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1 Is the US Navy winning the war on maintenance delays?
2 The US Navy Has Drifted Badly Off Course
3 The Pentagon is eyeing a 500-ship Navy, documents reveal
4 Iran taunts US Navy with drone images of USS Nimitz
5 The future US Navy carrier air wing will fight at extended ranges, admiral says
6 The US Navy is short almost 100 fighter pilots
7 Pentagon chief says China is no match for the US Navy, even if it has more ships
8 A history of US military ships, from the Revolutionary War to today
9 Here's when the US Navy thinks the carrier Ford will be ready to deploy
10 The Reason Why This U.S. Navy Destroyer Flies a Pirate Flag
11 A US Navy destroyer just sailed into port flying the Jolly Roger
12 EMALS technology on Ford carriers will help the US Navy accomplish its mission
13 Chinese Navy Crafts Unmanned Sea Hunter Knock-off
14 US Navy carriers steam near Iranian coast in show of power
15 US Navy Expeditionary Sea Base USS Hershel Woody Williams conducted naval exercise with Senegalese Navy
16 US Navy's long-delayed plan for its future force is nearing the finish line … sort of
17 Fighter pilot shortage puts US Navy in a quandary
18 Pentagon Report: China Now Has World's Largest Navy as Beijing Expands Military Influence
19 Future U.S. Navy fleet could include more than 500 ships
20 Divers may have found US Navy submarine Grenadier lost in WWII
21 US Navy searching for missing Nimitz sailor in Arabian Sea
22 America's top Marine says the US must shake up its military presence in the Pacific
23 After a grueling deployment, the carrier Eisenhower gets set for a dubious 'double pump'
24 Japan Self-Defense Forces, U.S. military to begin exercise Keen Sword, Oct. 26
25 US Navy tweet on commissioning of combat ship top in August 2020
26 US Navy build-up plans ‘may cement China’s resolve to modernise’
27 VIDEO: Marine F-35Bs Underway on UK Aircraft Carrier
28 Yes, China’s Navy Is the Largest in the World—but There’s a Catch
29 Did the US Marine Corps give up on a big ship-based surveillance drone too soon?
30 USNI News Fleet and Marine Tracker: Sept. 21, 2020
31 National Transportation Safety Board faults US Navy for Fitzgerald collision
32 A few months after getting home, the Theodore Roosevelt is about to deploy again
33 As Investigators ID Big Problems, U.S. Navy Blames “Fat Leonard”
34 The Navy has a 650-round ammo backpack that looks like it's straight out of ‘Predator’
35 Navy Declassifies 300 Pages of Probe into 1963 USS Thresher Disaster
36 US Navy sends warship near disputed islands a day after China's 'carrier killer' missile test
37 U.S. Navy strikes frigate during exercise near Guam
38 U.S. Navy's newest destroyer named after fallen Florida sailor
39 The Navy May Use Robo-Ships to Hunt and Kill Enemy Subs, Terminator-Style
40 Budget dysfunction threatens delays to US Navy's Columbia program
41 Navy destroyer Thomas Hudner sailed into Arctic with Canadian ships
42 US Navy's new amphibious landing craft are coming off the lines
43 Navy to Commission Guided-Missile Destroyer Delbert D. Black
44 Valiant Shield 2020: Joint force training to protect the Indo-Pacific
45 US Admiral Talks 3rd Chinese Aircraft Carrier: 'Go Ahead and Build that Big Ship'
46 Here’s what you need to know about the US Navy’s new deadly (and expensive) attack subs
47 What the Pentagon’s new report on China means for US strategy — including on Taiwan
48 What I learned in the US Navy
49 Navy: Norfolk Naval Shipyard CO Removed Over Poor On-Time Maintenance Rates
50 The Forgotten Fireball Made The First Jet-Powered Carrier Landing By Accident
51 US Navy Turns to Drones, AI to Monitor Rust
52 In the Navy
53 Remembering Hispanic-Americans in the US Navy | Local
54 US Navy issues contracts for unmanned surface ships research
55 Saab awarded ~$25.23M contract by the U.S Navy
56 US Navy Will Commission Guided-Missile Destroyer USS Delbert D. Black Sept. 26 at Port Canaveral
57 US Navy Orders Archerfish Mine Neutralisers from BAE Systems
58 NAAA Officially Dedicates Restored Golf Course
59 Changes In How The US Navy Incentivizes Innovation and Acquires New Solutions
60 USS Hershel 'Woody' Williams operates with the Senegalese Navy
61 US Navy Veterans Mesothelioma Advocate Strongly Encourages the Family of a Navy Veteran with Mesothelioma Nationwide to Call Attorney Erik Karst of Karst von Oiste
62 Lockheed Martin tapped to design large autonomous ships for US Navy
63 Beware, China: The U.S. Navy Is Building More Amphibious Assault Ships
64 USS Theodore Roosevelt returns to sea for carrier qualifications
65 US Navy's Twitch Account Criticized for Streaming Games With Offensive Player Names
66 Veterans Spotlight — US Navy Petty Officer Curtis Beal
67 Report to Congress on Chinese Naval Modernization
68 Lessons for the Navy's New Frigate From the Littoral Combat Ship
69 Does the U.S. Navy Have a 'Confidence' Problem?
70 U.S. joint forces sink ex-USS Curts during Valiant Shield live-fire exercise
71 Ahoy, Mates! Here’s what a Texas Navy Admiral Commission is all about
72 Why Are There So Few Black Admirals In The Navy? Some Blame A Culture Of Discrimination
73 Navy Mulling Extending Service Lives of Nimitz-class Carriers
74 Ronald Reagan Carrier Strike Group concludes Valiant Shield
75 USS Delbert Black destroyer to be commissioned on Saturday
76 Russian 'bullying' in Black Sea reminds some of Cold War incidents
77 U.S. Navy Blue Angels flyover in Pensacola to honor community’s resilience after Sally impact
78 India Seeks Naval Edge as China Penetrates Indian Ocean
79 Naval Academy Midshipmen Not Allowed to Go Home for Thanksgiving, Will Stay in Annapolis
80 Norfolk Naval Shipyard Commander Relieved
81 USS Nimitz Now Operating in the Persian Gulf
82 US Navy's top research office invests in digital twins
83 One of first females to join the silent service: 'I'm excited to see the day when women being on submarines is not a surprise to people.'
84 Tutor Perini Wins $47 Million Navy Contract
85 US Navy selects Lockheed Martin to deliver large unmanned surface vessel study
86 US Navy plane crashes in Virginia; crew found alive
87 US Navy Destroyer Delbert D Black sets sail for home base
88 Meet the Rubber Octopus and Other Non-Lethal Vessel Stoppers the US Navy Is Working On
89 US Navy Sailor Under Investigation for Arson in Bonhomme Richard Fire, Official Says
90 The Painful, but Necessary, Next Steps in the US-Taiwanese Relationship
91 US Navy officially christens newest Virginia Class submarine
92 Susan Lawrence, Moderator During Potomac Officers Club's Navy Forum, Comments on AFS' Recent Work With Navy
93 The U.S. Navy’s New Requirements for Its Large Unmanned Surface Vessel
94 Wanted ex-US navy officer held in Philippines
95 US Navy destroyer to be commissioned
96 Navy reverses decision that would have canceled Catholic Masses at bases in Southern California
97 United States Navy > US Navy COVID-19 Updates
98 US Navy service man who died at Pearl Harbor buried this week
99 Former Surgeon General of the U.S. Navy, Vice Admiral Matthew L. Nathan, M.D., Joins Board of Directors at Minneapolis-based Humanetics
100 Sailors, civilians line streets of Sasebo Naval Base in Japan, to salute exiting commander