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Result Content Idea Research
1 World Rabies Day
2 New tracking devices to aid in continuing study of black vultures
3 USDA: 86 geese killed at Baldwin park by accident
4 United States, Zambia Sign MOU to Improve Wildlife Conservation
5 How an abundance of geese at a popular beach can put a city in a crappy situation
6 Aggressive mute swans wreak havoc on Greenwood Lake
7 USDA awards $5 million to support Wetland Mitigation Banking
8 How Ranchers Are Helping Conservation Efforts For The Lesser Prairie Chicken
9 USDA Wildlife Services Highlights Wildlife Damage Management Tools
10 Piping Plovers Nesting in Delaware Reach New High Number
11 Letter to the Editor: Swan Family Harassed by Jet Skiers Now Face USDA Death Sentence
12 South Euclid expected to use USDA sharpshooters to cull deer, but also look to sterilization
13 Officials propose change to red-cockaded woodpecker's status
14 Feds admit error in removing geese from Baldwin park
15 Advocates condemn feds' euthanizing of Baldwin park geese
16 278 birds removed from Five Towns parks
17 Feral Swine Aerial Eradication Begins at Havasu Refuge
18 “A Huge Lack of Transparency”: The Problem With USDA's $19-Billion Coronavirus Relief Program
19 US Department of Agriculture Releases Final Environmental Impact Statement With Full Exemption Alaska Roadless Rule By MARY KAUFFMAN
20 Bird coming off endangered list thanks to Ft. Benning conservation efforts
21 USDA Investigates Packages of Unsolicited Seeds from China
22 Rule recommendation met with both praise and distrust
23 USFWS director says federal protections for wolves will be removed by end of year
24 Armed with new research, ranchers rethink depredation
25 Idaho's wild wolves | Environment |
26 Red-cockaded Woodpecker Poised To End Perch On 'Endangered' List
27 Tracking what happened to the Canada Geese
28 Oregon announces new top 20 agricultural commodities list
29 Grant money available to livestock owners to prevent wolf attacks
30 Idaho Documents Reveal Weeks-old Wolf Pups Among 570 Maimed, Slaughtered Wolves
31 Groups decry proposal to roll back Tongass forest protections
32 'Feral Swine Bomb'? Find Out Why Wild Pigs Are Becoming a Problem Everyone Needs to Worry About
33 Top 20: Oregon's listing of agricultural commodities | News
34 Groups decry proposal to roll back Alaska forest protections
35 Can Ranching Help Sustain Florida's Biodiversity?
36 USDA Agrees to Review California Wildlife Control Program
37 Mountain Valley Pipeline regains permit to cross streams, wetlands
38 Wildlife Services rereleases predator-killing plans for Wyoming
39 MDA Grand Money Available to Prevent Wolf Attacks
40 Trump Order to Fast-Track Projects as Stimulus Shows Unclear Impact So Far
41 In Our Backyard: A Loudoun House and Its Land Transformed
42 USDA offers more aid to County farmers as drought enters week 12
43 Wolves in Colorado web series offers comprehensive view of predator reintroduction
44 Page A1 | Lincoln Journal Star e-Edition, a digital replica of the newspaper
45 Coastal Watch welcomes new leadership | News, Sports, Jobs
46 Daybreak: DPR extends comment period on neonic regulations
47 National parks giving free admission Saturday for National Public Lands Day
48 Analysts upbeat over Windstream bankruptcy exit, Uniti dispute's end
49 Trailing hound dogs killed by wolves in multiple counties, another dog threatened
50 USDA Investing $8.7M in South Dakota Conservation Projects
51 Wildlife Services to cut back killings pending environmental review
52 Herring, Schroer and Maupin Put Fresh Face on Farming
53 Daybreak Sept 28: Supreme Court fight awaits Senate | 2020-09-28
54 The Forest Service Announced it Will Axe Roadless Rule Protections in Alaska's Tongass National Forest
55 USDA Agrees to Limit Wildlife Kill Program in 10 California Counties
56 Shared State Episode 05: The Grandeur Of Our Mountains And The Vastness Of Our Rolling Plains
57 Wildlife Services ordered to reduce killing in some areas, report more details
58 Filling out census helps us all
59 House of A.D. King added to African American Civil Rights Network by Sec. of Interior David Bernhardt
60 Wildlife Services agrees to temporarily limit predator control; no more M-44s
61 USDA Wildlife Services
62 Get "Screen Overloaded" Kids Outside
63 USDA Announces New Lighting System Helps Deer Avoid Vehicles at Night
64 Niagara County Department of Health reports 2 rabid raccoon in Town of Royalton
65 Idaho massacre of 570 wolves and wolf Pups bolsters alarm over Trump attack on endangered species
66 Wildlife Services Will Limit Use Of Cyanide Traps In Montana
67 Killing as a Government Service • The Revelator
68 The secretive government agency planting 'cyanide bombs' across the US
69 Wildlife damage programs, a complicated entity
70 USDA Wildlife Services agrees to temporarily halt lethal wolf control, 'cyanide bomb' use
71 USDA and Maine CDC team up to distribute rabies vaccines in the wild
72 Voices: Settlement brings Wildlife Services' killing program out of the shadows
73 Pressure Mounts on USDA to Enforce Animal Welfare Act
74 Time for county to end Wildlife Services contract
75 Lawsuit Filed to Stop US From Killing Coyotes in Idaho
76 After “Tiger King,” 53 Members of Congress Urge USDA to Crack Down on Animal Abusers
77 #Together Against Rabies: APHIS-Wildlife Services Works to Prevent Rabies
78 USDA conducts spring vaccine drop in response to rabies cases
79 Opinion: Why SC must have clean energy resurgence post-COVID-19
80 USDA Sued to Compel Humane Handling of Birds at Slaughter
81 Swans an invasive rife with conflict | Heraldrepublican
82 USDA’s ‘Wildlife Services’ Killed Nearly 1.5 Million Native Animals in 2018
83 Humboldt County Agrees to Prioritize Nonlethal Solutions to Wildlife Conflict
84 Lawsuit Targets US Department of Agriculture's Wildlife Services Wildlife-killing Program in 10 California Counties, Center for Biological Diversity Reports
85 Legal Action Halts Federal Use of Strangulation Snares in Washington
86 Animal group threatens to sue county over program that kills wildlife
87 Feral swine eradicated from Colorado thanks to work of state and federal partnership
88 Wolf conflicts in Wisconsin higher so far in 2020
89 Conservation groups file suit to block killing of coyote populations in Idaho
90 City to abate downtown vultures | News |
91 Keeping Our Military Pilots Safe from Wildlife Strikes
92 Lawsuit Says Feds Illegally Killing Montana Wildlife
93 Letter to the editor: On the re-authorization of the USDA Wildlife Services program and non-lethal options
94 USDA rereleases plan for killing predators in Wyoming
95 Animal activists slam Mendocino County supervisors for renewing contract to kill livestock predators
96 The Government Agency in Charge of Killing Wild Animals Is Facing Backlash
97 Bath finishes trapping program aimed at reducing number of rabid animals
98 Feds Illegally Killing Native Wildlife in Montana, Lawsuit Says
99 Kowtowing to livestock owners grazing on public lands is bad government policy
100 APHIS Student Interns: Making a Difference in the Future of American Agriculture