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1 UK to boost defense budget by $21.9 billion. Here's who benefits — and loses out.
2 UK aid budget facing billions in cuts
3 UK spending review: five things to watch
4 Blown budgets and delays: a recent history of UK defence spending
5 Hackers HQ and Space Command: how UK defence budget could be spent
6 Charities urge Johnson not to cut UK aid budget
7 UK budget won’t be balanced this decade, says head of Institute for Fiscal Studies
8 Budget and staff cuts impacting enforcement in UK
9 Justin Welby warns Tories against cutting Britain’s overseas aid budget
10 Chancellor sets Budget for March 2021
11 The UK is diminishing its influence by cutting its aid budget in a global crisis
12 UK budget deficit reaches $286b in seven months
13 'Retail therapy for neo-cons': How can UK Government justify £16.5bn war budget?
14 The UK's aid budget – what you need to know
15 Kate Forbes: Next budget one of most important since devolution
16 Huge UK Military Budget Increase Sends Message of 'Continued Subservience' to USA, Campaigner Argues
17 Luvvie Bob Geldof orders Boris Johnson to keep hands off £15billion foreign aid budget
18 NHS Test and Trace budget now bigger than police and fire combined
19 Letter: Defence needs a budget for long-term projects
20 UK defence budget sees investment boost
22 PM defends Test and Trace 'value' as budget soars to £22 billion
23 Archbishop of Canterbury: Justin Welby warns against foreign aid cut
24 How to start a property management company in the UK
25 For the sake of British Business we must maintain our aid budget
26 Guatemala's controversial budget 'shelved' amid protests
27 Scottish Budget set for 28 January without UK tax plan
28 Hungary and Poland must back down in EU budget fight, says Romania’s PM
29 The U.K. budget is coming — here’s what to expect
30 'A commitment to the world's poorest': government urged to preserve aid budget
31 EU BLUNDER: UK taxpayers cash hit by Brussels 'error' – billions lost or misspent
32 Victorian budget: Soaring debt and deficit, but no need to panic
33 Realme Watch S gets budget price tag and global release
34 Donate your Christmas party budget to Drapers x FTCT Covid-19 Appeal
35 Budget 2020: Chancellor pumps billions into economy to combat coronavirus
36 'We should have left YEARS ago!' Farage rages at 'fraudulent' EU after shameful report
37 Devolved farm ministers demand that Westminster honours rural funding promises
38 As coronavirus derails UK budget plans, what happens now?
39 UK Budget 2020 | Key Tax Provisions from the UK 2020 Budget
40 Sunak axes budget in scramble for urgent measures to save jobs
41 Budget 2020: UK public finances 'vulnerable' to borrowing shock
42 Boris Johnson sidesteps calls to recommit to aid spending target
43 Budget 2020: What you need to know
44 Budget 2020: documents
45 UK’s flagship new science funder delayed
46 U.K. Budget Deficit Swells to Record on Coronavirus Stimulus
47 U.K. Budget Deficit Hits $222 Billion Under Lockdowns
48 After Brexit, U.K. budget offers boost to science
49 Climate change in Cuba: call for bids
50 UK budget 2020: experts react
51 Breaking News | Africa: How a UK Aid Budget Cut Will Hollow Out a World Reeling From Covid-19
53 Hope and despair as Northumberland County Council draws-up budget for 2021/22
54 Sunak weighs delaying autumn Budget on second Covid wave
55 U.K. Budget 2020: Impacts On Business, Housing, And Your Money
56 UK cues up big funding increases for R&D
57 UK budget deficit to rise to £300bn this year, OBR says
58 UK finance ministry sees budget deficit hitting 337 billion sterling: Telegraph
59 U.K. Posts Record Budget Deficit; Retail Sales Drop on Virus
60 Sunak launches third UK budget in nine days – and the most crucial
61 Why are personal injury law firms wasting their marketing budgets?
62 US tech companies will be hit with new UK tax in just three weeks
63 From coronavirus to climate crisis: what to expect in Sunak’s first budget
64 Chancellor launches Budget process to usher in 'decade of renewal'
65 U.K. Budget Deficit Hits $271 Billion Amid Calls for More Aid
66 How the UK’s new chancellor can open the spending taps in the Budget
67 Between Tax Hikes and Spending Cuts, Brits Are Clear
68 Budget 2020: UK pledges cash to tackle coronavirus and climate change
69 Budget 2020: A decade of UK tax and spending in six charts
70 The UK Budget can slay the pessimism that fed populism
71 Shallow self-interest shapes the EU rule of law showdown
72 Believe the hype – budget 2020 is very important
73 Coronavirus: UK borrowing to see 'colossal increase' to fight virus
74 Economists warn of UK jobs crisis ahead of crucial budget
75 Rishi Sunak's budget spending spree could come at a high price
76 Coronavirus: Autumn Budget to be scrapped this year
77 Fylde coast digital effects studio pledges to support charity with unused Christmas party budget
78 UK cancels budget as coronavirus cases rise
79 INSIGHT: Business Tax Measures in the First UK 2020 Budget
80 The UK needs a budget that meets the scale of the challenges we face
81 Budget 2021: A reversion to JR Jayewardene policies of 1940s?
82 Budget 2020: Your essential guide to Rishi Sunak's debut
83 5 things the UK’s ‘coronavirus budget’ can deliver
84 Higher taxes expected in next UK budget to pay for COVID spending
85 'Tough times are ahead': Observers anticipate drop in UK aid budget
86 Budget 2020: Key climate and energy announcements
87 U.K. Faces Biggest Budget Deficit in Peacetime History
88 Scotland's implicit budget deficit could be around 26-28% of GDP in 2020-21
89 UK Budget 2020: Imperial experts respond | Imperial News
90 The UK Budget missed a critical opportunity to go green
91 Budget 2020: UK to launch £800m 'blue skies' research agency
92 IFS Green Budget 2020
93 UK budget: Three main takeaways for markets
94 Retailers welcome ‘critical boost’ from latest NSW budget
95 Coronavirus spending to triple UK budget deficit to over 175 billion pounds: think tank
96 UK Budget: Investments Must Focus on Cybersecurity and Privacy, Say Experts
97 Budget 2020: Chancellor must raise taxes in first Budget, says IFS
98 Rishi Sunak should opt for masterly inactivity in his first UK Budget
99 Proposed UN programme plan and budget for 2021
100 When is the UK Budget 2020?