complete final stretch of 2020 count despite ‘challenging’ conditions
83 Census Says Paper Forms Must Be Postmarked By Sept. 30
84 Benjamin Overholt Appointed To Census Bureau As 3rd Deputy Director
85 UPDATE: Last call for Census response as US Census Bureau announces final deadline
86 U.S. Census Bureau now targets April 30 to complete count for state apportionment of congressional seats
87 How The U.S. Census Bureau Worked With Amazon, Adobe, Facebook, Google For The 2020 Digital Census
88 Census Bureau makes substantial updates to COVID-19 data hub
89 Census Bureau releases new report on commuting patterns of older workers
90 VERIFY: Yes, the Census Bureau is sending emails and texts about a new survey related to the pandemic
91 Census Bureau Estimates US Population Reached 330 Million Thursday
92 Unsolicited Text From U.S. Census Bureau Has Link To COVID Survey: Is It Legit?
93 Time, transparency needed as Biden inherits frazzled census
94 Census Bureau Workers Worry Rushed Count May Yield Inaccurate Data
95 US Census Bureau starts PES recruitment
96 Judge extends order blocking the Census Bureau from ending count early
97 Mayor John Cooper's Office and the US Census Bureau Partner with Community Organizations to Hold Census Parade and Encourage Nashvillians to Participate in the 2020 Census
98 Senate Bill Would Give The Census Bureau More Time To Count
99 House of Representatives Examines Census Data Anomalies and Risks to Accurate State Numbers
100 2020 Census: Update on the Census Bureau's Implementation of Partnership and Outreach Activities