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Result Content Idea Research
1 sEH enzyme: A new pharmacological target against Alzheimer's disease
2 Barcelona changes tourism tactics in the COVID era
3 An international study analyzes five hundred years of floods in Europe
4 Sea slugs: Discovering other inhabitants in the Barcelona coasts
5 New depth map of the Arctic Ocean
6 A 40-Year-Old Cancer Mystery Was Solved Thanks to Epigenetics
7 Tierra del Fuego: marine ecosystems from 6000 to 5000 years ago
8 Concern rises at Spain's hospitals
9 July 21 coronavirus news
10 University of Barcelona study links weekend eating jet lag to obesity
11 Study Suggests Coronavirus Emerged In Spain Much Earlier Than Thought
12 Salazar accepted to Barcelona Soccer Academy | Keizertimes | You think you know. To be sure, read Keizertimes.
13 Barcelona residents urged to stay home after rise in coronavirus cases
14 Five Positive Covid-19 Tests Leave Atlético Femenino At Risk Of Forfeiting Champions League Tie
15 The European Cities Using the Pandemic As a Cure for Airbnb
16 Barcelona business school officially dismisses alleged Egyptian rapist Ahmed Zaki
17 Spain's Coronavirus Reopening Stumbles as Cases Rise Among Young People
18 A-level results: East Sussex College students celebrate via Zoom and Instagram
19 A-Level results 2020: Students from Newport going to university
20 WHO Pays Tribute to Spain for COVID-19 Success
21 FC Barcelona 2020-21 Away Kit
22 Summer of Women: Females stole the show at 1996 Olympics
23 Submer Names Clinton O' Leary Regional Director for the Middle East and Africa
24 Digital delight for East Sussex College students as they open their A-Levels results
25 Coronavirus latest: Texas reports record jump in coronavirus deaths
26 TLK protein inhibition activates the innate immune system
27 Spain and Barcelona great Xavi tests positive for COVID-19
28 Science publishes study on Neanderthals as pioneers in marine resource exploitation
29 The 19 Spanish university schools that rank among the best in the world
30 What's going wrong with Barcelona and Real Madrid's recruitment?
31 After Messi tirade, what now for broken Barcelona?
32 Europe faces down a second coronavirus pandemic wave
33 Michael Jordan Taught a Coach K an Unforgettable Lesson During Their Time With the Dream Team
34 Abroad program classes in Barcelona, Madrid suspended for two weeks
35 Torres Working Hard to Get the Easties Ready
36 Researcher confirms detection of coronavirus in Barcelona waste water on March 12, 2019
37 Coronavirus Latest: UMD Student Contracts COVID-19 Studying Abroad In Barcelona, Spain; Monitoring 2 Other Possible Cases
38 Was coronavirus really in Europe in March 2019?
39 New Study Suggesting Coronavirus Started March Last Year in Spain Casts Doubts
40 On Sabbatical During COVID-19: A Letter from Barcelona · News
41 Summer 2020 reading recommendations from UChicago faculty
42 Hydroxychloroquine also doesn't help Covid-19 patients who aren't hospitalized, new study finds
43 After Trump Announces Europe Travel Restrictions, Students Studying Abroad in Spain Scramble to Come Home
44 UB researchers create a low-cost ventilator for areas with limited means
45 BREAKING: Vanderbilt junior contracts coronavirus visiting Barcelona over break
46 Thirteen Spanish universities make top 500 on world ranking
47 BSC Participates in State Observatory Initiative Leveraging Big Data and AI That Aims to Detect, Prevent Epidemics
48 Extra olive virgin oil keeps healthy properties when used for cooking
49 Students return home as coronavirus shuts down study abroad programs
50 ModGraProDep: Artificial intelligence and probabilistic modelling in clinical oncology
51 Citizen science and paddle surfing to study microplastic pollution on Barcelona's coastline
52 The Barcelona COVID-19 discovery questions prevailing assumptions
53 New marine molecules with therapy potential against Alzheimer's disease
54 New rare disease with own facial features, cardiac defects and developmental delay
55 Can deep water masses in the Mediterranean cross the Sicily Strait?
56 Airbnb Closes Its Call Center In Barcelona
57 Barcelona Data Give Snapshot of COVID-19 Impact on HIV-Positive Queer Men
58 Human language most likely evolved gradually
59 Survival strategy found in living corals which was only seen in fossil records: Heatwaves in the Mediterranean
60 Fact check: Researchers found coronavirus in March 2019 wastewater; more study needed
61 Researchers identify a fundamental protein to guarantee liver regeneration
62 ISE Barcelona host forms anti-Covid-19 partnership
63 Barcelona protests: An expert take | Penn Today
64 Virtual and augmented reality: warnings about the ethical dangers
65 New molecular auto-control system to avoid an excessive brown adipose tissue activity
66 Yellow-legged gull adapts its annual lifecycle to human activities to get food
67 AP Interview: Barcelona mayor wants Columbus statue debate
68 Chinese expert cites unverified study to say coronavirus originated in Spain
69 18 states in 'red zone' for COVID cases, White House document shows
70 New route of assembly and ionic channel traffic in cardiac cells
71 Study in Spain: a guide for expat students
72 New results on the function of the tumor suppressor HERC protein
73 Magnetoacoustic waves: Towards a new paradigm of on-chip communication
74 Sanfilippo C syndrome: New brain cell models to evaluate therapies
75 No COVID-19 checks for Spanish students returning from northern Italy
76 Madagascar copal: New dating for an Antropocene ancient resin
77 That Summer: Stumbling through a year abroad in Barcelona in 1997
78 The first potentially invasive species to reach the Antarctica on drifting marine algae
79 Remote teaching becomes vital during coronavirus outbreak
80 Covid-19 found in Spanish wastewater samples collected in March 2019, new study shows
81 Are young universities more focused on civic engagement?
82 Image: Barcelona, Spain
83 New family of molecules to join altered receptors in neurodegenerative diseases
84 What Happened When One Student Got Coronavirus on a Trip to Barcelona
85 Mediterranean sea urchins are more vulnerable than previously thought
86 Researchers from the IDIBELL and the University of Barcelona describe a new treatment that could cope with 2 bone diseases
87 Diversifying traditional forest management to protect forest arthropods
88 Genomic analysis in samples of Neanderthals and modern humans shows a decrease in ADHD-associated genetic variants
89 Columbus statue will stay, but slavery tour aims to address Barcelona’s past
90 The Universitat Autònoma of Barcelona honours Luca de Meo with the University-Business award
91 Crimes and Recriminations in Catalonia
92 The surprising similarities between the coronavirus and the bubonic plague
93 Fighting for Catalonia's Future
94 UNL students in quarantine after returning early from study abroad programs in Spain
95 Catalan separatists clash with Barcelona police ahead of general strike
96 Reelin reverts the main pathological processes related to Alzheimer's and other tauopathy
97 Collaboration Aims To Improve Efficacy of Lung Cancer Drug
98 COVID-19: Lessons to learn about the first 4.0 pandemic
99 BSC-Led DRAC Project to Manufacture New Chip, Open Source Accelerators in Barcelona
100 Study abroad field faces altered reality and unknowns about when regular programs can resume