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1 Overseas health workers to get free UK visa extension, says Home Office
2 UK immigration database secretly compiled by Home Office
3 A secretive Home Office unit has hoarded data on millions of people
4 Home Office still has no agreements with other countries for deportations central to new immigration plan
5 Home Office revives plan to deport non-UK rough sleepers
6 Yemeni family's asylum claims to be looked at together after Home Office U-turn
7 The Home Office is preparing another attack on encryption
8 Home Office ‘presenting opinion as fact’ on immigration issues, lawyers warn
9 Home Office issues further guidance on right-to-work checks for EEA nationals during grace period
10 Home Office signs legal agreement to ensure Windrush failures are not repeated
11 Controversial UK immigration policy revived by Home Office
12 Legal action against UK Home Office over child asylum seekers
13 Home Office misleading public on UK immigration issues
14 New Plan for Immigration: policy statement (accessible)
15 Nawazs immigration status protected by law: UK Home Office
16 Home Office hit with legal action over UK immigration policy
17 8 out of 10 last-minute attempts by immigration offenders to avoid removal are rejected, study finds
18 Five-year-old takes Home Office to high court over benefits ban
19 New Director General for Homeland Security announced
20 Hong Kong UK welcome programme – guidance for local authorities
21 Home Office admits new immigration plans may see more genuine trafficking victims locked up
22 Home Office spends £13,354 per person on deportation flights
23 Issues raised by people facing return in immigration detention
24 Free UK visa extension for overseas health workers
25 A new Windrush is in the making. Its victims are the most vulnerable of young people
26 Facebook leak update. Data breach at Atlantic Media. UK's Home Office collection of personal data. Web shells and criminal carders.
27 Government announces £43m support for families moving from Hong Kong to UK
28 Home Office to send more asylum seekers to ‘unsuitable’ Napier barracks
29 Asylum seekers told they will stay at Napier barracks for months
30 Home Office expenses in 2020 the Magdelen Arms, Oxford
31 Ex-Home Office official accused of improper relationship with law firms
32 Woman rejected for settled status despite living in UK for 17 years
33 British nationality law reform aims to remove Windrush anomalies
34 Home Office still plans to house 28 asylum seekers to a dorm at Napier Barracks despite Covid outbreak
35 Chloe Squires is the UK's New Director General for Homeland Security
36 Dozens of asylum seekers moved to Napier Barracks despite warnings of ‘unsuitable’ accommodation
37 Teach in England if you qualified outside the UK
38 Working from home is revolutionising the UK labour market | VOX, CEPR Policy Portal
39 Will Home Working Continue? Bank of England Sees `Hybrid' Office and Home Model
40 Home Office completes transfer of all business apps to Oracle Cloud
41 Channel crossing: Illegal migrant attempts reach new high despite Home Office crackdown
42 New UK immigration watchdog appointed
43 People urged to apply now for British passport
44 Bristol mum stranded in Serbia feels like 'second class citizen'
45 Officials urged to investigate claims of hundreds of 'non-essential' visits to UK
46 UK immigration staff report 8000 tourists arriving daily
47 Home Office Fails to Explain Strange Expenses – Byline Times
48 Home Office guidance on right of EU citizens to work in UK
49 Protocol for membership of the Home Office Register of Forensic Pathologists (accessible version)
50 The refugees who would have faced deportation under Patel's new immigration plans
51 Asylum seekers being moved to areas 'at risk of far-right attacks'
52 The future is now: The new world of work in the UK
53 UK: Home Office's offshore refugees plan is 'utterly reckless'
54 The U.K. Home Office Wants To Remove Migrants And Won’t Rule Out “Bonkers” Ways Of Doing That
55 Alarming rise of abuse within modern slavery system
56 Home Office data: February 2021
57 Channel crossings: Migrant stowaways found hiding on vessel
58 Dawood Ibrahim’s Pakistani aide Jabir Moti to be freed from UK prison as US drops extradition request
59 UK adds Pakistan to 21 high-risk states list
60 Home Office is creating a 'super database' on people's race, health and biometrics, report
61 NHS doctor and young daughter ‘left in limbo’ by Home Office after death of consultant husband
62 Open Rights Group demands Home Office transparency on end-to-end encryption
63 Lustworthy homes near thriving high streets in the UK
64 Home Secretary commends LBC investigation after 'disgusting' people smuggler is jailed
65 Home Office to scrap 'racist algorithm' for UK visa applicants
66 UK Home Office Announces New Immigration Guidance for Those Affected by COVID-19
67 Office access and opening times
68 Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Zhao Lijian's Regular Press Conference on April 8, 2021
69 Home Office wrong to stop asylum seekers working in UK, court rules
70 Foreign & Commonwealth Office diversity and equality report 2019 to 2020
71 How to build a home office in your garden on a budget to add value to your property
72 Home Office statistical work programme 2020 to 2021
73 Jumio Adds iProov's Award-Winning Liveness Detection to its KYX Platform
74 Prince William's sentimental home office accessory
75 PwC tells staff to split office and homeworking after Covid
76 The UK needs a robust border policy, but right now we can’t see if it is working
77 Quilliam: British 'counter-extremist' group closes citing lack of funds
78 People may quit if forced to work from home, Rishi Sunak warns
79 Indoor and outdoor home offices set to increase as workers adapt to new normal
80 Capita to close more offices as working from home options increase
81 Home Office appoints new head of Homeland Security
82 UK Home Office asked to clarify timeline, costs to deploy ESN – Urgent Comms
83 Response to the report 'An Inspection of the Home Office Presenting Officer function'
84 COVID-19: HSBC could move more than 1,200 staff to permanent work-from-home contracts
85 Inspection Report Published: An inspection of the Home Office's use of sanctions and penalties
86 Jamaican Deportation Action and The UK Home Office
87 IKEA still struggling to keep up with huge demand for desks and chairs during home office boom
88 UK Home Office Data Loss Incidents Surge by 120%
89 Home Office policy for removing migrants unlawful, court rules
90 Authority to Carry Scheme 2021
91 Vulnerable left desperate as Home Office fails to respond to nearly half of MP enquiries on time
92 Areas of research interest relevant to the Home Office
93 Home Office workforce diversity statistics 2019 to 2020
94 Home Office working to restore Police National Computer data
95 Summary of latest statistics
96 Inspection Report Published: An inspection of the Home Office Presenting Officer function
97 UAE general unsuitable for role of Interpol chief, says UK report
98 UK Skilled Worker visa
99 British National (Overseas) visa: Apply in the UK
100 Farm labour crisis looming with Covid rates high in Europe