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Result Content Idea Research
1 Empowering women to tackle energy poverty in the Mediterranean
2 Global fisheries could alleviate a global food emergency in extreme situations
3 A new project called GraphCAT will aim to create an ecosystem of graphene research
4 Physicists circumvent centuries-old theory to cancel magnetic fields: The ability to cancel magnetic fields has benefits in quantum technology, biomedicine and neurology
5 Scientists explore how to protect fisheries, food supply in event of nuclear war
6 Physicists Circumvent 178-Year Old Theory to Cancel Magnetic Fields
7 Smart fluorescent molecular switches based on boron-based compounds
8 Researchers seek to understand HIV-related attitudes of nursing faculty in six countries
9 New database measures gene activity in bacteria and their human hosts
10 Ikena Oncology Assembles Multi-Disciplinary Scientific Advisory Board
11 Report says lack of diversity in face biometrics datasets extends to expression, emotion
12 Peptides+antibiotic combination may result in a more effective treatment for leishmaniasis
13 Diet of pre-Columbian societies in the Brazilian Amazon reconstructed
14 Microplastics in shrimp harmless to animal health and no effects on consumption quality
15 A Research On The Nursing Faculty Attitudes For People With HIV
16 Ecological economy to tackle a climate change-fueled economic model
17 Discovery Poised to 'Speed Development of Quantum Tech' and Better Understanding of Brain Disorders
18 Training AI algorithms on mostly smiling faces reduces accuracy and introduces bias, according to research
19 Exploring climate change impacts through popular proverbs
20 Open Letter: the threat of academic authoritarianism – international solidarity with antiracist academics in France
21 Environmental justice defenders victims of violence and murder
22 New therapeutic strategy against diabetes
23 University of Twente to coordinate the ECIU University Initiative
24 Ocean warming and acidification effects on calcareous phytoplankton communities
25 Social isolation increases anxiety and asymmetry in brain atrophy in Alzheimer's disease
26 Generation and manipulation of spin currents for advanced electronic devices
27 Bone Fragility Fractures in CKD Patients.
28 Economic growth is incompatible with biodiversity conservation
29 Scientists reveal details about the first cat infected with SARS-CoV-2 in Spain
30 Global well-being in coming decades hinges on non-material factors
31 Red coral effectively recovers in Mediterranean protected areas
32 Wildlife conservation undermines the rights of indigenous people in India
33 Technological changes and new low-carbon lifestyles, key to mitigating climate change
34 The Universitat Autònoma of Barcelona honours Luca de Meo with the University-Business award
35 Significant differences exist among neurons expressing dopamine receptors
36 Researchers develop a database to aid in identifying key genes for bacterial infections
37 Probability of catastrophic geomagnetic storm lower than estimated
38 Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona researchers first to clone mice in Spain
39 Immune system cells contribute to the invading capacity of brain tumors
40 Study: Microplastics Don't Harm Shrimp Health or Effect Food Safety
41 Palaeontology research centre wrapped in a bioclimatic skin
42 Details Revealed About the First Cat Infected With SARS-CoV-2 Coronavirus in Spain – Including Necropsy Findings
43 Neuroimaging shows social exclusion spurs extremism in those vulnerable to radicalization
44 Bacillus Calmette-Guérin (BCG) Therapy for Bladder Cancer: An U | ITT
45 4 Balzan prizewinners announced today; professor Susan Trumbore wins For Earth System Dynamics
46 Artificial 'inclusion bodies' created for controlled drug release
47 A response key for survival of Mycoplasma genitalium in the urogenital tract uncovered
48 Researchers identify mechanism that triggers a rare type of muscular dystrophy
49 High Relapse Risk in AAV With Recurrent, Persistent ANCA Antibodies
50 Big data reveals extraordinary unity underlying life's diversity
51 For indigenous protesters, defending the environment can be fatal
52 Social Isolation Worsens Alzheimer's-Like Symptoms, Finds Mouse Study
53 Controlling the source of stress may be key to reducing its impact: Study
54 Neurology Today
55 Molecule capable of halting and reverting Parkinson's neurodegeneration identified
56 UAB researchers cure type 2 diabetes and obesity in mice using gene therapy
57 Spain Needs Social Solidarity as Well as Social Distancing
58 Kriya snags $80.5M to push gene therapy beyond rare disease
59 Major Responses in Early NSCLC With Preop Tecentriq, Chemo
60 Wasp Network Is a Rare Movie That Doesn't Paint Cubans as Cartoonish Villains
61 The BBVA Foundation supports 20 COVID-19 research projects with €2.7 million
62 Magnetic wormhole connecting two regions of space created for the first time
63 Rockford University professor's book examines fallout from financial crisis
64 Franc Gamiz Quer
65 Miocene Fossil from Africa Provides New Evidence for Origin of American Crocodiles | Paleontology
66 Recommendations for the treatment of anti-melanoma differentiation-associated gene 5-positive dermatomyositis-associated rapidly progressive interstitial lung disease.
67 Study: Neurons expressing dopamine D2 receptors have different molecular features, functions
68 Mapping the urban vitality of Barcelona
69 More Than 300 Scholars Across The World Appeal To Turkey Not To Convert Hagia Sophia Into A Mosque
70 Georgia State Researchers Use Social Media Chatter to Show the Spread of COVID-19
71 Pain Management Often Neglected in Huntington's, Researchers Say
72 Cats’ immune system can deal with SARS-CoV-2, shows study
73 'Pandemic pods' may undermine promises of public education
74 Decolonizing Science: What is "Parachute Science?"
75 How waste pickers in the global South are being sidelined by new policies
76 How COVID-19 is Transforming University Rankings
77 Unique skin impressions of the last dinosaurs from what is now Europe
78 Bizarre new species discovered... on Twitter
79 Unravelling the 3-dimensional genomic structure of male germ cells
80 Why Shar Pei Dogs Have So Many Wrinkles
81 Researchers uncover a response key to the survival of Mycoplasma genitalium in urogenital tract
82 Future changes in human well-being to depend more on social factors than economic factors
83 Wildlife in Catalonia carry bacteria resistant to antimicrobials used in human health
84 Maintaining vitamin D receptor levels could protect against diabetes
85 Neuropathic Pain Market to reach US$ 9,862.3 Million globally by 2027 – Coherent Market Insights
86 How Catalonia’s push for independence has scrambled Spanish politics
87 Phage Therapy Shows Promise for Alcoholic Liver Disease
88 An open letter about the status of Hagia Sophia
89 Ability to control stress reduces negative impact
90 Encoded Therapeutics Expands Gene Therapy Leadership with Key Appointment and Promotion
91 Epilepsy in time of COVID‐19: A survey‐based study
92 New study of the memory through optogenetics
93 Self-stick adhesive made with black pepper derivative adjusts to many tastes
94 Emotional Intelligence And The Use Of Tobacco And Cannabis
95 New first-line treatment option for metastatic kidney cancer
96 Gene therapy protects against age-related cognitive, memory deficits
97 Faculty Attitudes About Caring for People Living With HIV/AIDS: A Comparative Study
98 Welcome back greed and stress, we've missed you!
99 How do teenage boys perceive their weight?
100 Bronze age palace and grave goods discovered at the archaeological site of La Almoloya in Pliego, Murcia