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1 Jens Habermann appointed Director General of BBMRI-ERIC | News
2 Case of Capnocytophaga canimorsus Infection reported in NEJM
3 Experts seek to unravel COVID mysteries in kids
4 University of Southern Denmark: Bridging the gender gap in STEM
5 Coronavirus could cause diabetes, new study finds
6 Weizmann Institute Scientists Find that Targeting a Chronic Pain Gateway Could Bring Relief
7 Targeting a key gateway can help treat chronic pain, shows study
8 Astrid Phillips (1932
9 Sharp Plasmacluster Technology Reduces Airborne Coronavirus
10 Looking to burn more calories? Then eat a big breakfast
11 Brazilian medical company purchases SLM Solutions Additive Manufacturing machine
12 Centogene, University of Lübeck to Investigate Genetics of Parkinson's Disease
13 Has Polish Prof found coronavirus cure? Early indications suggest treatment may be in sight
14 Thwarting coronaviruses by preventing them from copying themselves
15 Do Medical Students in Their Fifth Year of Undergraduate Training Diff | AMEP
16 Anesthesiology department to display century's worth of equipment in museum
17 This scientist hopes to test coronavirus drugs on animals in locked-down Wuhan
18 Crystal structure of SARS-CoV-2 main protease provides a basis for design of improved α-ketoamide inhibitors
19 ‘Rosa Luxemburg’ Review: Lady Spartacus
20 A step closer to developing a potent drug against novel coronavirus
21 German expert for coronavirus brings virus inhibitors to China: CMG
22 Coronavirus SARS-CoV2: BESSY II data accelerate drug development
23 BC Platforms Adds Interdisciplinary Center for Biobanking-Lübeck in Germany to its Global Network of Biobanks
24 Coronavirus SARS-CoV2 Architecture Decoded in 3D – Accelerates COVID-19 Drug Development
25 The sprint to solve coronavirus protein structures — and disarm them with drugs
26 The hopeless struggle to make German gender-neutral
27 Want to Lose Weight? Eat a Big Breakfast!
28 German scientists decode coronavirus SARS-CoV2 architecture, may accelerate drug development
29 Decoding COVID-19's Achilles' heel to inspire new treatments
30 Research team finds possible new approach for sleeping sickness drugs
31 How early-career scientists are coping with COVID-19 challenges and fears
32 Personalizing Nutritional Medicine With the Power of NMR
33 X-ray screening used in search for corona's active ingredient
34 We were warned – so why couldn't we prevent the coronavirus outbreak?
35 New Design Strategy for Sleeping Sickness Drugs
36 Germany: Coronavirus Keeps on Proliferating
37 CENTOGENE Launches Two Year Global Parkinson's Disease Study
38 Hawaiʻi Engineers' Directory
39 6 ways to help maintain your immune system
40 The Michael J. Fox Foundation's Edmond J. Safra Fellowship in Movement Disorders Expands to Meet Growing Needs in Parkinson's Care and Research
41 Genomewide Association Study of Severe Covid-19 with Respiratory Failure
42 Big breakfast may help reduce body weight, study says
43 Researchers suggest IMPDH enzyme could be used to target sleeping sickness
44 Replacing your coffee with this drink can increase your lifespan
45 New approach to chronic pain treatment could bring relief
46 Scientists claim an Irish breakfast can help you lose weight
47 Tiny worm reveals Hanseatic League ties between Bristol and Lübeck
48 Big Breakfast May Be the Most Slimming Meal of the Day
49 Potent coronavirus drug candidate designed using 3D structure of key viral enzyme
50 Akari Therapeutics Announces Positive Topline Results from Fully Recruited Phase II Study of Nomacopan in Bullous Pemphigoid Patients
51 Crystal structures of the novel coronavirus protease guide drug development
52 A Weekend in Germany | MyUVic Life
53 No, a Big Breakfast Isn't Necessarily Going to Help You Lose Weight
54 Wood County Commission seeks PSD input on rate increases
55 Serum Levels of Autoantibodies Against Extracellular Antigens and Neut | COPD
56 Sharjah Ruler attends 7th Emirati-German Congress in Medicine
57 How structural biologists revealed the new coronavirus's structure so quickly
58 Prevention of Psychosis: Advances in Detection, Prognosis, and Intervention.
59 Warships mass in the Baltic Sea for a coronavirus-conscious battle drill
60 Vaccine or remedy? No matter what it is, we need it soon to fight the coronavirus
61 What are the challenges ahead to combat the coronavirus?
62 HAMBURG, LUBECK AND BREMEN: Northern Germany's stars shine bright
63 Fact/Fiction: Does eating a fried breakfast help you lose weight?
64 A Tale of Two Cities: Hamburg and Lübeck
65 Why drinking tea might just help in a crisis
66 Roanoke County Board of Supervisors Names County Attorney
67 Skipping breakfast? You might want to rethink that decision
68 WPI researchers discover vulnerabilities affecting billions of computer chips
69 Battling a killer bug with deep tech
70 Eat Breakfast to Give Your Metabolism a Boost
71 Follow this eating pattern to lose weight quickly
72 Stress affects circadian rhythm, increases metabolic disease risk
73 A new way to use the AI behind deepfakes could improve cancer diagnosis
74 How An Online MBA Program Went From No. 29 To Unranked
75 The Nuclear Export Inhibitor Selinexor Inhibits Hypoxia Signaling Path | OTT
76 Want to become a doctor? 5 countries to study MBBS abroad with top colleges
77 Deciphering the genetics of cardiovascular diseases
78 How the end of WW2 brought a "booze up" – and a visit from Monty
79 Lübeck, Germany to launch its own regional airline
80 Imaging P-Glycoprotein Induction at the Blood–Brain Barrier of a β-Amyloidosis Mouse Model with 11C-Metoclopramide PET
81 Pitfalls, politics and profits: The race to find a coronavirus vaccine
82 What do we know about the novel coronavirus's 29 proteins?
83 Treatment and Vaccination: A European COVID-19 success story
84 Summary of preliminary data about obesity and severity of COVID-19
85 Fire destroys home in southern Wood County; no injuries reported
86 DFG establishes interdisciplinary commission for pandemic research
87 What we do and don't know about the novel coronavirus
88 Parkinson's Genetics Will Be Assessed in 2-Year Global ROPAD Study
89 What's New in HPC Research: Mosquitoes, Folding@home, the Last Journey & More
90 Deputies visit Lubeck Elementary for Heroes Day | News, Sports, Jobs
91 Children and Screens and Stony Brook University Co-Host a Conversation with Researchers on Kids and Media
92 Feature: Foreign residents in Shanghai keep love flowing during epidemic battle
93 How Lübeck faded, while Hamburg survived trade disruption from the Dutch
94 Elizabeth I & Slavery: Were There Slaves In Elizabethan England?
95 Stress and night shifts linked to 'increased risk of metabolic disease'
96 Ex-Nazi concentration camp guard, living in U.S. since 1959, faces deportation
97 Researchers discover a new way in which insulin interacts with its receptor
98 University of Hamburg's study forecasts ice-free summer at North Pole
99 University of Manchester clears husband and wife of research misconduct
100 A gatekeeper against insulin resistance in the brain