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Result Content Idea Research
1 UC Santa Barbara Plans for Fall 2020
2 COVID-19 Update: UC Santa Barbara Fall Planning
3 University of California campuses plan to offer most classes online this fall
4 Access Points
5 University of California Eliminates Admissions Test Requirements
6 Beacon from the Early Universe
7 The Pandemic Memory
8 Essential and At Risk
9 Michelle Tekawy Verbally Commits to UC Santa Barbara for 2021-22
10 Goleta and UCSB Shut Down Parking Lots for July 4th Weekend
11 Merced College pitchers to pair up again. They and nine more headed to 4-year schools
12 UC reaches groundbreaking open access deal with leading global publisher
13 Science for Women
14 In California, Entrepreneurs Make Surfing Happen During Pandemic
15 California megadrought? Not if you look at precipitation
16 Campus Culture Seizes the Streets
17 Forgetting the Forest for the Trees | The UCSB Current
18 UC Santa Barbara's Got Talent
19 Californians Avoid Holiday Crowds as Coronavirus Cases Surge
20 Is the University of California Santa Barbara for Sale?
21 Pushing Photons
22 Juneteenth Is My Independence Day
23 Mine-crafting that Campus Feeling
24 The Power of Light
25 Best of Santa Barbara
26 A Virtual Celebration
27 While the Cat's Away
28 Changing Forests
29 COVID-19 IT Response
30 Keeping On
31 Neural Logic
32 John Lindsey: Two ways to measure annual rainfall
33 Everyday Words And Phrases That Have Racist Connotations
34 Not Business as Usual
35 COVID-19 Response
36 Skin That Computes
37 Coronavirus
38 UC students must ready for an online, socially-distanced fall
39 New fall course will study how COVID-19 exposes inequalities in U.S. and Latin America
40 Hall of Famer
41 UC Santa Barbara ends in-person classes in response to coronavirus
42 UC Santa Barbara keeps campus closed, plans to stay online for first summer session
43 COVID-19 Response Update
44 Pollution and COVID-19
45 Gearing Up for Data Science
46 The Heat is On
47 Tracking the Spread
48 More Than 300 Scholars Across The World Appeal To Turkey Not To Convert Hagia Sophia Into A Mosque
49 UC Santa Barbara/Google team makes huge computing breakthrough
50 Egregious Emissions
51 A New Old Therapy
52 Men's Basketball names associate coach to top job
53 A Strong Foundation
54 The Gold Standard
55 Amid virus, U.S. students look to colleges closer to home
56 Mapping Movement
57 Californians avoid big crowds on holiday | News |
58 From UC Santa Barbara: “The Great Unconformity”
59 A Boon to Research
60 Printing Protection
61 Fish Feed Foresight
62 Show Me the Methane
63 The Changing Campus Forest
64 Scans suggest how stereotypes affect the brain
65 Lessons from Deep Water
66 No Place Like Home
67 UC Santa Barbara Releases 2019-20 Campus Population Data
68 Protecting the High Seas | The UCSB Current
69 In the Top Ten — Again
70 Fire from the Sky
71 Onward
72 How admitted students can get a taste of the bustling UC life — without leaving the couch
73 The Ticket to Inclusion | The UCSB Current
74 Mudslide Microbes
75 LIVE: Updates on Coronavirus in Santa Barbara County, on UC Santa Barbara Operations
76 The World's Data Plan | The UCSB Current
77 Soft Robot, Unplugged
78 UCSB Grad Students Strike for Cost-of-Living Adjustment
79 On the Rise
80 Keeping a Promise
81 The Great Unconformity | The UCSB Current
82 Bars, restaurants pay price for California virus surge
83 New Executive Director Student Health Named
84 Warmer, Dryer, Browner
85 From Many, One
86 Where the Wildfires Are
87 UC Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara City College classes canceled over Cave Fire, holiday storm
88 Fleeing Fish
89 Oil Platforms' Fishy Future | The UCSB Current
90 Tracking Tau
91 Freshman Admission Decisions
92 Breaking Down Stubborn Molecules
93 State of the Ship: the Past, Present, and Future
94 Confidence Boosted
95 Gut Ecology
96 A Teaching Tool for a Warming World
97 Memo to All Staff: Campus Operations
98 A Balancing Act
99 Preparing for the Future
100 Predators to Spare