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Result Content Idea Research
1 Education ERP Market to Grow at a CAGR of 3.8% Over the Forecast Period (2019 – 2027) With Rising Adoption by the Growing Number of Educational Institutes Offering Technical and Professional Skills, Says Absolute Market Insights – KSU | The Sentinel Newspaper
2 Two-thirds of poorer countries are cutting their education budgets at a time when they can least afford to
3 Education Finance Watch 2021
4 What pandemic has taught us about education technology
5 Africa: Gender Bias Stymies Women's Careers in Stem
7 Two-thirds of poorer countries are cutting education budgets due to COVID-19
8 Why does science need to be more equitable for women?
9 Revisiting sustainable development Goal 4 in the context of COVID‐19 Pandemic: A case study of online teaching in Algerian higher education institutions
10 20 Years of INEE: Achievements and Challenges in Education in Emergencies [EN/AR/PT]
11 Japan Launches Circular Economy Collaboration with WEF
12 Women senators: Let's encourage girls to embrace science
13 What have we learnt? Overview of findings from a survey of ministries of education on national responses to COVID-19 (October 2020)
14 New data reveal that one out of three teens is bullied worldwide
15 UNESCO'S online international expert workshop on Culture|2030 Indicators begins
16 The R&D conundrum choking our exports
17 Reimagine education to achieve quality learning for all, UN and partners urge
18 Expat Exodus Adds To Gulf Region's Economic Diversification Challenges
19 Arevik Anapiosyan joins UNESCO's Institute of Statistics Governing Board
20 Global Education Monitoring Report 2020: Latin America and the Caribbean: Inclusion and education: All means all [EN/PT]
21 Capacity for undertaking Health R&D
22 Infographic: Tunisia has the highest percentage of STEM graduates
23 ‘Business as usual’ will not achieve global education goals
24 The Global Impact of Coronavirus on Education
25 Startling disparities in digital learning emerge as COVID-19 spreads: UN education agency
26 Through the lens of young Indian diaspora
27 New Methodology Shows that 258 Million Children, Adolescents and Youth Are Out of School
28 UNESCO issues dire projections for 2030 education targets
29 [News] UNESCO launches Culture|2030 Indicators publication
30 Academy marks World Engineering Day
31 Leveraging technology to make education accessible
32 Supporting quality education through citizen-led assessment
33 Coronavirus: How Unesco are plugging the global gap in education
34 Education 2030 Committee Issues Recommendations on SDG 4 | News | SDG Knowledge Hub | IISD
35 UNESCO seeks to reclaim its leadership of global education
36 Suze Orman: the Gamestop frenzy was crazy
37 Progress defining the new learning indicators for SDG 4
38 Access, retention and student success – A world of difference
39 The Equitable Education Fund and 60 Educational Reformers Partner to Hold an Interntional Conference on Equity Education: ALL FOR EDUCATION
40 UNESCO marks 60th anniversary of Convention against Discrimination in Education
41 Anti-poverty group misleads with patchwork of data on women's education in Africa
42 SDG 4 Report Calls to Double Finance for Education Monitoring | News | SDG Knowledge Hub | IISD
44 Televised Education, a Solution or a Problem?
45 Accelerating Foundational Literacy and Numeracy Through Focus, Measurement, Support and Accountability
46 Expert advocates women representation in STEM | The Guardian Nigeria News
47 Nearly 69 million new teachers needed to achieve global education goals, UNESCO reports
48 Education for health and well-being
49 Tackling Education in Liberia for Productive Outcome
50 Spread of literacy among women highlighted in UNESCO anniversary global review
51 Pre-primary education around the world: How can we provide quality universal early education for all?
52 Millions Learning Real-time Scaling Labs: Emerging findings and key insights
53 UNESCO Launches Data Digest for Monitoring SDG 4, Education Outcomes | News | SDG Knowledge Hub | IISD
54 Report Calls on International Community to Meet Education Goals
55 The Transatlantic Slave Trade Part V: Five Hundred Years Later, Are we still Slaves?
56 Radio in Education in the Face of COVID-19
57 UNESCO holds its first Partners' Forum
58 Almost 300 million kids missing school because of the coronavirus, UNESCO says
59 Protest returns to Bangkok as pro-democracy protesters and riot police clash
60 Picture a Scientist | The UCSB Current
61 Twice as many girls as boys will never start school – UNESCO report
62 World Teachers' Day: Quality education requires well-trained teachers
63 COVID-19: Kagame Roots for Increased Education Funding, Safe Reopening of Schools
64 Meeting Commitments
65 UNESCO: 264 million children have no access to school
66 At the dawn of Sustainable Development Goal 4, the Learning Metrics Task Force sunsets (Part 1)
67 Data: Education Isn't Free Everywhere -- THE Journal
68 UNESCO International Literacy Prizes 2018 call for applications and nominations
69 Platform Capital Group Partners JobSearch to Launch Africa Literacy Project
70 Australia lifts its performance on global mathematics and science test
71 COVID-19: More than 95 per cent of children are out of school in Latin America and the Caribbean
72 UNESCO Priority Gender Equality
73 UK Ambassador Letter Citing Inner City Press Scoops Stonewalled By UNESCO Like Guterres
74 Welcome to the UNESCO House
75 How Countries Are Reopening Schools During the Pandemic
76 Addressing the learning crisis: An urgent need to better finance education for the poorest children
77 3.7 million Afghan children don’t attend school, according to World Bank report
78 FALSE: PH most literate Asian country under Marcos, literacy rate dropped after his ouster
79 Teacher Task Force to take stock of progress on teacher education at Jamaica forum
80 The Ocean: From Science to Action
81 The stark COVID-19 challenges HE faces in Latin America
82 Lives Resumed by Education: The Second-Chance Education for Women and Girls in Nigeria
83 Has UNESCO lost its way?
84 School enrolment rates up but 21 million children in the Middle East & North Africa risk missing out on an education
85 Unesco: Bangladesh literacy rate reaches all-time high of 72.76% in 2016
86 UNESCO and the World Jewish Congress launch a new website to counter denial and distortion of the Holocaust online
87 New UNESCO report shows insufficient progress on including migrants and refugees in national education systems
88 Matric 2020: Overall NSC pass rate 76,2%
89 How many women work in STEM? | World Economic Forum
90 Strengthening the Online Education Ecosystem in India
91 Towards sustainable industrialization and higher technologies
92 Language policy in NEP-2020
93 UNESCO Education for Sustainable Development
94 One in Five Children, Adolescents and Youth is Out of School
95 UNESCO Reports Large Increase in Migrant and Refugee School-Age Children | News | SDG Knowledge Hub | IISD
96 Report: 3.7 million Afghan children don't attend school
97 IDUAI 2020: UNESCO calls to strengthen legal guarantees for access to information in times of crises
98 Iran Literacy Rate at 96%
99 World Bank Launches Learning Poverty Target in Support of SDGs | News | SDG Knowledge Hub | IISD
100 Investing in her education, building a better future