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Result Content Idea Research
1 Asian Giant Hornets Arrive for Study and Preservation at Agricultural Research Service and Smithsonian Biorepository
2 Compound from Soil Bacterium Gets Reboot as Antibiotics Super Booster
3 USDA Lure Attracts Live Asian Giant Hornets, Helps Lead to Nest Discovery
4 Chart Detail
5 Ohio Rep. Fudge, supporters eye Agriculture secretary post
6 ARS Launches Website Highlighting Research Impacting People Around the World
7 Siebenmorgen Leaves Global Legacy in Rice Industry Innovation
8 Jumping Agrobacterium
9 Black Farmers Have Been Robbed of Land. A New Bill Would Give Them a “Quantum Leap” Toward Justice.
10 Illinois scientists rev up plant breeding for organic corn
11 USDA Breaks Ground on New Agricultural Research Technology Center in Salinas, California
12 Veterinary, Medical Entomologist Joins Division of Agriculture Research Faculty
13 Office of International Research Engagement and Cooperation
14 How Much Science is in Your Shopping Cart?
15 Agricultural Research Scientists Honored for Their Federal Service
16 New ARS Food and Nutrition Research Briefs Issued
17 Asian Giant Hornet Complete Genome Released by the Agricultural Research Service
18 USDA Announces 2020 Awardees of 1890 Faculty Research Sabbatical Program
19 Plants Give Rise to Biodegradable Base Oils—With Helping Hand from Science
20 US National Arboretum Moves to Phase 2 in Re-Opening Plan
21 Reconnecting Livestock and Crop Farming to Transform the Use of Manure
22 Big Ag considers how a Biden administration could reverse four years of Trump's damaging trade wars
23 Coffee leaf rust hits Hawaii Island
24 Researchers Identify Romaine Lettuces That Last Longer
25 Space Nematodes: A Giant Leap for Interplanetary Agriculture
26 Meet the BIPOC Farmers Cultivating Green Spaces in NYC
27 Creepy-Crawly Insects for Halloween: Treehoppers Master the Art of Disguise
28 ARS Scientists Probe Pollinator Survival Strategies
29 Setting the Stage for Innovative Research
30 USDA-ARS Scientists and Colleagues Find a New Tool to Combat Fusarium Head Blight in Wheat
31 Michele Esch
32 Mustard Family Member Seen as Biofuel Source
33 Commercially Available Cell Line Rapidly Detects African Swine Fever Virus
34 2020 Agricultural Research Service WO Atwater Memorial Lecturer
35 Curbing Phosphorus Losses: There's an App for That
36 Wintersteen honored with national Food Systems Leadership Award
37 Carbon markets lure farmers, but will benefits be enough to hook them?
38 Enjoy Those Strawberries Longer: PhylloLux Innovation Leads the Way
39 New Blackberries: Eclipse, Galaxy, and Twilight
40 What Kind of Bee Is That Bee? Exotic Bee ID Website Expanded
41 US Agricultural Baseline Projections
42 ARS Scientists Seek Answers from Spotted Lanternfly Dispersal
43 Sabrina Young
44 Bug Vacuum Captures Unidentified Flying Insects—and Valuable Data
45 A Warming Planet Makes Northeastern Forests More Susceptible to Western-Style Wildfires
46 Treated Wastewater May Be the Irrigation Wave of the Future
47 USDA's Two Statistical Agencies Produce Quality, Trusted Information
48 Women Making a Difference in the World of Agricultural Research
49 New Freeze-Resistant Trichinella Species Discovered
50 COVID-19 Economic Implications for Agriculture, Food, and Rural America
51 Jordan Jones
52 Brazil's Agricultural Competitiveness: Recent Growth and Future Impacts under Currency Depreciation and Changing Macroeconomic Conditions
53 Leslie Hodges
54 Xiao Dong
55 Outlook on the Wood Pellet Global Market to 2025
56 Jim Staiert
57 Household Food Security in the United States in 2019
58 Research and Science
59 Friendly Fungus Protects Against Wheat Scab
60 Kar Ho Lim
61 Ronald Lord
62 Bringing Technology to Specialty Crops
63 Statistical Supplement to Household Food Security in the United States in 2019
64 USDA Announces Coronavirus Food Assistance Program
65 Agencies
67 Regional Hubs Put Climate Resilience Theory to Practice
68 Will There be Enough Grass for Grazing Livestock this Summer? This Tool Can Help
69 Brian D. Adam
70 ERS Coronavirus (COVID-19) Media Resources
71 ARS Scientists Take on World's Deadliest Animal
72 Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)
73 Successful Detailed Tracking of Major Plant Disease's Global Spread
74 Tia McDonald
75 Spiro Stefanou
76 Farms and Farm Households During the COVID-19 Pandemic
77 USDA Assists Farmers, Ranchers, and Communities Affected by Recent Derecho
78 Helping Honey Bees Make It Through Winter With Early Cold Storage
79 Public lands: promises and peril
80 Horned-Face Bees Sublet in a Honey Bee Colony
81 Resource Requirements of Food Demand in the United States
82 Farm Hands on the Potomac: Biden taps Kerry to tackle climate
83 ARS Helps Farmers and Ranchers Prospect for Non-Fossil Oil and Gas
84 Anil K. Giri
85 Biden's cabinet possibilities would include deep roster of ag lawmakers
86 Chart Detail
87 Form S-1 Marijuana Co of America,
88 A New Option for Texas: Pima Cotton
89 Wilson Sinclair
90 Thomas Sparks Presents the ARS 2020 Sterling B. Hendricks Memorial Lecture
91 Washington Insider-- Friday Stimulus Fights Intensify 11/20/2020 | 5:57 AM CST Chief of Staff
92 Reimagining rural policy: Organizing federal assistance to maximize rural prosperity
93 A Look at Agricultural Productivity Growth in the United States, 1948-2017
94 Firefighting Cattle: Targeted Grazing Makes Firebreaks in Cheatgrass
95 Documentation
96 Japan & South Korea
97 From Vet to Fed: U.S. Coast Guard Veteran Now Helps to Protect America's Agricultural Resources
98 Elizabeth Dobis
99 Careers
100 Ruben Ortiz