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1 The Energy 202: Biden sends signal he is serious about climate change with John Kerry pick
2 UN chief hails Republic of Korea's vow to achieve carbon neutrality
3 Election results: Joe Biden wins — here’s what that means for climate change policy and the Green New Deal
4 'Foundational and necessary change' needed to heal post-COVID world
5 The US has left the Paris climate deal — what's next?
6 Joe Biden: How the president-elect plans to tackle climate change
7 South Korea and Japan Vow to Go Carbon Neutral by 2050
8 Around the halls: What should the Biden administration prioritize in its climate policy?
9 UN agency calls for global Green New Deal to overhaul financial system
10 Cho envisions a 'climate resilient society' for Korea
11 The climate crisis spawned a generation of young activists. Now they’re voters.
12 Greta Thunberg Hears Your Excuses. She Is Not Impressed.
13 Congress now has 6 Native Americans—a record. What's their stance on climate change?
14 Opinion: Biodiversity conservation during a global crisis: Consequences and the way forward
15 Mayors are among the first to sign C40's Clean Construction Declaration
16 The World is in Crisis. We Need a Global Green New Deal.
17 If Biden Wins, It Could Set in Motion the Reconfiguration of the World Energy Industry
18 To salvage multilateralism we need a Global Green New Deal
19 Latin America's Green New Deal | NACLA
20 Moon and other G-20 leaders pledge cooperation on pandemic, climate change
21 Only a Global Green New Deal Can Save the Planet
22 In Joe Biden's America, Jailing Climate Skeptics Is “Environmental Justice”
23 Top economists outline plan for a global green new deal
24 When the Green New Deal Goes Global
25 Asia-Pacific Nations Sign Huge Trade Deal With China While U.S. Sits It Out
26 Joe Biden and climate change: 10 executive actions President-elect Biden is planning
27 Finance Global Green New Deal for Sustainable Development
28 CSRWire
29 Reviving the trans-Atlantic relationship
30 The ‘green’ new deal should not be a new imperial masterplan
31 UN Scientists Just Endorsed a Piece of the Green New Deal to Fight Global Inequality
32 The Green New Deal Explained
33 Our investments should not drive the problems we ask grantees to solve
34 Evolving the narrative for protecting a rapidly changing ocean, post‐COVID‐19
35 Summer school looks at case for a global green new deal
36 China calls for global 'green revolution' as Trump goes solo on climate
37 No Matter Who Wins, the US Exits the Paris Climate Accord the Day After the Election
38 Oil and Gas Industry commits to new framework to monitor, report and reduce methane emissions
39 Climate change and the G20 agenda
40 We Have to Finance a Global Green New Deal — or Face the Consequences
41 Trade and Development Report 2019
42 Now Sanders wants a Green New Deal for the entire world
43 How to make the next Green New Deal work
44 COVID-19: Four Sustainable Development Goals that help future-proof global recovery
45 The Energy 202: Joe Biden walks political tightrope by saying he does not support the Green New Deal
46 Climate Crisis Weekly: What ‘Green New Deal’ really means
47 Climate Change and COVID-19: UN urges nations to 'recover better'
48 Why we need a global Green New Deal NOW
49 The Energy 202: This is how Biden's climate plan stacks up to the Green New Deal
50 A Green New Deal in a world shaped by the coronavirus is possible – in many countries, it is already a reality
51 Envisioning a Green New Deal: A Global Comparison
52 The transformative five: A new role for the frugal states after the EU recovery deal
53 Generation Forever War: Biden's National Security Picks Herald Return to Hawkish Normalcy
54 The Green New Deal Could have Been the Ultimate Solution for Climate Change
55 Biden climate change policies aren't enough to avoid catastrophe
56 The Green New Deal is going global
57 More green deals, more global warming
58 What Is the Green New Deal? A Climate Proposal, Explained
59 Tackling Inequality: A New Social Contract for a New Era | United Nations
60 Could a green new deal turn South Korea from climate villain to model?
61 8 Books About The Green New Deal
62 Time for a Global New Deal
63 MAS announces 20 finalists for the 2020 Global FinTech Hackcelerator
64 ‘Inspirational': Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez applauds mayors’ Global Green New Deal
65 Biden taps Tony Blinken, Janet Yellen for key cabinet positions
66 Gallagher Publishes OpEd on a Global Green New Deal | The Frederick S. Pardee School of Global
67 What to Know About the Green New Deal
68 COVID-19: A Desperate Need for a Green New Deal
69 UN development chief calls for green shift away from 'irrational' oil dependence
70 A View of the Green New Deal From Argentina
71 America can afford a Green New Deal – here's how
72 A New Deal for Sustainable Development
73 'Historic opportunity'
74 Global Elites Announce 'Great Reset' Plan—And It's Even More Radical Than the Green New Deal
75 Toward a Global Green New Deal by Richard Kozul-Wright & Kevin P. Gallagher
76 How Green Is Joe Biden's Green New Deal? | Dollars & Sense
77 COVID-19, development and a Green New Deal
78 What a Green New Deal would look like in every state
79 City council fuels Seattle's Green New Deal with JumpStart tax
80 Why Nikola Stock Is Rolling Downhill Today
81 Learning for a green recovery
82 A Time to Save the Sick and Rescue the Planet
83 Treating the morbidity of the multilateral system: toward a global Green New Deal
84 Green New Deal
85 Mayors of 94 cities are taking the Green New Deal global, as states fail to act on climate crisis
86 What is the 'Green New Deal,' and how would it work?
87 The Guardian view on the IMF and World Bank: back a global Green New Deal
88 'Tis the Season for Books About the Green New Deal
89 What to know about Michelle Wu’s ‘Green New Deal & Just Recovery’ for Boston
90 Economic Giants Are Restarting. Here’s What It Means for Climate Change.
91 Rep. Greg Walden: Green New Deal would cripple economy – Republicans have better way to fight climate change
92 The Green New Deal for Europe guarantees social and climate justice
93 World Mayors Announce Support For Global Green New Deal At Denmark Climate Summit
94 Europe’s Green Deal aims for the EU to be “climate neutral” by 2050
95 Radical reform and the Green New Deal
96 World Leaders' 'Great Reset' Plan for Global Economy Is the Green New Deal on Steroids
97 Green New Deal Won't Solve Global Climate Change
98 What's the 'Green New Deal'? The surprising origins behind a progressive rallying cry.
99 Secretary-General's Nelson Mandela Lecture: “Tackling the Inequality Pandemic: A New Social Contract for a New Era” [as delivered]
100 We need a better Green New Deal — An economist's take