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Result Content Idea Research
1 How will the population accept COVID-19 tracing apps?
2 A chemical tailor-made suit for Alzheimer's drugs: New inhibitors for enzymes
3 Urgent changes to farming practices are needed to rescue biodiversity, scientists say
4 University of Göttingen loses a president to protest
5 Principal merged geology, faith, and administration
6 Government urgently needs to gauge public perception of new track and trace app
7 Researchers show promising approach to treating Alzheimer’s disease
8 146 Academics From Across the World Demand Varavara Rao's Release
9 One of world´s three most powerful high-resolution 1.2 GHz NMR spectrometers comes to Göttingen
10 Effects of LAMA/LABA Alone and in Combination on Cardiac Safety | COPD
11 Group Leaders (m/f/d)
12 Rock 'n' control
13 New software supports decision-making for breeding
14 What women really want
15 What's happening in Halifax from August 11-16
16 Harnessing nature's defenses against tsunamis
17 View of the Earth in front of the sun
18 Obituaries for August 8, 2020: Joy Noble, Paul Trappe and Wilford Brimley
19 Only around 6% of coronavirus infections worldwide are detected so far, German researchers estimate
20 On Average Only 6% Of COVID-19 Infections Detected Worldwide?
21 Derek Willis signs with Italian professional team
22 Should tomatoes go in the fridge? The influence of storage on the flavor of ripe tomatoes
23 Millions of coronavirus infections left undetected worldwide – study
24 Galileo Global Education Group's Takeover Of The PFH Private University Of Göttingen
25 Coronavirus Fights Back As Human Bodies Mutate the Virus; Chloroquine Not Effective
26 How one German city developed – and then lost – generations of math geniuses
27 German study: U.S. only detecting 1.6% of COVID-19 cases
28 Göttingen Studentenkarzer – Göttingen, Germany
29 Graphene layer enables advance in super-resolution microscopy: Göttingen researchers develop a new method allowing ten-fold improvement in optical resolution
30 Coronavirus in Germany: Göttingen residents feeling like prisoners
31 A young sub-Neptune-sized planet sheds light onto how planets form and evolve
32 The forgotten botanist who brought 200000 Australian plants to Europe
33 Award for Göttingen agricultural scientist, Matin Qaim
34 Why boring could be good for this star's two intriguing planets
35 Official number of positive COVID-19 cases in India just tip of the iceberg?
36 New model to estimate impact of interventions in controlling COVID-19 pandemic: Study
37 Quantifying the impact of interventions
38 COVID-19: On average, only 6% of actual infections detected worldwide
39 How one German city developed – and lost – generations of math geniuses
40 Sword-wielding scientists show how ancient fighting techniques spread across Bronze Age Europe
41 How plants synthesize salicylic acid
42 Maria Goeppert Mayer: from nuisance to Nobel
43 Report: Just 6% of world's coronavirus infections detected
44 Research Team Discovers Two New Earth-Like Planets near Teegarden’s Star
45 Photographers bring “Hope” to University of Gottingen
46 Fairtrade benefits rural workers in Africa, but not the poorest of the poor
47 How one small village in Germany reinvented itself to ensure its survival
48 New exoplanet system is ‘mirror image’ of Earth and sun
49 Global demand for food to soar 80 per cent by 2100, scientists warn
50 International statement from academics regarding attacks on JNU
51 Group of Austin, Ghent and Göttingen scientists on the verge of neutralising new coronavirus
52 Fridge Or Shelf: Does It Matter Where You Store Tomatoes?
53 Big pool of coronavirus cases going undetected, German researchers say
54 Michelin sustainable rubber criticised for deforestation
55 Researchers warn of an 80% increase in calories by end of century
56 Inferring change points in the spread of COVID-19 reveals the effectiveness of interventions
57 Research Roundup: COVID-19 Lockdown's Impact on Mental Health and More
58 World 'faces 80% calorie increase by end of century'
59 COVID-19 Lungs May Be More Likely to Leak
60 Keeping tomatoes in fridge does NOT impair flavour, study says
61 COVID-19: Not Your Typical ARDS?
62 Walking Gottingen takes listeners into the heart of vibrant historic community
63 UK has bungled coronavirus infection data and missed up to TWO MILLION who may already have had it, German
64 Solidarity statement from scholars abroad condemning attack on JNU students and faculty
65 World experts speculate real coronavirus figures multiple times official numbers
66 Neanderthals ate mussels, fish, and seals too: Study
67 A gene that could unlock the mysteries of COVID-19
68 Can palm oil-based biofuels reduce greenhouse gas emissions?
69 COVID-19 Lung Problems May Start in Blood Vessels
70 Call for renewed debate about GM, gene-editing technologies
71 Scientists find astounding slime mold trapped in amber for 100 million years
72 The Göttingen Collection of Mathematical Models – Göttingen, Germany
73 Planetenweg Göttingen – Göttingen, Germany
74 Sometimes The Road To Petaflops Is Paved With Gold And Platinum
75 Are insects and microalgae the broiler feed of the future?
76 True number of coronavirus infections: Tens of millions of cases worldwide
77 Coronavirus lung scans are a puzzle for doctors
78 Official COVID-19 Numbers Represent Just 6% of Total Infections, a New Analysis Suggests
79 Better together: human and robot co-workers: Researchers observe the superiority of human-machine teams
80 4,600+ Jurists, Scholars, Actors, Artists, Writers Condemn UP Police's Charges Against The Wire
81 COVID-19 Panel: Helmet CPAP, Pronation Key for Some Patients
82 Motions in the Sun reveal inner workings of Sunspot cycle
83 Excelitas Technologies’ Qioptiq Subsidiary Builds New Göttingen Plant
84 AI Reveals Why COVID-19 Affects Some People More Than Others
85 COVID-19-associated nephritis: early warning for disease severity and complications?
86 Towards a worldwide inventory of all plants
87 Falmouth Scientist Analyzes COVID-19 Data To Track Pandemic
88 Study: Actual Number of COVID-19 Cases Vastly Underestimated
89 Will Coronavirus Infect China’s Economy?
90 Ventilators are being overused on COVID-19 patients, world-renowned critical care specialist says
91 Astronomers Find a Galaxy Containing Three Supermassive Black Holes at the Center
92 COVID-19 Daily: Ventilator Protocols Questioned, Physician Rights
93 Should Tomatoes Be Stored In The Fridge? Here's What Experts Say
94 University of Mumbai student is India’s first blind woman with PhD in German studies
95 COVID-19 Pneumonia: Only Some Cases Are Like Severe ARDS
96 Should you store tomatoes in the fridge? A new study has the answer
97 Discovery Alert: New Planet — a Heavyweight, but Habitable?
98 Mumbai: Blind woman gets PhD in German Studies
99 Researchers get to the bottom of fairy circles
100 Around 6% of Coronavirus Infections Discovered Globally, Millions Still Undetected: German Study