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Result Content Idea Research
1 Ultra-fine X-rays target brain cancer cells with precision
2 UOW graduate making inroads in the delivery of radiation therapy
3 UOW's own cosmic ray detector wins for cutting long story short
4 How does brain motion impact microbeam radiation therapy?
5 MEVION S250i Selected for New Proton Therapy Center at Chinese Hospital
6 Chernobyl scientist still backs nuclear power for Australia's future energy mix
7 Ultra-fine X-rays tested on cancer cells
8 European Space Agency funding for UOW invention
9 MEVION S250i Selected by Jinshazhou Hospital to Equip New Proton Therapy Center in Guangzhou, China
10 UOW researchers educational journey over Antarctica cosmos
11 Class Act
12 South China to receive innovative new proton therapy facility
13 UOW physicist recognised for 'world-first robotic device'
14 Former astronaut in Wollongong to talk NASA future plans
15 Navigating the terahertz gap – Physics World
16 University of Wollongong graduations include two new top-class medical physicists
17 Million-year lag times in a post-orogenic sediment conveyor
18 Meet Wollongong's International Women's Day scholarship winners
19 Through the nanoscale looking glass -- determining boson peak frequency in ultra-thin alumina: Boson peak in ultra-thin alumina glass: Neutron spectroscopy confirms molecular dynamics simulation
20 Molecular Imaging Pioneer Sam Gambhir Passes Away
21 5G is being rolled out in Australia. Is the radiation safe?
22 Ozone depletion driving climate change in Southern Hemisphere
23 Bitter-sweet graduation day for Natalie's family
24 UOW probes success of oncothermia
25 5G Is Coming: How Worried Should We Be about the Health Risks?
26 Experimental observation of a new class of materials: Excitonic insulators: Scientists make first observation of an 'excitonic insulator', an exotic state first predicted in 1960s
27 Neanderthals Entered Southern Siberia on Two Separate Occasions, Study Says | Anthropology, Archaeology, Paleoanthropology
28 These are just some of the incredible women to watch in science
29 The COMPLETE Australia Day Honours list: Record number of women recognised at award ceremony
30 MY STORY: Cancer therapy right on target
31 University of Wollongong graduates: July 22, 23 and 24, 2015
32 Top 25 universities in the Middle East to study engineering [2019]
33 Hospital visit radiates good vibes for gifted kids
34 Cancer samples to be banked for study
35 Last Population of Homo erectus Survived in Central Java until 108,000 Years Ago | Archaeology, Paleoanthropology
36 How The Big Tesla Battery Is Making Money
37 New Research Sheds Light on Everyday Life in Denisova Cave | Archaeology
38 Josh fulfills a dream here in Parkes
39 Possible phone-cancer link no cause for alarm
40 Artificial Intelligence to Boost Digital Pathology – OpenGov
41 Passive Radar Tech to Alert Indonesia About Foreign Aircraft Within the Borders
42 Record Growth in Vietnamese IT Industry – OpenGov
43 Indian Council of Science and Industrial Research Develops Smart Microscopy
44 Funding for Research on AI, Data Privacy and Rural Education
45 HK MoE approves new HKUST campus in Guangzhou
46 Fabrication tech and 3D printing to produce device with human-like dexterity
47 Digital Livelihood and Virtual Banking Services for Filipino Microenterprises
48 Birdwatchers highlight declines of seabirds off south-eastern Australia
49 How do aerosols help our atmosphere clean itself?
50 When human expertise improves the work of machines
51 Study finds first evidence of climate change impacts on East Antarctic vegetation
52 Likely ancestor of mystery 'hobbit' found
53 Philippine Government Agencies Sign MOA for National ID Production
54 Analysis of shared heritability in common disorders of the brain
55 Malaysia Ready for 5G Deployment – OpenGov
56 Wi-fi isn't hurting you, but the fear of it might be
57 Vietnam Committed to Supporting its Digital Economy with E-government
58 The Palapa Ring Connects Indonesia to the World and to Each Other
59 Denisovans and Neanderthals Lived in Denisova Cave for Thousands of Years | Archaeology, Paleoanthropology
60 Tech4ED Centres Recognised for Narrowing the Digital Divide in the Philippines
61 Archaic Hominins Arrived in Philippines as Early as 700,000 Years Ago | Archaeology, Paleoanthropology
62 HK Developing Tech to Improve Eldercare – OpenGov
63 EXCLUSIVE – Staying on the Edge: Origins of the NSW Data Analytics Centre
64 Malaysia to Invest Heavily into Building Tech Landscape
65 Transforming science education with digitalisation – OpenGov
66 Dr. Jackie Craig, Australian Department of Defence, on the Future of Electronic Warfare
67 Significant progress against terrorist and extremist online content
68 Malaysia sees global insurer launch shared services centre
69 The 25 Most-Read WIRED Stories of 2018 | WIRED
70 Vietnam, Japan strengthen cooperation on information security
71 Brain on fire
72 Thailand unveils Digital Park – OpenGov
73 What happens to NZ after global nuclear war breaks out?
74 Paleontologists Find 3.7-Billion-Year-Old Microbial Fossils in Greenland | Paleontology
75 How Queensland Health's digital hospitals program is going
76 3D printing, robotic surgery to create custom implants for bone cancer patients in Australian research project
77 Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas to boost financial services by using AI and API
78 India launches digital platform to issue certificates of origin
79 Parliamentary report on mould hands down its finding, but there are sceptics
80 Singapore government launching centralised API exchange for convenient and secure inter-agency data sharing
81 IE Singapore's Industry Transformation Map for Wholesale Trade focuses on digital platforms and skill development
82 University of Canterbury to improve rocket-launching technology
83 Ancient Tooth Provides Evidence of Human Dentistry 6,500 Years Ago | Archaeology
84 Tech exhibition promotes R&D in India – OpenGov
85 Cyber Challenges to educate Australian high school students on cybersecurity
86 Victoria launches new free app for maternal and child health information
87 New Zealand invests in ambitious research projects
88 Digital transformation will generate better opportunities for Vietnamese citizens
89 Malaysia's APU launches first integrated cybersecurity talent zone
90 Hong Kong incubatee launches app for money exchange
91 Indian agri-tech start-ups to bolster digital agri transformation
92 Hong Kong is Asia's FinTech hub – OpenGov
93 Archaeologists Unearth 118,000-Year-Old Stone Tools on Indonesian Island of Sulawesi | Archaeology
94 Why you should NEVER keep your mobile in your bedroom
95 Kerala to set up India's first space tech park
96 Vietnam opens largest technology centre at Hoa Lac Hi-Tech Park
97 3D printing applications
98 Indonesia boosts digital ecosystem by showcasing start-ups
99 Indian Ministry of IT launches Information Media Server
100 HKUST receives HK$100 million donation from foundation