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1 US Travel Association Report Uncovers Bleak Job Figures
2 Devastated U.S. Travel Industry Asks White House For Massive New Bailout
3 US Travel Association Urges Government to Ramp Up Testing
4 Travel Industry Appeals to Congress for Aid Amid COVID-19 Resurgence
5 US Travel Association Outlines 6 Relief Needs for Next COVID-19 Package
6 US Travel Association: Talks on COVID-19 relief must continue
7 Travel industry leaders ask Trump, lawmakers to expand COVID-19 testing to revive sector
8 Should Anyone in the U.S. Be Traveling Right Now? Industry Trade Group Responds
9 Opinion: Scars inflicted on travel are looking permanent
10 Traveling may not be safe, but leaving vacation days behind isn’t healthy, either
11 Traveler confidence plummets as Covid-19 cases surge
12 Road trip? Quarantines mess with Americans’ travel plans
13 US Travel Urges Passage of STEP Act to Support Tourism Industry
14 US Travel: With proper measures, travel can move forward
15 Travel Industry Submits Relief Requests as Closures Spike
16 The future of travel: How tourism slowly recovers from the coronavirus pandemic
17 US Travel Reacts to Economic Plunge
18 Trump Signs, US Travel Association Reacts to Breakdown of Coronavirus Relief Talks
19 Americans Still Banned from Travel to European Union Countries
20 Strict Mask Usage, Consistent Safety Measures Paramount to Travel's Recovery
21 US Travel sees long-term threat to millions of travel jobs
22 National Study Shows 40% Unemployment in Hospitality Sector
23 U.S. Travel CEOs: Economic Recovery Impossible Without National COVID-19 Testing Plan
24 As summer travel season winds down, take the Pure Michigan Pledge
25 US Travel urges lawmakers to boost pandemic relief
26 As Airbnb struggles with plunge in travel ahead of IPO, hosts are complaining about missing payments
27 New Toolkit Helps Americans Travel Responsibly, Confidently
28 US Travel Community Praises PPP Eligibility Change in Senate Relief Package
29 Alaska leaders' help is needed to save Alaska tourism
30 Travel shaming during coronavirus: People are afraid to post online
31 Will business travel ever be the same?
32 Report: Florida losing $1 billion a week in travel business
33 FACING REALITY | Strict mask usage and consistent safety measures paramount to travel's recovery
34 US Travel praises House passage of National Parks bill Read more Skip
35 Op Ed: Ron DiLeo On What's Next For Travel Industry Associations
36 Loews Hotels CEO: Business Travel Won't Return This Year
37 Montana tourism industry riding pandemic highs and lows; recovery could take time
38 U.S. Travel Association Lays Out Future of Industry
39 Hotel Sector Recovery Begins As A Local Affair
40 GBTA Urges for Enhanced Transatlantic Cooperation to Restore Safe Travels
41 The future of safer business travel post-coronavirus
42 How credit card companies are saving the travel industry during COVID-19
43 Debate on face masks divides air-travel industry | TheHill
44 STEP Act Would Provide Needed Relief for Travel Employers
45 Chamber: Trump's executive orders won't cut it
46 US Travel Association Releases Industry Guidance for 'Travel in the New Normal' (Video)
47 Travel groups concerned about stalled coronavirus relief bill
48 Coronovirus May Reduce Foreign Travel To The U.S. By 6% Through April, U.S. Travel Association Forecasts
49 POLITICO Playbook PM: Wilmington preps for the VP candidate
50 Plunging San Francisco Tourism Isn’t Expected To Recover Until 2025
51 Associations list priorities for new federal stimulus
52 US Travel Estimates COVID-19 Impact 9 Times Worse Than 9/11
53 To Cut 25% Of Staff As Pandemic Puts Travel Industry On Life-Support
54 US Travel Association Tries To Salvage National Tourism Week 05/04/2020
55 Worried About Crowded Flights? Know Where Your Airline Stands
56 US Travel Association strongly encourages mask wearing
57 U.S. Travel Association Reveals Coronavirus Impact On Travel Is 9x Worse Than 9/11
58 K Street wants fewer restrictions on 2nd PPP loans
59 Germany drops travel warnings for some Turkish provinces
60 7 staycation ideas to keep you sane
61 Travel CEOs Urge Federal Government to Improve COVID-19 Testing
62 Can New York's Attorney General take down one of the most feared forces in American politics?
63 US Travel Association Cancels IPW 2020
64 Associations Raise the Bar for Sustainability
65 Hawaii's rise in COVID-19 infections has landed it on New York's travel quarantine list
66 U.S. Travel Association Unveils 10-Year Agenda at a Turbulent Time for Travel
67 Monterey airport traveler numbers about a quarter of last year’s
68 US Travel Association response to the US travel ban with Europe
69 Live updates: Face masks with valves or vents do not prevent spread of coronavirus, CDC says
70 Stats: Travel Spending in U.S. to Drop 45 Percent in 2020
71 US Travel Association lobbies for travel tax credit
72 U.S. Travel Association: Worst Travel Job Losses in Next 6 Weeks
73 U.S. Travel Association: Coronavirus Catastrophic for Travel Businesses
74 How Hotel Chains Got a Slice of Government Aid for Small Businesses
75 U.S. economy expected to lose 4.6 million travel-related jobs this year from coronavirus fallout
76 A 33 Percent Drop in U.S. GDP and the Ominous Signs for Travel’s Recovery
77 U.S. Travel Association, airlines reveal plans for changes coming to the industry
78 US Travel Reacts to EU's Plans to Ban American Travelers
79 U.S. Travel Industry Warns Of $910 B Coronavirus Losses: Seven Times 9/11
80 Americans Are Hitting the Roads and Heading to National Parks
81 Coronavirus could have an huge impact on economy; local tourism officials optimistic
82 US Travel Association cancels annual conference
83 Impact of Coronavirus on Travel Industry Job Losses Worsens
84 US Travel Association head shares global snapshot of tourism
85 Air travel preferred for pet relocation
86 Amazon Steps Up Counterfeit Crackdown
87 US Travel Community Reacts to Increased Travel Restrictions
88 Sen. Susan Collins altered coronavirus relief legislation amid lobbying from longtime former aide
89 Next Round of Coronavirus Relief: What the Travel Industry Needs
90 Home Depot Gives Out Kids' Kits, Hosts Digital Classes
91 US Travel Association President & CEO Roger Dow
92 What the End of the $600-a-Week U.S. Unemployment Check Will Mean for Travel’s Displaced Masses
93 Kroger Ship To Provide Expanded Assortment Via Marketplace Offering
94 IPW is Cancelled Announces US Travel Association Read more / Skip
95 How hard will the coronavirus hit the travel industry?
96 Rethinking Hotels for a Post-Pandemic Scenario
97 Hawaii's surge in COVID-19 deaths related to shortfall in contact tracing, Lt. Gov. Josh Green says
98 US Travel Association blasts New York quarantine order
99 Plan to bar Americans, legal immigrants from returning to US if COVID-19 suspected spurs anxiety
100 US Travel Market Share to Continue Decline Through at Least 2023: Report