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1 University of Science and Technology of China
2 University of Science and Technology of China develops soft-bodied robots
3 Significant Advances in Quantum Simulation: The University of Science and Technology of China for the first time understands the ideal sun semimetal state of an ultra-cold atomic system
4 American Factory’s ‘glass king’ to build a new Chinese university
5 China’s ambitions in space: national pride or taking on the Americans?
6 China's plan to become a world-leading technology force
7 Researchers realize high-efficiency frequency conversion on integrated photonic chip
8 Fear and confusion continue over research interactions with China
9 China science, technology news summary -- May 2
10 Researchers complete high-precision time-frequency dissemination
11 University of Alberta forges close research ties with China despite warnings from intelligence agencies
12 Chinese scientists’ crystal ball foretells future of hack-proof data
13 Universities in sustainable development initiative
14 Exclusive: Chinese scientists achieve quantum information masking, paving way for encrypted communication application
15 Alberta vows to curb university's research ties to China
16 Nio Joins Hands With Elite Chinese University To Further Research On Smart Electric Vehicles
17 U.S. lawmakers back $100 billion science push to compete with China
18 Chinese Students Are Not a Fifth Column
19 China’s tech hub Shenzhen to invest US$108 billion in R&D over 5 years
20 Intrusion Truth details work of suspected Chinese hackers who are under indictment in US
21 Chinese research institute updates Quantum Computing Cloud Platform, grants access to public
22 Physical Chemist Geri Richmond Picked for Top DOE Science Job
23 CGTN: Universities have a vital role to play in China's modernization drive
24 Xi’s China has big tech and science plans. But is looking worldwide for talent
25 Researchers develop comprehensive pregnancy care management plan among Chinese pregnant women type 1 diabetes
26 Related: Asian scientists are rethinking the American dream
27 In Memoriam: Tso-Ping Ma, Professor of Electrical Engineering & Applied Physics
28 Prof. Lionel NI appointed as Founding President of HKUST
29 Career Ladder: George Dai
30 Scientists generate human-monkey chimeric embryos
31 Chinese firms to set up quantum chip R&D lab to catch up with global leaders
32 Potential CFIUS Implications of Proposed Strategic Competition Act of 2021
33 Researchers generate human-monkey chimeric embryos
34 Number of unhappy wives in China more than doubled since 2012
35 Creation of First Human-Monkey Embryos Sparks Concern
36 World university rankings are rewarding totalitarianism
37 University plays down links to China rocket firm
38 China's Maritime Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance Capability in the South China Sea
39 Row over plan for huge Fudan University campus in Budapest
40 Highly efficient photodynamic-immunotherapy by combining AIEgen with Poly(I:C)
41 U.S. tracking China rocket debris: White House
42 The genetic mistakes that could shape our species
43 Scientists see chemical short-range order in medium-entropy alloy
44 The Sino-American Race for Technology Leadership
45 USTC develops ultrahigh-performance plasmonic metal-oxide materials
46 Researchers realize efficient generation of high-dimensional quantum teleportation
47 Updating the aging infrastructure in Historically Black Colleges and Universities | TheHill
48 China starts large-scale testing of its internet of the future
49 Joe Biden's point person on small business
50 The world's first integrated quantum communication network
51 Biden on GOP efforts to remove Rep. Liz Cheney from House leadership: 'I don't understand the Republicans'
52 Michael Lewis on his writing process for ‘The Premonition’
53 China makes ‘world’s largest satellite image database’ to train AI better
54 China plans to build a new university of science and technology amid US assault on Chinese tech
55 3 must-have products for dog owners
56 Male nurse makes his mark during battle against COVID-19
57 The vision for flow chemistry technology in rewriting the story on life-saving medicine
58 FDA's expected approval of Pfizer's COVID vaccine for adolescents: Yahoo News Explains
59 Activists, experts and policy makers speak out on Chinese state influence in Canada
60 New US Strategy Unveiled for a Smart Competition with China in Science and Tech
61 US targets Chinese talent in drive to 'decouple' science
62 Researchers develop Si-based super-high frequency nanoelectromechanical resonator
63 China: 'Two Sessions 2021' towards 2035
64 Bio-inspired spiral hydrogel fiber qualified to be surgical suture
65 Engineered electrode material moves battery research closer to 'holy grail'
66 This University Is Changing the Face of Higher Ed in China
67 See further: Scientists achieve single-photon imaging over 200km
68 Scientists snap molecular building blocks of brain computing
69 Waste to treasure: Crayfish shells to store energy
70 So many new universities – Where will the staff come from?
71 USTC detects a sharp rise in detection rate of broad absorption line variations
72 Researchers detects chiral structures using vortex light
73 USTC makes security analysis and improvement of quantum random number generation
74 USTC obtains Pd-Pt tesseracts for oxygen reduction reaction
75 Photocatalytic efficiency in photocatalysis found to be site sensitive
76 China needs better postdoctoral policy
77 Chiral amines synthesized by nickel-catalysed asymmetric reductive hydroalkylation
78 Is China Emerging as the Global Leader in AI? It has rapidly caught up with the
79 China plans new science and technology university in Hunan
80 China Stakes Its Claim to Quantum Supremacy
81 Pain differs: Researchers unveil distinct neural circuits
82 Researchers realize synthetic gauge fields in single optomechanical resonator
83 Researchers investigate imaginary part in quantum resource theory
84 Pathways leading to the extramedullary development of tissue-resident lymphocytes found
85 US universities call for clearer rules on science espionage amid crackdown
86 Scientists report gastrointestinal manifestations and mechanisms of COVID-19
87 Chinese quantum computer declared a million times greater than Sycamore
88 China advances quantum sci-tech, early blueprint to 'counter tech blockade'
89 Intense scrutiny of Chinese-born researchers in the US threatens innovation
90 Practical nanozymes discovered to fight antimicrobial resistance
91 China realizes 4600-km secure, stable quantum communication network
92 Support for math research to increase
93 China's five-year plan focuses on scientific self-reliance Global tensions, limits on international collaboration and
94 Scientist eyes bigger quantum tech
95 Science vs. the state: a family saga at the Caltech of China
96 University launches isolated power supply chip with new design
97 MIT Faculty Rally Around Professor Charged With Concealing China Ties
98 UM researchers develop handheld test for chronic kidney disease
99 The pandemic is challenging China's breakneck race to the top of science
100 Acceptance of the Widespread Transition to Online Learning Grows