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1 After Biden Win, U.S. Intelligence Community 'Probably Doing Cartwheels'
2 Biden to nominate Avril Haines as next director of national intelligence; she would be the first woman to hold the position
3 CIA Awards Secret Multibillion-Dollar Cloud Contract
4 Biden's pick for top spy brings experience from CIA and White House
5 Coronavirus Pandemic Stands to Force Changes in U.S. Spy Services
6 Joe Biden Needs to Rebuild and Refocus the U.S. Intelligence Community
7 Getting the T's and C's Right: The Lessons of Intelligence Reform
8 Why Trump Should Not Have Access to US Intelligence After January 20
9 Intelligence-community support for Biden is all about wanting to play political games
10 Joe Biden picks former CIA official over Angus King for top intelligence post
11 Haunted virtual meetings. AWS APIs share vulnerabilities. US Intelligence Community conducts a post mortem on 2020 foreign election interference. Meet the future (a lot like the present, only moreso).
12 Intelligence Isn’t Just for Government Anymore
13 Biden Will Now Receive President's Daily Briefing
14 Biden faces repair job at U.S. spy agencies after tumult under Trump
15 What the Intelligence Community Doesn't Know Is Hurting the United States
16 Biden Introduces Diplomatic, National Security Team
17 Biden nominates first woman to lead intelligence and first Latino to head homeland security
18 IBM lands a 'cloud' deal with CIA as part of reported multi-billion dollar contract
19 Trump allies clash with top intelligence officials in quest to declassify more Russia documents
20 Jacobs Acquires Cyber and Intelligence Leader The Buffalo Group
21 The U.S. Intelligence Community Is Not Prepared for the China Threat
22 The US Intelligence Community Is Being Disrupted
23 Coronavirus may force the U.S. intelligence community to rethink how it does its job
24 Biden to Introduce Diplomatic, National Security Team
25 Biden Transition to US Power Formally Starts
26 Biden’s Cabinet Picks Include Some Firsts
27 National security veterans, intel officials react to Trump 'bloodlust'
28 What should the big shifts in US intelligence policy be under Biden?
29 Biden Says His National Security Team 'Reflects That America Is Back'
30 Jonathan Pollard and 35 years of US-Israeli intelligence
31 Saudi mega-city hires Edelman
32 Biden: 'The team meets this moment'
33 Support for U.S. Intelligence Continues, Despite Presidential Attacks and Concerns Over Transparency
34 Experts examine post-election foreign policy, intelligence, defense
35 Leading the Intelligence Community After 2020's Upheavals
36 On Biden's to-do list: repairing much of the executive branch
37 Biden: US ‘Ready to Lead the World, Not Retreat From It’
38 Unwanted Truths: Inside Trump’s Battles With U.S. Intelligence Agencies
39 Joe Biden picks for top jobs: A spy chief who fixes cars, an envoy who practices 'gumbo diplomacy'
40 With Trump, Russia probes behind it, polarized House panel looks to heal partisan rifts
41 The risks of politicizing the U.S. intelligence community
42 Spies Like AI: The Future of Artificial Intelligence for the US Intelligence Community
43 Fox News Settles Suit With Family of Murdered DNC Staffer Seth Rich
44 U.S. intel community says coronavirus "not manmade or genetically modified"
45 Biden's emerging climate orbit
46 The Intelligence Community is hiring during this time of crisis
47 U.S. Intelligence Community Is Still Investigating The Origins Of The Coronavirus
48 US, Israel worked together to track and kill al-Qaida No. 2
49 The intelligence community got the pandemic right. Then politicians botched it.
50 The Head of US Intelligence Has Ceased to Be an Honest Broker
51 Trump Has Politicized US Intelligence Agencies. It Could End in Disaster.
52 Rescuing US Intelligence by Kent Harrington
53 The Intelligence Community, Transparency, and Today's Threats To American Security
54 New Intelligence-Community AI Principles Seek to Make Tools Useful — and Law-Abiding
55 U.S. intel agencies warned of rising risk of outbreak like coronavirus
56 Diversity Lags at Top of U.S. Spy Agencies
57 President-elect Joe Biden reveals more cabinet picks
58 U.S. intelligence agencies say Iran, Russia have tried to interfere in 2020 election
59 U.S. Intelligence Community Assesses Beginnings Of COVID-19
60 Good Governance Papers No. 4: Congressional Oversight of the Intelligence Community
61 Responding to news of Russian interference, Trump sends chilling message to U.S. intelligence community
62 U.S. Intelligence Agencies Don’t See Evidence of Foreign Sabotage of Mail-in Voting
63 Intelligence Contractors Vying for Slimmer Spy Budget in FY 2021
64 Trump’s team trusts Russian intelligence over U.S. intelligence
65 Trump's refusal to concede creates strange gap between Biden and Harris on classified intelligence
66 FCC Again Moves on National Security, Proposing to Further Implement the Secure and Trusted Communications Networks Act
67 US intelligence community says COVID-19 not 'manmade'
68 The US Intelligence Community Is Caught in a Collector's Trap
69 US intelligence agencies started tracking coronavirus outbreak in China as early as November
70 Weird Hours, Contractor Concerns: How the Intelligence Community Is Grappling with Coronavirus
71 Top U.S. Intelligence Agency Rules Out The Theory That The Coronavirus Is Manmade
72 U.S. Intelligence Community Confirms Novel Coronavirus Not Manmade But Investigating Origins; Trump-China Rivalry Hampers Intelligence Gathering; Senior U.S. Officials Considering Retaliation Against China
73 Four ways U.S. intelligence efforts should change in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic
74 Is the Trump Administration Unduly Influencing the Intelligence Community?
75 The national security cost of Trump’s politicization of U.S. intelligence
76 Jacobs Engineering Group Inc (J) Q4 2020 Earnings Call Transcript
77 Sue Gordon to be Recognized with INSA 2021 William Oliver Baker Award
78 How US spy agencies are tracking the coronavirus pandemic
79 Russia Working to Damage Joe Biden’s White House Bid, U.S. Intelligence Agencies Say
80 Five things to know as intelligence community probes coronavirus's origins | TheHill
81 In Rare Move, U.S. Intelligence Agencies Confirm Investigating if Coronavirus Emerged From Lab Accident
82 As Conflict with Iran Intensifies, the U.S. Intelligence Community Is Still Leaderless
83 Trump slams former intelligence officials to explain 'reluctance to embrace' agencies | TheHill
84 Oracle Expands Government Cloud with National Security Regions for US Intelligence Community
85 Artificial Intelligence Community Growing, Transitioning > US DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE > Defense Department News
86 Whistleblower Protection: Actions Needed to Strengthen Selected Intelligence Community Offices of Inspector General Programs
87 Three Things to Look For in the 2020 "Worldwide Threat Assessment" from the US Intelligence Community
88 Republican lawmakers confirm intelligence reports on Russian operation to target U.S. troops but say material needs further review
89 Exclusive: After Quitting Last Year, Senior U.S. Intelligence Official Now Talks
90 Intelligence Experts Suspicious of DNI Ratcliffe On Laptop Story
91 The Intelligence Community Wants New COVID-19 Tracking Tools
92 Could the pandemic force the intelligence community to reconsider workplace flexibilities?
93 Intelligence community's top election official's statement warning of threats from China, Russia and Iran
94 US Intelligence Chiefs Could Scrap Annual Public Hearing
95 US intelligence agencies quick to detect Covid-19 and implications
96 Coronavirus 'Not Man-Made,' US Intelligence Concludes
97 Trump's New Director of National Intelligence Doesn't Understand His Job
98 US intelligence community should explain document denial in Khashoggi case, CPJ lawsuit argues
99 Trump’s intel chief is undermining U.S. intelligence. He should resign.
100 GeoSLU to Train Members of U.S Intelligence Community