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1 New 'sun clock' quantifies extreme space weather switch on/off
2 New “Sun Clock” Quantifies Cycle of Extreme Space Weather With Astonishing Precision
3 Revealing the magnetic nature of tornadoes in the sun's atmosphere
4 Space super-storm likelihood estimated from longest period of magnetic field observations
5 Destructive Solar Storms Usually Hit Earth Every 25 Years or So, Say Scientists
6 Space weather forecast: Earth being hit by solar storm at 1.4 MILLION KM per hour
7 Destructive Super Solar Storms Hit Us Every 25 Years Or So
8 Space weather forecast: Earth being BATTERED by 2.1million kmph solar winds
9 Tornadoes on the Sun: Proof 'THOUSAND MILE-WIDE' magnetic maelstroms drive space weather
10 Space weather forecast: Solar storm to hit Earth TODAY
11 Space weather forecast: Solar wind expected THIS WEEK
12 Space weather forecast: Solar storm to hit Earth TOMORROW
13 Space weather warning: Earth being battered by 1.6million KMPH solar winds
14 Space weather forecast: Earth being battered by 1.6million KM per HOUR solar winds
15 'Sun Clock' quantifies extreme space weather switch on/off
16 Scientists want to create a 'Sun clock' to predict space weather
17 'Great' Space Super Storms Take Place About Once Every 25 Years, Study Finds
18 Space weather forecast: Earth being bombarded by 1.5million km per hour solar winds
19 Space weather forecast: Solar storm to hit Earth this Sunday
20 New views on the origins of carbon
21 Space weather forecast: Solar storm INCOMING this weekend
22 Historic space weather could clarify what's next
23 Space weather forecast: Earth has entered a stream of solar particles
24 Solar storm UNDERWAY: Solar wind is ‘pouring in’ which could lead to tech blackout
25 Space weather: Crack opens in Earth’s magnetic shield allowing for stunning auroras
26 Could our sun superflare? | Science Wire
27 A Star had a Partial Supernova and Kicked Itself Into a High-Speed Journey Across the Milky Way
28 Superflare: Sun could release flares 1000x greater than previously recorded: Similarity between the flare on KIC9655129 and our own Sun's flares demonstrates the potential for the Sun to superflare
29 Historic space weather could help clarify what's next
30 Radiation blasts leave most Earth-like planet uninhabitable
31 Most Earth-like planet uninhabitable due to radiation
32 Fast nonadiabatic dynamics of many-body quantum systems
33 First giant planet around white dwarf found
34 The Sun could release flares 1000x greater than recorded
35 The costly collateral damage from Elon Musk's Starlink satellite fleet
36 Holding up a mirror to a dark matter discrepancy
37 Sun's fractal surprise could help fusion on Earth
38 Ask Ethan: Is It Really Impossible For A Jupiter-Like Planet To Orbit A White Dwarf?
39 Smallest-ever star discovered by astronomers
40 Astrophysics Reveals The Origin Of The Human Body
41 Hubble observes source of gravitational waves for the first time
42 Astronomers surprised to find a star similar to our sun devouring the atmosphere of a giant planet
43 White dwarf lashes red dwarf with mystery ray
44 White dwarf with nearly pure oxygen atmosphere surprises astronomers
45 50 Incredible images of space like you've never seen before
46 Researchers at the University of New Mexico uncover remnants of early solar system
47 APS Fellow Archive
48 Letter to the Editor: Dons speak up for Stonewall trans programme
49 High e+/e− Ratio Dense Pair Creation with−2 Laser Irradiating Solid Targets
50 Queen's Birthday Honours 2018: knighthood for Les Ebdon
51 super earth Archives
52 Queen's Birthday Honours list
53 The great British bucket list: 20 places and pleasures you should experience in your lifetime, without leaving the country
54 The Queen's birthday honours in full | Register
55 Is It Fair That Cisco Systems Fired Dr. Turek For The Anti-Gay Articles He Never Mentioned At Work?