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Result Content Idea Research
1 Carbon Pricing 101
2 1 Year Later: Comparing Pre-Pandemic prices to Today's on Amazon
3 Maryland sets the pace for progress on democracy reforms
4 Why are hundreds of US nursing homes reporting first-ever cases of COVID-19 now?
5 What can Congress do?
6 Toxic waste cleanups are lagging. We need polluters to pay to clean up their messes.
7 Nonprofit warns about stimulus scams | News, Sports, Jobs
8 Statement: Consumers need to go on defense after Facebook data breach
9 Price gouging persists on Amazon months into pandemic, US PIRG finds
10 Gianforte approves changes to Montana election laws
11 Our work
12 US PIRG, Environment America, and other advocacy groups file federal lawsuit over new process to determine the stringency of energy efficiency standards
13 Highway Boondoggles
14 Consumers in peril
15 Comprehensive bill calls for US to move beyond plastic
16 Highway Boondoggles 6
17 Your credit report may be wrong; here's what to do about it
18 America reaches milestone with COVID-19 vaccine widely available to those who want it, but hesitancy still casts a shadow
19 California's winding road ahead to 'carbon neutrality'
20 Advocate for the public interest
21 Local View: With time running out, poetry can help counter climate change, too
22 US PIRG Education Fund urges the public to hold Coca-Cola accountable on its pledge to reduce plastic use
23 The No Surprises Act: How PIRG and a returning alum helped win a new federal ban on surprise medical bills
24 Nursing home safety during COVID: Staff shortages
25 My virtual internship at the Florida Student Public Interest Research Groups
26 Commentary: What to make of the genuinely good news in the ocean of 2020 campaign cash
27 Venues still waiting for cash after lobbying victory
28 The Coming Battle Over Building Better Highways
29 Illinois lawmakers considering legislation that could hike ComEd bills less than a year after utility admitted multimillion-dollar bribery scheme
30 EPA hears divergent opinions on chemical recycling
31 REPORT: Nursing home safety during COVID: PPE shortages
32 Fixing the Broken Textbook Market
33 Oregon one of many states considering phone, computer 'right-to-repair' bill
34 Why The U.S. Needs a Bold 2030 Mode Shift Target
35 Car insurers should give more money back to customers, consumer group says
36 New report: A blueprint for stronger, more sustainable American infrastructure
37 Release of New Report: Open 101
38 Right to Repair 2020 wrap-up: Notable wins as campaign advances
39 NV Senate Committee Introduces Energy Savings Bill (SB382) to Cut Carbon, Save Money
40 Deals with publishers could make college textbooks more expensive
41 FLOTUS and Cardona hit the road again
42 Consumer Complaints Break Records
43 Major textbook publisher merger will cost students
44 Black Lives Matter.
45 US Public Interest Group Calls on State Lawmakers to Ban Brands' Practice of Destroying Unsold Goods
46 35th annual Trouble in Toyland report uncovers mislabeled and dangerous toys
47 Following the Money 2018
48 Responding to the crisis
49 OSU: Beyond Earth Day Guide
50 Colorado Urged to Prioritize 'All Electric' Buildings
51 Report: Nursing homes cope with huge staff shortages
52 Buy bank stocks after Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan, and BoA earnings wowed: research group
53 Union-backed bill calls for prevailing wage for Illinois renewable projects
54 Hospital Repair Restrictions
55 New report: Toxic waste cleanup efforts lag, putting Americans at risk
56 Student Group Releases New Report on Textbook Prices
57 How Do Dating Apps Use My Data? A Video Explainer
58 Butt pinches, threesome requests and a glass ceiling: sexism is systemic in Michigan's political culture
59 Blueprint for America
60 Top healthcare professionals send letter to US leaders saying it's time to shut back down, start over and do it right
61 7 Bad Highway Projects, for a Very Bad Year
62 Statement: Toxic metals found in baby food
63 Nursing Home Safety During COVID
64 Safer School Supplies: Shopping Guide
65 Public Interest Group Calls for an End to Rewarding 'Waste Makers'
66 Public Interest Research Group Releases 2020 Trouble In Toyland Report
67 Consumer groups support REX suit against anti-rebate law
68 COVID-19 pandemic worsens existing consumer problems with car buying
69 Glyphosate pesticide in beer and wine
70 Alternative Investment Managers Benefit from Secular Tailwinds
71 Toward Common Ground 2020
72 Environmental bond act to go before voters in November 2022
73 Rising Investment Risk Yet Resilient Growth for Chinese Lifers
74 New report grades all 50 states on Volkswagen settlement spending plans
75 Zero Waste
76 Consumer advocates sue CFPB for granting financial services industry illegal influence over consumer protection policy
77 Modernize The Vote
78 Humira manufacturer's efforts to block generic options challenged in court
79 Study: Pandemic Made Textbooks Unattainable For Some College Students
80 Right To Repair
81 Statement on the Overtime Rule
82 Top economists call on states to 'Start Over and Do It Right' to contain COVID-19
83 Cities across the country are leading the way on electric buses
84 Health groups call on US Senate to protect emergency workers
85 Biden Administration Imposes Additional Sanctions on Russia
86 Debit cards on campus
87 Governor Phil Scott joins US Climate Alliance to applaud the decision to rejoin the Paris Climate Agreement
88 ComEd’s ‘smart grid,’ other modernization moves are soaking electricity consumers, Illinois PIRG says
89 Democracy For The People
90 Make Polluters Pay
91 Right now on Right to Repair
92 Former CFPB Director Rich Cordray offers insights on consumer protection, government response to COVID-19
93 Covid-19 price rises still rampant on Amazon, research finds
94 REPORT: Highway Boondoggles 5
95 Carrier Agrees to Acquire Guangdong Giwee Group, a China-based HVAC Manufacturer
96 Food Recall Failure
97 This company wrote use-of-force policy for Brooklyn Center and Wisconsin
98 PIRG Files Amicus Brief in Support of Humira Plaintiffs
99 High Levels of Lead Found in Fidget Spinners
100 130+ groups send letter to Whole Foods Market calling on company to put “Planet Over Plastic”