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1 CDC Covid-19 vaccine advisers call emergency meeting to vote on who gets one first
2 U.S. CDC Reports 266,051 Deaths From Coronavirus
3 CDC recommends against travel for Thanksgiving
4 US CDC reports 265166 deaths from coronavirus
5 National medical groups back the CDC in Akron case over eviction moratorium involving the coronavirus
6 The CDC is expected to shorten Covid quarantine time, something most everyone seems to agree on
7 AmerisourceBergen Reaches Agreement with US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to Support Independent Retail Pharmacies' Access to COVID-19 Vaccine
8 AcquaVitas Partners With HHS, CDC on Wastewater Coronavirus Study
9 US CDC reports 263,956 deaths from coronavirus | The Mighty 790 KFGO
10 US CDC reports 262673 deaths from coronavirus
11 CDC says COVID-19 cases in U.S. may be 8 times higher than reported
12 CDC issues robust new Thanksgiving guidance as cases surge in US
13 What guidance is CDC giving for holiday travelers?
14 Believe in science, it's a matter of life or death
15 'All people' should avoid travel on cruise ships, CDC warns
16 CDC analysis raises questions about HHS COVID-19 patient data tracking system
17 Vector-Borne Disease: CDC Report Outlines Steps for Prevention, Control in U.S.
18 Federal system for tracking hospital beds and COVID-19 patients provides questionable data
19 U.S. Centers for Disease Control now says masks protect both the wearers and those around them from COVID-19
20 US CDC reports over 2.65 lakh deaths from coronavirus
21 CDC: Kentucky part of predicted surge in COVID-19 hospitalizations
22 LIVE UPDATES: CDC to discuss coronavirus vaccine distribution plans
23 COVID-19 Hot Topics: Breastfeeding, and Mask Mandates
24 CDC Report: Officials Knew Coronavirus Test Was Flawed But Released It Anyway
25 Coronavirus: Bay Area counties resist CDC call to triage contact tracing
26 CDC predicts US coronavirus death toll could reach 321000 by mid-December
27 Over 6600 new coronavirus cases reported in Ohio Monday
28 Kemp, CDC to hold discussions on COVID-19 vaccine rollout
29 Coronavirus in Iowa: Tracking COVID-19 curve of cases, deaths
30 COVID-19 Roundup: Mask Mandates Reduce Spread, New CDC Study Says; MMR Vaccines vs. Coronavirus?; and Did Airport Screenings Work?
31 Kyrgyz Health Care Workers Receive Vital Equipment and Training for COVID-19 Response from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
32 US CDC reports 2.66 lakh deaths from coronavirus
33 U.S. CDC reports 255,958 deaths from coronavirus
34 Florida reports 6,659 new COVID-19 cases, bringing total closer to 1 million
35 CDC says masks can also benefit the wearer in strongest endorsement yet for face coverings
36 Fauci Warns of Another Surge of COVID Cases After Thanksgiving Travel
37 You Don’t Need to Worry About the New Ebola-Like Virus If You Live in the U.S.
38 Coronavirus in Vermont, Northern New York and New Hampshire: What you need to know
39 Public Health: Federal Programs Provide Screening and Treatment for Breast and Cervical Cancer
40 Coronavirus updates: Europe tightens restrictions; record number of cases in Wisconsin; Kentucky hits 'grim milestone'
41 Coronavirus in Kansas City: Tracking COVID-19 curve of cases, deaths
42 COVID-19: Can taking the window seat on a plane lower your risk of getting infected? Find out
43 Americans Were Advised To Stay At Home For The Holiday, But 1 Million+ Traveled By Plane Anyway
44 Health News Roundup: U.S. CDC reports 262,673 deaths from coronavirus; Los Angeles County to impose new COVID-19 restrictions on social gatherings and more
45 What have vaccines done for us?
46 Free COVID-19 testing continues; CDC worried about possible surge
47 CDC projects up to 282,000 Covid-19 deaths by December, a new forecast shows
48 The downfall (and possible salvation) of expertise
49 Between Pandemic, Evictions And Dropping Temperatures, Homeless Shelters Anticipate A Tough Winter
50 Moderna Announces Primary Efficacy Analysis in Phase 3 COVE Study for Its COVID-19 Vaccine Candidate and Filing Today with U.S. FDA for Emergency Use Authorization
51 COVID-19 hospitalizations in NC double over 2 months
53 Hope On The Way: Here's What You Need To Know About California's COVID-19 Vaccine Plan
54 What Does the CDC Do?
55 Coronavirus News: Cases in US likely 8 times higher than reported, CDC says
56 Experts warn of coronavirus surge after widespread Thanksgiving travel
57 City Officials Shift Focus to Positivity Rate of Tests, Rather Than People
58 First COVID-19 Vaccine Doses To Go To Health Workers, Say CDC Advisers
59 Legal Aid files lawsuit against N.C. courts, alleging violation of CDC eviction ban
60 Moderna asking US, European regulators to OK its virus shots
61 Where COVID Is on the Menu: Failed Contact Tracing Leaves Diners in the Dark
62 Birx urges Thanksgiving travelers to get tested: 'You have to assume that you were exposed and you became infected'
63 Live Covid news: Moderna to submit Covid-19 vaccine for FDA approval today
64 HOOKIPA Announces Positive Phase 2 Interim Safety, Immunogenicity, and Efficacy Data for its Cytomegalovirus Vaccine Candidate HB-101
65 These veterans haven't seen their families in three months. That's about to change
66 The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and COVID-19
67 US Consulate Announces Bermuda's Updated Classification from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) | US Consulate General in Bermuda
68 There's a federal moratorium on evictions. So why have more than 200 families in Milwaukee been evicted since then?
69 CDC’s credibility is eroded by internal blunders and external attacks as coronavirus vaccine campaigns loom
70 CDC says U.S. has 'way too much virus' to control pandemic as cases surge across country
71 CDC slowing pace on releasing new coronavirus health guidance
72 What happened to the CDC? The storied disease agency is taking a back seat in the U.S. response to the coronavirus
73 CDC, the top U.S. public health agency, is sidelined during coronavirus pandemic
74 'We've been muzzled': CDC sources say White House putting politics ahead of science
75 CDC workers protest racism at agency
76 CDC abruptly removes new guidance on coronavirus airborne transmission
77 Remarks by President Trump After Tour of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention | Atlanta, GA
78 COVID-19 Update: Moderna Applies for FDA Authorization for its Vaccine; US Reports Over 100,000 Daily Cases for Almost a Month; and More
79 CDC Says Impact of Pandemic on US Mortality Underestimated
80 White House declines offers from CDC to help with contact tracing
81 The Trump administration must stop sidelining the CDC
82 Former CDC director says U.S. coronavirus response mixes politics with science in 'very dangerous' way
83 Political Appointees Meddled in C.D.C.’s ‘Holiest of the Holy’ Health Reports
84 5 Former CDC Directors Criticize US Handling of Pandemic
85 Americans should prepare for coronavirus crisis in U.S., CDC says
86 Inside the fall of the CDC
87 Top U.S. Officials Told C.D.C. to Soften Coronavirus Testing Guidelines
88 US Consulate General Announces Updated Travel Health Notice from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) | US Consulate General in Bermuda
89 The CDC And The Pandemic: A Look Inside The Public Health Agency
90 US disease-fighting agency struggles as it seeks to avoid Trump's ire
91 US Health Agency Updates Guidelines on COVID-19 Transmission
92 The CDC recommends organizers cancel or postpone events with 50 people or more for 8 weeks
93 Where's The CDC Gone, As The Leader Of Coronavirus Policy And Communication? : Shots
94 White House considers shakeup at CDC over botched Covid-19 response, report says
95 CDC says quarantine guidance does not imply immunity to coronavirus for 3 months
96 New CDC guidelines come down hard in favor of opening schools
97 The C.D.C. Waited ‘Its Entire Existence for This Moment.’ What Went Wrong?
98 Where is the CDC? How Trump sidelined the public health agency in a pandemic
99 CDC says U.S. could control coronavirus in 12 weeks if most Americans wear masks, social distance
100 Here's what the CDC recommends schools do as they reopen