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1 CDC Says Impact of Pandemic on US Mortality Underestimated
2 U.S. reports about 300,000 more deaths during pandemic than in typical year
3 CDC's New Definition of COVID Contact: What That Means for You
4 U.S. CDC reports 224,221 total deaths from coronavirus
5 'Toxic': CDC staffers say morale inside the public health agency has plummeted during the pandemic
6 CDC’s credibility is eroded by internal blunders and external attacks as coronavirus vaccine campaigns loom
7 White House declines offers from CDC to help with contact tracing
8 US Health Agency Updates Guidelines on COVID-19 Transmission
9 CDC Director Doubles Down on Endangering Asylum Seekers
10 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Issues Guidance on Student Foreign Travel
11 Majority of people sickened by latest Listeria outbreak are from Massachusetts, CDC says
12 US CDC reports 8387047 coronavirus cases
13 Inside the Fall of the CDC
14 More Than 1,000 Current and Former CDC Officers Criticize U.S. Covid-19 Response
15 CDC optimistic coronavirus vaccines will be released by end of the year
16 Northern Ohio landlords sue CDC over coronavirus eviction moratorium, claiming agency overreached
17 U.S. CDC reports 218,986 deaths from coronavirus
18 CDC Acknowledges Covid-19 Can Spread Via Tiny Air Particles
19 Listeria outbreak in several states sickens Massachusetts residents, according to CDC
20 US racial and ethnic data for COVID-19 cases: still missing in action
21 Amid pandemic, confidence in CDC erodes with questions of political interference
22 Behind the White House Effort to Pressure the C.D.C. on School Openings
23 The inside story of how Trump's COVID-19 coordinator undermined the world's top health agency
24 U.S. CDC Discourages Cruise Ship Voyages
25 U.S. reports more than 83,000 coronavirus cases two days in a row as experts warn of difficult winter
26 Tokyo launches center for disease control as double epidemic feared
27 President Trump and his staff defied CDC coronavirus guidelines 27 times since Sept. 1
28 Past CDC Director Urges Current One To Stand Up To Trump | 90.1 FM WABE
29 US$100 million Africa Pathogen Genomics Initiative to boost disease surveillance and emergency response capacity in Africa
30 U.S. CDC reports 213,614 deaths from coronavirus
31 U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says it's safe for Pence to take part in debate
32 New CDC guidance gives colleges more information on COVID-19 testing, but public health experts still want more details
33 Battered by Trump, Robert Redfield of the C.D.C. Faces Pressure to Speak Out
34 CDC says coronavirus can spread indoors in updated guidance
35 As pandemic started, US fatal overdoses soared in the first quarter of 2020, new data show
36 UW doctor sounds alarm over study in CDC journal used by anti-maskers
37 FDA Panel Reviews Many Challenges Facing a COVID Vaccine
38 Trump aide says 'we're not going to control the pandemic'
39 The President and first lady tested positive for Covid-19. Here's what CDC guidelines say should happen next
40 CDC Extends Ban On Cruises From U.S. Ports
41 Pence ordered borders closed after CDC experts refused
42 Coronavirus can be transmitted through the air, CDC confirms
43 Trump aide says “we’re not going to control the pandemic”
44 CDC chief’s letter greenlighting Pence for debate draws criticism
45 CDC HIV Prevention Funding Opportunity for Community-Based Organizations
46 ‘We’re not going to control the pandemic’: White House chief’s comments undermine Trump’s closing message
47 Two Colorado churches win lawsuit against state's Covid-19 mask and crowd limit requirements
48 Despite the Trump administration's new policy, many pharmacies still won't vaccinate children against flu
49 CDC team reports on NCW pandemic | Coronavirus
50 South Korean officials find 'no direct link' between flu vaccine and recent deaths
51 US opioid deaths rising amid coronavirus lockdowns, state health officials say
52 At least 24 states are now reporting more new Covid-19 cases than they did a week ago
53 The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and COVID-19
54 Crews vacuum 'murder hornets' out of first nest found in US
55 What happened to the CDC? The storied disease agency is taking a back seat in the U.S. response to the coronavirus
56 CDC workers protest racism at agency
57 Remarks by President Trump After Tour of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention | Atlanta, GA
58 'We've been muzzled': CDC sources say White House putting politics ahead of science
59 CDC, the top U.S. public health agency, is sidelined during coronavirus pandemic
60 Volunteer who died in a COVID-19 vaccine trial in Brazil did not receive the vaccine
61 CDC abruptly removes new guidance on coronavirus airborne transmission
62 Political Appointees Meddled in C.D.C.’s ‘Holiest of the Holy’ Health Reports
63 The CDC recommends organizers cancel or postpone events with 50 people or more for 8 weeks
64 CDC says U.S. has 'way too much virus' to control pandemic as cases surge across country
65 Former CDC director says U.S. coronavirus response mixes politics with science in 'very dangerous' way
66 CDC Director Clarifies Change to COVID-19 Testing Guidelines
67 The Trump administration must stop sidelining the CDC
68 The CDC And The Pandemic: A Look Inside The Public Health Agency
69 Americans should prepare for coronavirus crisis in U.S., CDC says
70 Where is the CDC? How Trump sidelined the public health agency in a pandemic
71 US disease-fighting agency struggles as it seeks to avoid Trump's ire
72 What is the CDC?
73 CDC Relaxes COVID Testing Guidelines, Alarming Some Health Providers
74 CDC director: There are likely about 10 cases of COVID-19 for every diagnosed case
75 Where's The CDC Gone, As The Leader Of Coronavirus Policy And Communication? : Shots
76 New CDC guidelines come down hard in favor of opening schools
77 CDC says quarantine guidance does not imply immunity to coronavirus for 3 months
78 CDC tells states: Be ready to distribute vaccines on Nov. 1
79 US Consulate General Announces Updated Travel Health Notice from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) | US Consulate General in Bermuda
80 5 Former CDC Directors Criticize US Handling of Pandemic
81 U.S. CDC reports coronavirus cases rise nearly 75,000
82 The CDC is a national treasure. Why is it being sidelined?
83 White House considers shakeup at CDC over botched Covid-19 response, report says
84 No, the CDC Has Not “Quietly Updated” COVID-19 Death Estimates
85 CDC says U.S. could control coronavirus in 12 weeks if most Americans wear masks, social distance
86 Here's what the CDC recommends schools do as they reopen
87 Why is the CDC 'sitting on the sidelines' in the Covid-19 fight?
88 CDC warns Congress of 'significant public health consequences' if schools don't reopen in the fall
89 The coming of age of the Africa Centers for Disease Control
90 Trump trashes CDC school-reopening guidelines -- then CDC updates them
91 CDC's chief of staff, deputy chief of staff depart from agency
92 Human Rights Watch Letter to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Department of Homeland Security Regarding Orders Related to Suspending Travel Across US Borders
93 U.S. CDC reports 188,513 deaths from coronavirus
94 Public Health Media Library
95 CDC broadens eviction protections amid pandemic
96 CDC Employees Call For Racial Justice At The Federal Agency : Shots
97 Coronavirus response hurt by lack of funding for public health labs, CDC director tells Congress
98 5 former CDC directors on where US went wrong in its COVID-19 response
99 CDC director says no revised school guidelines despite Trump's push
100 Experts worry CDC is sidelined in coronavirus response