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1 ‘It’s time’: As Congress debates citizenship legislation yet again, a DACA recipient grows frustrated
2 Federal Immigration Official Originally from Nigeria Charged with Illegally Obtaining U.S. Citizenship under Fake Identity
3 US Immigration Updates (March 2021)
4 Can you pass the US Citizenship test? Take it now
5 In video, Biden thanks new US citizens for 'choosing us'
6 I lived in the U.S. for 18 years without wanting to become a citizen. 2020 changed everything.
7 'We want to be involved in the country': How COVID has delayed the path to citizenship
8 COVID Changed Everything, Including How Colorado Immigrants Become American
9 Lara-Garcia: The border can't be our only concern. The U.S. needs an immigrant integration policy.
10 House passes two immigration bills that would establish path to citizenship for millions
11 How did Trump change the citizenship test and why did Biden reverse it?
12 Key facts about U.S. immigration policies and Biden's proposed changes
13 Explainer: Know the difference between a Green Card holder and a US Citizen
14 Other Voices: The best first step for Biden-era immigration reform
15 A Path to Citizenship Is on the Horizon for Undocumented Farmworkers
16 Oklahoma students cheer on cafeteria manager who passed US citizenship test | TheHill
17 Operation False Haven: Convicted Child Molester Sentenced for Passport Fraud, Civilly Denaturalized and Judicially Ordered Removed from the United States
18 A Seven-Year Journey from Asylum to U.S. Citizenship: Reflections on LGBTQ Immigrant Justice
19 Rep. Pramila Jayapal, Washington immigration reform advocates push hard despite border influx and questions over enforcement
20 USCIS Extends Flexibilities For Responding To Agency Requests
21 Operation False Haven: Convicted Child Rapist Sentenced for Naturalization Fraud, Criminally Denaturalized and Judicially Ordered Removed from the United States
22 Immigration Update: Biden Administration Takes Action
23 Biden's Immigration Bill Would Increase Green Cards by More Than 375000 a Year
24 Oklahoma students, staff celebrate cafeteria manager who passed US citizenship test
25 Poor Elijah's Almanack: Susceptible to tyranny | Perspective |
26 Letter to the Editor | Biden’s Immigration Bill
27 U.S. COVID-19 Immigration And Travel Ramifications
28 Navy sailor among 20 people from 14 countries to gain citizenship in Jacksonville
29 Atlanta Braves Ehire Adrianza Becomes a US Citizen
30 USCIS Completes FY 2022 H-1B Selection Process (April 2021)
31 1st TSC supports Chinese-born Soldier's U.S. citizenship quest
32 Bill requires Oklahoma schools to administer federal naturalization test
33 Video: Students, staff celebrate school cafeteria manager after she passes US citizenship test
34 Citizenship for the 'Dreamers'? 6 essential reads on DACA and immigration reform
35 Comprehensive immigration reform will be a challenge for Democrats
36 The House just advanced immigration reform with the Dream and Promise Act
37 Francisco Lara-García | The US needs an immigrant integration policy
38 American Dream and Promise Act of 2021
39 People separated by U.S.-Canada border say 'Families are Essential'
40 President Biden and Immigration: House Tackles Plans Amid Migrant Influx
41 The border can’t be our only concern. The US needs an immigrant integration policy
42 Fraudulent Asylee Became USCIS Adjudicator
43 Biden set to accept fewest refugees of any modern president, including Trump, report says
44 US immigration policy: A classic, unappreciated example of structural racism
45 U.S. Citizenship Act of 2021: Biden Immigration Policies
46 He's tireless about helping refugee and immigrant families
47 Exonerated a decade after his conviction, Bexar County man can now seek U.S. citizenship
48 April 4, 2021 Newsletter Powered By ABIL
49 HIAS Pennsylvania Hosts Annual Golden Door Awards, Honors America’s Diversity
50 The US Citizenship Act of 2021
51 EB-5 Reauthorization Bill Introduced In Senate
52 Can California Sen. Alex Padilla deliver immigration reform?
53 New U.S. Citizenship Test Is Longer and More Difficult
54 President Biden's Proposed U.S. Citizenship Act
55 House Passes 'Dreamer' And Farmworker Bills; Senate Passage Uncertain
56 Prairie Vale Elementary School Celebrates Cafeteria Manager After She Passes US Citizenship Test
57 "US Citizenship Act Of 2021" Unveiled By Biden Administration, Democrats
58 Guest column/Southern border situation a travesty | News, Sports, Jobs
59 It just got harder for immigrants: the U.S. naturalization test is about to change
60 New Trump administration citizenship test is more difficult for immigrants to pass
61 Immigration Compliance Applies To All Employers – Not Just Those Sponsoring Visas
62 Up to 100 new immigration judges would be added under Biden budget request
63 President-Elect Joe Biden's Introduces Comprehensive Immigration Bill, The US Citizenship Act Of 2021
64 The U.S. Citizenship Test Just Got Harder. Would You Pass?
65 DHS Withdraws Affidavit Of Support Proposed Rule
66 Opinion | 128 Tricky Questions That Could Stand Between You and U.S. Citizenship
67 U.S. citizenship test will be harder. Here’s where to find the new questions and answers
68 Once an immigrant has a green card, here’s what they have to do to become a U.S. citizen
69 Puerto Rican Domestic Workers and Citizenship in the 1940s
70 GOP congressional delegations surge upon South Texas border again, demand Biden administration fix migrant ‘crisis’
71 How To Become A US Citizen
72 Racial Justice Speaker Series: Raquel Aldana on “Citizenism”
73 Check-In: Study Buddy
74 Nearly 30% of encounters on the US-Mexico border in March were repeat crossers, administration says
75 Aspiring Americans Face Tougher Citizenship Test
76 Before the vote: Inside the American Dream and Promise Act
77 Statement by President Joseph R. Biden, Jr. on Introduction of the US Citizenship Act of 2021
78 The new naturalization test makes it harder to become a US citizen
79 Trump’s New Citizenship Test Is Full of Conservative Bias—And Dotted With Mistakes
80 EOIR Releases New Interactive Policy Manual
81 Worried about the new citizenship test? Here are the questions and answers in 9 languages
82 Tough new citizenship test takes effect as Trump leaves office. Why the change?
83 How to become a US citizen: 4 women share their different paths to citizenship
84 U.S. States That Do Not Require Residency To Get A Covid Vaccine
85 Call for Applications: The 2022-2023 Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship
86 Berkeley Graduate Federal Immigration Official Originally from Nigeria Charged with Illegally Obtaining US Citizenship under Fake Identity
87 Venezuelans apply for TPS, a game changer for undocumented asylum-seekers
88 Kent DTC backs six US House and Senate bills
89 Great news for immigrants needing help to become U.S. citizens. For now, at least.
90 Biden Administration Scraps Trump's Revised US Citizenship Test
91 Americans are renouncing US citizenship in record numbers – but maybe not for the reasons you think
92 US Naturalization Civics Test Returns to 2008 Version
93 SEVP Reports 2020 Drop In International Student Enrollment
94 Legislation inspired by Inquirer would help immigrants, but citizenship process needs bigger overhaul | Opinio
95 How new immigration legislation would fit into an already complex system
96 U.S. Citizenship Act of 2021 has mixed reaction
97 Biden’s Immigration Reform Proposal Explained
98 Class Action Filed Against DHS For L-2 And H-4 Processing Delays
99 The Case for Abolishing the Citizenship Exam
100 In 2020, I became a proud American citizen. Native critics don't know how good they have it.