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1 19-year-old male charged with assaulting an emergency worker on Sussex Uni campus
2 Sussex senior managment set to release 12 seagulls to symbolise letting go of 2020's bad energy
3 If you want to start tackling rape culture at Sussex Uni, start with sports societies
4 Video emerges showing police officer grip Sussex student by the throat
5 Students condemn ‘disgusting’ police violence amid Sussex Uni rent strikes
6 Sussex scientists develop ultra-thin terahertz source
7 John Haigh obituary
8 Power of pack: how crowd-sourcing is future for animal behaviour research
9 Cows and bomb detonations: Looking back at a year of coronavirus at Sussex
10 KIRD, Ajou University and University of Sussex sign an MOU
11 A list of all the best TV shows and films Sussex Chancellor Sanjeev Bhaskar is in
12 KIRD to foster science and tech policy experts with University of Sussex
13 Coronavirus lockdown breaches: Sussex's rule-breakers
14 Sussex PHD student reveals what foxes like to eat
15 Rapid evolution in foxgloves pollinated by hummingbirds
16 EPic Team Thins Down Terahertz Source, Opens Doors in IoT, Data Communication
17 Sussex Electrical and Electronic Engineering Shapes the Future
18 Cambridge Quantum Appoints Professor Stephen Clark as Head of Artificial Intelligence
19 UK university students accuse Covid patrol police of harassment
20 Events to attend in the final stretch of the semester
21 A University of Sussex student has passed away
22 Twitch partners with University of Chichester to examine esports through scientific study
23 Today is April 12, 2021
24 Ever wondered what red foxes eat? There's a database for that
25 Exclusive: Universities Are Accused Of Lack Of Support For Students Facing Domestic Abuse, Despite “High Prevalence” In Age Group
26 Applications are open for The Sussex Tab's editorial team
27 The University of Sussex is looking for candidates for the next University Challenge
28 Speaking to the rent striker students fighting ‘targeted’ evictions
29 University of Sussex Signs Up to a Quantum Future
30 Health care pros in Sussex Co. say more is needed to treat mental health in the region
31 UPDATED: Coronavirus statistics for the University of Sussex have been released
32 100 Days later, Brexit isn't working and business wants it fixed
33 Home improvers and influencers vital to achieving UK net zero domestic heating targets
34 University of Sussex students are struggling to get Covid-19 tests
35 University of Sussex announces plans for some in-person teaching from March
36 The University of Sussex ranked among the top 20 universities in the UK
37 I'm done with Sussex Uni refusing to acknowledge that my course is fully online
38 Meet the TikTokers going viral at Sussex University
39 Modi in Dhaka
40 Two thirds of Sussex students have experienced unwanted sexual advances at uni
41 Potential new applications from ultrathin terahertz source
42 Sussex Uni announces rent reductions for students unable to return to campus
43 Sussex VC's email states the university has decided to 'develop a no detriment policy'
44 I was raped by a Sussex student and it took the uni over a year to deal with my complaint
45 Update: There are currently 67 positive coronavirus cases at Sussex University
46 It takes up to 15 weeks to get a one-on-one counselling appointment at Sussex uni
47 The power of a University of Sussex electrical and electronic engineering education
48 Sussex Uni senior management pictured gathering without face masks
49 The University of Sussex bans all guests in student on-campus accommodation
50 Updated: There are currently 43 Sussex students with coronavirus
51 Updated: There are currently 102 Sussex University students with coronavirus
52 Sussex University: expectations vs reality
53 Sussex Uni says it's ready to 'evict' students caught breaching lockdown rules
54 Exclusive: Sussex student who hosted on-campus party for 100 people gets fined £200
55 EXCLUSIVE: These are the three no-detriment policies Sussex Uni is taking
56 Sussex University took eight months to deal with my domestic abuse complaint
57 Latest COVID-19 statistics revealed for Sussex Uni
58 Sussex students launch campaign to remove beef and lamb from campus menus
59 Sir Leslie Fielding obituary | Register
60 Sussex Uni refunds students £96k after complaints about course quality
61 All sports at Sussex University suspended due to COVID outbreaks within teams
62 Students from Sussex University are self-isolating after positive COVID test
63 Everything you need to know about Sussex that the prospectus doesn't tell you
64 I'm an Italian Sussex student, here are your misconceptions about my culture
65 Attention students at Sussex: It's time to talk more about sexual health
66 Sussex professor estimates 14,000 students currently have COVID at UK universities
67 Sussex UCU release statement about face-to-face teaching
68 Covid: University of Sussex lockdown party shut down by police
69 A prescient play, inspired by Meghan Markle, puts two Black duchesses face-to-face
70 Why the University of Sussex has become a top study destination for Bangladeshi students
71 Exclusive: Sussex is charging international freshers £25 for a £8.46 Welcome Box
72 Sussex Uni scraps last remaining student accommodation under £100 a week
73 'More teaching failures by Sussex University': Lecturers are playing pre-recorded content
74 Quantum computer based on shuttling ions is built by Honeywell – Physics World
75 Sussex students have written an open letter demanding a review of tuition fees
76 Breaking: One whole Northfield block is self isolating after positive Covid test
77 Update: Brighton and Hove no longer has the highest coronavirus rate in Sussex
78 The University of Sussex ranks in the top 20 for eight subjects
79 'Certified f***s': Sussex DragSoc event interrupted by homophobic 'Zoom-bombers'
80 What it's like getting a coronavirus test at Sussex University
81 What do Sussex students really miss about campus?
82 Charlie Hebdo under fire for offensive cartoon depicting The Queen and Duchess of Sussex
83 Colorism, more than skin deep, professor says | Local News |
84 Sussex STAR: Meet the Sussex students behind the campaign for refugees
85 VOTE: It's the FINAL ROUND of Sussex's Best Lecturer 2020
86 Sussex students' pets to brighten your day
87 In the year they've given up everything, what are Sussex students giving up for Lent?
88 Behind the loathing of the Duchess of Sussex
89 Mookie Betts Learned to Reject Millions of Dollars So He Could Land $365 Million: ‘Saying No the 1st Time Is the Hardest’
90 Sussex uni releases 'new Community Pledge' to students
91 Sussex University launches 'no beef or lamb on campus' campaign
92 Sexual assault complaints go unnoticed for four months after SU reporting tool breaks
93 It's time to vote for Sussex's best lecturer 2020
94 Are we a Russell group yet? You can now buy a University of Sussex signet ring
95 We spoke to the Sussex students behind THAT TikTok of the strangest house in Brighton
96 Only students studying Medicine, Teaching or Social Work will be allowed back on campus
97 Stan Smith: 'I gave baby sneakers to the Duchess Of Sussex for Archie'
98 Revealed: Sussex uni library introduces new maximum capacity of 50 people in term one
99 University of Sussex introduces scholarship for Bangladeshi students
100 A Sussex student has been named most popular university TikToker